Purchased this 2001 black beauty the end of 2018. Vette was totally stock so I decided to spice it up by adding some goodies. The last addition was to add a smoked wind restrictor. Just wanted to make this beauty different from the rest.

Ernie Nastari



Hey Mitzi,

I got my WindRestrictor installed last week and wanted to send you some pictures. I really like the way it turned out, it looks great!

Thank you so much for all your help in getting this created for me!


Tyler Hayden



-Andrew B.


Highly recommended upgrade. Adds a nice touch to the interior. Eye catcher for sure. Thank yall so much for the Windrestrictor... Awesome product! 


Hi Ashli,

Thanks for the follow up.  Yes - I did get it turned around and installed, though the wiring was a bit tricky and took some time. Nonetheless, finally got it going!





 I got mine today, it works great, a lot better than Jags cheap screen 

Thank you,

Dr Steve Hobbs

Darlington, SC

Sorry I am so late with this.Your service was great and I received the wind screen when promised. I really enjoy my wind screen, it was easy to install and I have recieved many complements on it. I would order another one if I ever get another Corvette convertible.

Thank You,

John Lindstrom

This is my 3rd purchase from WindRestrictor. I decided to buy for my 2012 Mustang Convertible. In the past I chose one color and connected to my brake light but this time 

was with the color changing remote. Very happy with the product came shipped properly and when I called to place my order were knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Looks really beautiful. Here are some pics.

-Stan Padro

Miami FL


We received our new Wind Restrictor for our C7 in time for our Vacation Road Trip,  THANK YOU for your excellent communication and work to get this to us in time for our trip.  

We think it looks great on our car!  

Thank You again, 

Sharon & Terry Pearson 



I am very happy with the Wind Restrictor.  It is well made & works great. It looks Awesome at night. Thank you

-Tom Esposito

Top Notch Company with Honesty and Integrity

I was looking for a rear wind screen for my Polaris Slingshot.  This was an attempt to cut down some of the air turbulence inside the cockpit, partially to keep from blowing our hats off (we don't wear helmets).

I found other brands, but in reading their reviews, it seemed that they were a bit on the flimsy side and could crack at the screw holes.  Then, I found WindRestrictor.

WindRestrictor had some pretty impressive reviews ... plus, was so confident in their product, offered a LIFETIME Guarantee against fading, peeling, yellowing, or cracking.

While visiting their Website fairly late one night, I saw a link for an online chat.  Someone actually answered and helped me with my questions about their products.  That conversation helped me gain a little more confidence about ordering something online from a company I'd never heard of until that evening.

As I explored their Website, I found they also took PayPal, which kinda cinched it for me.  If you order something online, PayPal will protect your money if something goes wrong.

I placed my order that night and received a notification that my order had been received.  Within a couple more days, I was notified that my order had been shipped.  So far, so good!

My WindRestrictor arrived a few days later and I was happy to get it installed, which, by the way, was very easy to do.

The instructions were very well written and easy to follow.  My installation was a little more difficult, because I have the Corbin Bags installed.  I had to route the wire different from the instructions.  If you don't have the Corbin Bags installed on your Slingshot, routing the wire to the WindRestrictor will be a snap.

The quality of the WindRestrictor was very high.  It was much thicker than I expected.  I have the Clear WindRestrictor with Red Lights.  When it's lit up at night, the entire screen does not light up ... BUT ... the edge of the screen lights up and appears to be a red border around the WindRestrictor.  It's really sharp and eye catching.  When you're standing behind the Slingshot, you don't see the windscreen but you do see the red border around it.

Not only does the WindRestrictor look good, it does cut down some of the air turbulence.  Of course, with open sides, you're not going to stop the turbulence.  We no longer have a problem with the wind blowing our hats off.

I have to mention Ashli, who represents WindRestrictor very well.  I had a problem when I first got my WindRestrictor.  The problem was NOT with the quality of their products, but rather with an expectation that I had.  Not only did Ashli handle my problem professionally, her great personality comes through on her communications.  The way she handled my problem met and exceeded my expectations.

I highly recommend dealing with WindRestrictor.  I've found them to be high quality professionals that cares about their customers.  I hope to deal with them again.

-Bob Ramsey

Nashville, TN

My wife loves it.



Dear Mitzi,

All received ok and finally windblocker installed, see here some pictures , thanks loving it ;-))



This is my 3rd purchase from WindRestrictor. I decided to buy for my 2012 Mustang Convertible. In the past I chose one color and connected to my brake light but this time 

was with the color changing remote. Very happy with the product came shipped properly and when I called to place my order were knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Looks really beautiful. Here are some pics. From Stan 

Hey Ashli this is a great addition to my car. Thank you for all the help. This is to me better than the DVR security system I have in the car again thanks. Have a great day.


Hi All

I received my new “Windrestrictor” and just love it.

Having bought my “Mini Roadster John Cooper Works”, and took it for a spin, all was going well until my hat blew off. So I looked for a solution, yes a wind defender was my choice, but which one?.

Decided to choose “Windrestrictor” wise choice.

My whole experience from the initial enquiry to the simple fitting it to my car was a pleasure.

When I showed it to my brother in law, his reply was “ wow the photos don’t justify the quality of it”.

Last week I drove past a BMW Z4, which had a similar device fitted, but what a difference, it was just  rectangle shaped, no individual design, no engraving, and held in place by Velcro.

Again many many thanks “Windrestrictor” and all your pleasant skilled staff.

Kind Regards


 Hi Ashli,

 I just wanted to say thank you so very much for my new windrestrictor I absolutely love it!

Thank you for the beautiful design and the remote I'm getting heads rotating like the Exorcist doing double and triple takes!

As promised here are the photos and being that it's summer time it doesn't get that dark out of North here by the time bedtime rolls at 10 pm

All my thanks and love!

Stanley R

Langley BC Canada


Good Day,

I have purchased a new windrestrictor from your company and I can’t say enough about the whole purchase. It starts with your web site, easy to use, and user friendly. Next was to shipping updates everyday to tell me when the 

product would arrive ( just excellent)  When the parcel arrived in the cardboard box, it was wrapped well, with all the components and great instructions, easy to install. So I thank you for great product and great looking as well.

I would recommend this company to anyone that requires a windrestrictor or any other product you carry. 

Thanks for letting me know in regards to the black bar.

I look forward to doing business with your firm in the future.

Very Pleased Customer,

Kevin M


You will have to excuse me for interjecting my beliefs, but I feel the need to tell you, I believe once you go to heaven you become all knowing & have the ability to know what our loved ones are doing at all times. So with that being said, I cant help but think your Brother Robert is up in heaven beaming from ear to ear, feeling such pride in his family and the job they have done in carrying out his dream. Also without having meet any of you, the ethics of how you do business is shown in the commitment to your customers, and truly by what you are doing for me. Your little brother Robert should be so very proud of all of you, as I'm sure he probably is. He is probably running & jumping around heaven nudging everyone saying "That is MY FAMILY, I AM SO VERY PROUD OF THEM. THEY HAVE TAKEN THIS AND SOARED WITH IT, THEY ARE AMAZING PEOPLE, I LOVE THEM ALL" I imagine this is what he would be doing (even though I dont know him) knowing what you are doing for me.

God Bless,


I apologize for the late reply.

Thank you both for your help in resolving my issue.

I received the replacement parts and have installed my Wind Restrictor.  I love it!




We received the restrictor and I just wanted to thank you very much!
It’s absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t have  done it without your vision to help me out!

It’s beautiful with the red lighting!





Hey Ashli, the pics are terrible in the garage but feel free if you like them enough.  You are welcome and I posted on a corvette forum also. I also told Mr. Mailhes what a fine staff he has and how I appreciate you and Mitzi. You are great!


 As Promised! Pictures of this Amazing WindResistor! Took less than 15 minutes to install, and a lifetime of fun is on the way! This thing is AMAZING! LOVING IT!

-Cindy O.



 Delivered today and installed in less then an hour.

 Thanks so much it looks amazing!


Hello Windrestrictor Team!

Here are some pictures of the Windrestrictor that was designed for our Car. 

It’s amazing!



 Love it!

-Paul S.



Hi Ashli,

Well I just could not wait a couple of weeks, so here are some photos of what the Wind restrictor looks like after I installed it today!

May I just say how awesome it looks and already people have given it a thumbs up on the design and quality.

The instruction sheet is easy to follow and concise with everything you need right down to the cleaning solution and gloves! I wasn’t expecting these.

First class product from a first class organisation!

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned. I will have no problem in recommending your services when, and I am sure I will, to anybody that asks.

Kind regards, Peter



Hello everyone!

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  

A huge Thank You to all of you! I absolutely love my new wind restrictor!

-Eric H.

BMW Z4 Custom Wind Deflector Screen


Thank you and your team for this. got it installed and love it.

-Wesley W.



"Hey Ashli. Ivette and I won a car event tonight and we firmly believe it was the windrestrictors due to night judging" - Tony B.

"So this happened tonight. #DFWCCC took 2nd place and 3rd place at the car show..... just wanted to thank King Penn Industries Inc. WindRestrictor Ashli Corbin (WindRestrictor) Stephen Steve Pennington y’all made this happen!!!" -Ivette M.





Here are pictures of the lighted and unlighted pictures of my Wind Restrictor in my C7 'Vert. Hope these work out for your gallery. Mitzi was a dream to work with.


John A.




Here Are A Few Pictures Of My Windrestrictor Installed By Me Took All Of 1/2 Hour.

Looks Great And Works Real Good

Thank You For A Great Add On Product For My 05 XLR

Joseph V.



I thought you might like to see my windblocker. I really like it. If photo is good enough, you have my permission to use it in your advertisements. 

-Nancy C.

Custom C7 Corvette Wind Deflector Follow That Dream


Hi ! Ashli ! thank you so much ! its a great windrestrictor for my corvette ! 




Thank you so much and I love my wind restrictor. I got great compliments from others and told them where to get them. It does restrict alot of wind and I had to put my windows down to get air in while driving. I love it when it’s lit at night. Also thank you Mitzi for putting it all together exactly how I pictured it would look. One thing I would suggest if you guys put a video for installation. It took me a while plus help to get it working. Overall I just love it. Thank you so much.



Freakin awsome! Thank you!!

Custom etched and illuminated mercedes logo wind screen restrictor


Thanks Ashli,

Received and installed it today.... Looks great!!!!! 




Ashli and Mitzi...

Thank you for the great work on my new restrictor.  I definitely will spread the word to others I come across. 
Custom Lighted Restrictor brand screen   Custom Lighted Restrictor brand screen


Hey, thank you!!!! You asked for photos so here they are! I love my lighted windrestricor!! You guys are awesome!

-John W.

SLK lighted wind restrictor review

Hi Ashli & Mitzi:

I just wanted to write to let you know that I received my custom Windrestrictor for my 2015 C7 Corvette Coupe recently. It looks FANTASTIC!

Thanks to you both for a great experience and a quality product.

I’ve attached a few photos that you could use on your web page since you don’t seem to have too many C7 Coupes posted.

Again, thank you, I love my Windrestrictor and I have already started getting wonderful comments about the look. My next show is the largest Corvette show in America...the 41st annual ‘Plastic Fantastic’ held in San Diego, CA on 20 May 2018...wish me luck!

Matt Hebert



Love it.  Just got my wind restrictor for my Crossfire Roadster. 

Great product.  Just attached it.  Going to do the wiring this weekend.


Al Lehman


Let me say Ashli and Mitzi are top notch. Answered my questions quickly and even gave advice. I could not be more happy with my purchase. They went above and beyond to make the personal design I wanted work, and they did it perfectly. Do not hesitate to order.

-Mike W



Hi Mitzi,

Just wanted to send a quick note with a HUGE Thank-you for the totally awesome job you did! I am so happy with my WindRestrictor's looks and functionality it is amazing! I have included a picture of it mounted on my car for your Gallery collection if you want to use it in there. One question is how do I get some of that cleaner for it in a larger size bottle than the one that was shipped with my order? Again Mitzi, I can't tell you how much I love the entire purchase process!!! The communication was great, your understanding of what I wanted was great, and most of all the job you did was great! I could not be any happier with my Windrestrictor and will be sure to send you some business when my friends see this on my car!

Thanks again Mitzi,

Well Done



Here is a picture of my wind restrictor mounted on my Slingshot. If you zoom in you can see the wording. Not only does it look great it is added safety while riding at night. 

Thanks for a great job.


custom slingshot windrestrictor


The Bat symbol on the WindRestrictor turned out awesome!! Mitzi, I was very impressed with the quality of the artwork and the speed that you got it done. I have an event on Saturday for the homeless children’s shelter as Batman and this will definitely make it identifiable as the Batmobile! 


custom polaris slingshot wind restrictor batmobile batman


Love my WindRestrictor!!! Looks great!!

-David Cox


Good morning Ashli and Mitzi,

I am very happy with the wind restrictor, it is a very well made product! It was easy to install as well!

Have a good day,



I love how this thing looks

-Josh B.


Thank you I have received many compliments on your product.

-Tim A.


I’m back from my travels out west with my vette. Took a 3rd place in Las Cruses, NM car show and a 2nd place in Pottstown, PA car show. The lit up wind restrictor is catching peoples attention. I’m getting a lot of questions about the wind restrictor and what’s a Wombat. I’m going to send you a series of pics in a few emails for you.

-Steve M



Mini Roadster Wind Restrictor received today 17days after ordering, despite being in the UK for 11days prior to delivery. Well pleased, simple fit and looks great.


 Delacey H.

Mini Cooper Roadster WindScreen  Mini Cooper Roadster Wind Schott


"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY WINDRESTRICTOR!! It had so many compliments at the Hot Rods and Hops car show last night!! ❤"

-Alicia R.


Love it! Looks awesome!

-Duane K.



Thought I’d send you a picture of the WindRestrictor  installed on my 2010 Z4

The Instructions were well written and easy to follow.

Installation took about 1.5 hours from start to clean up 


Best Regards,

Robert D. Campbell



Thank you guys at Wind Restrictor and Slingmods.com! This custom US Flag and F-15 Eagle turned out absolutely amazing. I am a 20 year Air Force retired Veteran who previously worked on the F-15 as a Crew Chief. This makes me even more proud and I cannot wait to show this off during the night! Thanks again guys.


Chad C

My wife noticed the difference right away, and commented it was money well spent!

The design and the way it lights up are just a pleasant bonus to the style and looks!

A real eye catcher but a very functional way to keep the wind from blowing all over the inside of your car!

This is my 3rd one!


custom corvette wind screen black knight



Hi Ashli,

I'm back from England.

The windrestrictor is superb thanks again, i was looking to post some pics on your site but don't find the way to send it.

Here are some.

Have a nice day

Michel JS Garray


mustang custom wind screen   Custom Mustang UK


 Hi Ashli,

Just finished installing, I'm so pleased with the look & quality of this product.

Thank you for getting my problem solved so effectively.

Sincerely, Steve

custom mazda miata wind screen smoke tinted

So my wind deflector has finally arrived from the states and I'm liking it much better than that crappy mesh that comes with them

-Danny J.

wind screen deflector plexi for mini cooper roadster USA

 Thanks to Ashli, Kent and all the good folks over at Wind Restrictor for another stylish and good looking product. Especially the custom design and etching, absolutely love it, thanks Mitzi.  I also purchased the optional wireless color remote which made it a real head turner at night car rallies and just hanging out. With the different modes and settings it offer, I’m able to put on a “WOW” light display.

Thanks again, William FL  

c7 convertible corvette wind deflector custom

 Just wanted to share a pic after installation 

Thanks for a great product 

Sandy Hayne 

wind screen for pontiac solstice lighted red custom

Ashli:  The finished product that I have is wholly satisfactory and does not interfere with reward visibility.

Erica – your work is stellar!  Thanks and thanks to all of you.

I think this looks great.  Wings of Gold!  Check out the Corvette forum – C6 section


custom corvette windrestrictor wings

Just a note to let you know we are very pleased with the wind restrictor purchased for our 2012  Porche Boxster.  It really  has made top down driving more pleasant, and it's a nice accessory which adds to  the appearance of the vehicle as well!

Attaching a photo should you care to use it on your website.


Elaine LaBelle

Porsche Boxster Wind Deflector Wind Screen custom

Hi Erica,

I just want to take a moment to thank you for doing such a wonderful job
with the graphic for my Wind Restrictor. I've had many compliments and
several on the Fiat forum asked where they can purchase one. I hope they
take my advice and give you business.

Again I thank you.
Chuck Stewart


custom lighted wind screen for Fiat Spyder 124 freedom is not free WindRestrictor

Hi Ashli,

I got it installed today! Looks great! I noticed that the wind is much calmer in the cabin than with the stock deflector which is a huge plus! The remote works great too! Thanks again for your help thru this process!

Here's a couple pics

-Mark S.

custom lighted wind deflector for Mazda Miata ND WindRestrictor brand


Dear Sir:

Yesterday I received my Windrestrictor and put it on my 2011 Z4 with outstanding results.  The installation instructions were exceptional and allowed me, being quite non- technical, to install it without any anguish. 

The product itself is quite impressive in quality, looks fabulous on my Z, and the noise reduction exceeds my expectations.

You truly have a quality product and your warranty gives me great confidence in the long term durability of the Windrestrictor.

Thank you much and it is so fulfilling to get such a quality product from an American company.


Michael Theiler

Longs, South Carolina

Sent from my iPad

Custom Lighted Wind Screen for BMW Z4 by WindRestrictor

We love the finished product. The etching of the vet. Thanks so much!

custom corvette c7 convertible wind restrictor

Hi Erica,

Here is a picture of the game changer!

-Don Davis

custom lighted windrestrictor for corvette convertible

Hi Erica,

We were thinking that if we had one of these on each side of the fin so they were facing each other would look neat. It doesn't have to be exactly like this but this is the general idea. If you have something cool like this we would like to see it also. If you can think of something to put in the center above the fin, like maybe a headstone, cross, grim reaper sickle or something with a few little flames. Use your imagination.

If we could make it so the color started in the middle and went to the outside would be real cool. We ordered the color changing so it should look awesome.

Thanks and have fun.

Elliott & Tracy Richie

Custom lighted rear wind shield windrestrictor for Polaris Slingshot

Hello Ashli, I hope when you receive this your in the best of health.  After careful installation and wiring tucking, our windrestrictor looks super cool.  I am a shy person so this I am going to have to get use to.  Having large crowds swarm and ask so many questions when all we wanted was a Starbucks coffee and such.  The police have always pulled me over just to look at the various sports cars which I have owned in the past but this is a new one.  Everyone loves it, the design the bricks plus I have options I didn't even knew I had.  I included a small video film with the laser and well you will see.  If you would please send Erica a copy, she helped with connections. 

-Apollo M.

Hi Ashli,

Finally warmed a bit and got this windrestrictor installed, looks great and works pretty good also. You are welcome to share these should you have XLR inquiries and need a photo.

Thanks again ~ Stan

Cadillac XLR Wind Screen


I got my windrestrictor today installed and it looks awesome!

Thank You,




Someone asked me if this product really blocks wind. Now, my first Red Roadster had the Chrysler wind restrictor with it - I do not think that one blocked wind as much as this one does. Last night, I drove home in 48F weather up to 65 miles an hour and I can tell you that with the windows up, and heat on 100%, I would still have trouble keeping warm before. BUT, last night, I had to turn the heat down below 45mph due to it getting too warm in the cabin. As always, I had my hooded coat on - but last night there was NO challenge in keeping warm at such temperatures and speed.

Mark Christopher



"Works very well. Looks even better."

 Thank You,
Arlo B.


I would like to give a shout out to Wind Restrictor on their awesome product! Installation was easy and I love how many hookup options there are. Now I can leave my hair down without it blowing into my eyes, even on highways! Not only is the restrictor functional and minimizes the less than ideal chilly and windy aspects of the ride, but it's very fashionable. I love my custom graphic and get so many compliments - plus it was super easy and timely working with the staff on a design, I even received the product weeks earlier than I expected! I highly recommend anyone with a convertible to reach out to Wind Restrictor for an awesome addition to your car!

 Thank You,
Ashley, Lynnwood WA


I have one of these on my C6 convertible. Was probably the first one in North Dakota! Highly recommend them to EVERYONE! On one trip, the outside temp was 85, we put the top down, the windows up, and cranked the AC to 68. We were nice and cool going down the interstate at 77mph!!
Could hardly tell the top was down! Very easy to install as well, and looks GREAT at night!!

Thank You,

David K.

 Hello this is the Wind Restrictor that I had Recently Ordered From your Company... I really love this Wind Restrictor especially at Night... Thank you so much again :)

Thank You,

Rose S.



I am beyond happy with how Ashli, and the rest of your team handled the Fed Ex mishap, and the communication and concern for "making it right", even though it was to no fault of your companies at all, was well beyond expectations. I wanted to reiterate how happy I am with my Windrestrictor® product and with how you and the rest of your group handled the damage issues. I have been telling all my friends to look you up and and see what you have, and have been looking for other things to add to my car.

Thank You Again,
Chris Waller


I had my Wind Deflector Professionally Install Today 10-22-2015...All I can Say is Wow!!!!!!! A picture or a Video online,,, Does not Give You Justice... I can't get Over how Beautiful it Looks!!! I can't THANK You Enough "KINGPENN INDUSTRIES" is the Best...YOU Sir is A Genius for Designing and Creating This Product :-) :-) :-)



Well, I took a couple more pics - don't know as they are any better than the others - just a little closer maybe. Up to you what, if any, you want to use. I've been out riding a little today with the top down - really nice - ESPECIALLY IN LISTENING TO RADIO!!
Thanks again Ashli,

Phil Johnston,
Thomaston, GA


Here is how my wind restrictor turned out once installed. Hope you can use it on your website, if you wish to see pics of the other colors, simply let me know. I also have video and it looks awesome.

Chris T. Kirk


Installed mine a month ago and just love it!!!


Jeffery B.