Frequently Asked Questions

Price Quote

1. Select your vehicle from the drop down menu at the very top of this web page.

2. Once you arrive on your specific vehicle page, follow the prompts by selecting which specific options you would like.

3. Add the item to your cart and select your preference on build times and shipping times, then you will arrive at a total.

Our products are completely customizable thus the price varies greatly depending on which options in particular you have in mind.



We ship worldwide.

The shipping cost will be based on your product's box size and address.  Please enter it on the checkout page and the system will calculate the costs for you to review prior to payment.

Standard Shipping will be either UPS, FedEx, or USPS home or business delivery.  Normally these items are delivered within 3-5 business days in the USA

Expedited shipping is available for an additional $30 which would cut that delivery time down to 1-2 business days in the USA.

Our shipping fees do NOT include duty taxes if you item is shipped anywhere ouside the USA.  You will need to contact your local customs office for information regarding fees that will be billed to you upon delivery of the item.


Processing/Build Time

Each product is hand made and built to order.  Once your order is received, it will take approximately 7-10 business days for it to be produced.  We will email you the tracking number immediately once the item is shipped.

We do offer "rush production" which pushes your order immediately to the front of the line for production. You can add this option to your cart on the checkout page. This will reduce the wait time on the item being built from 7-10 business days down to 0-2 business days.



Our products are engineered as a "Do It Yourself" install and do not require a professional.

Each item will include printed instructions. We also have installation videos available for some vehicles here:

If you do not wish to install the item yourself, we recommend contacting a local audio/stereo shop or dealership.



One of the most unique features of our products is our ability to offer a nearly endless amount of creativity in our custom artwork process.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email within 1-2 business days introducing you to one of our talented graphic artists who will be ready to hear all about your ideas so that they may get started bringing your vision to life!  If you have any photos available, you may provide those to them at that time.  Within about 3-5 business days of describing your ideas to an artist, they will be back in touch via email with some mock ups for you to review.  You may request any changes you'd like until it is 110% perfect.  Once you give us the approval, the order will be sent to production and shipped within about 3-5 business days. 

The whole process normally takes about 3-4 weeks, however depending on the graphics requested and response time to theartist it could be faster or take a bit longer to perfect.

Visit our custom galleries here: 


Deflector Color

Our illuminated (lighted) deflectors are only available in crystal clear.

For our etched only or plain products, we offer both crystal clear or smoke tinted on most makes and models.The smoked version is a medium grey shade (approximately 27%) which many people enjoy for night driving as it dims the headlights of cars behind you.If you to have us add a logo to the smoke tinted, it will show in a beautiful white/light grey color.


Wiring Accessories

Please refer to your vehicle specific order page as not all options are offered for every vehicle.  Additionally, some options are automatically included for certain vehicles.

9 Volt Battery Pack: This is a very basic 9 volt battery holder with an on/off switch.  It is only enough voltage to power a single color light choice.  A new 9 volt battery will typically power a singlecolor unit for approximately 10-12 hours of use time.

12 Volt Power Pack: This is a rechargable battery pack with an on/off switch.  It produces enough power for both the single color and multicolor units.  It lasts for approximately 30 hours of usetime before needing to be recharged.  Once the battery dies, you simply plug it in with the charger included in your house or garage and charge it overnight, then it is ready to go again for another 30 hours or so.  This is an excellent power source for indoor car shows!

12 Volt Plug: This plug simply connects to the wiring of the deflector and plugs into your cigaratte lighter. It will work with both single color or color changing.

Key-Fob Dimmer Remote: This item allows you to adjust the brightness or intensity of the illumination on the wind deflector and also has an on/off button.  It is designed for single color lightingonly, as the color changing kit with remote already has a dimmer built in.  This item can be used when wiring direct to the vehicle, or in combination with the 12 volt plug or 12 volt power pack.

Color Changing Illumination Kit: This upgrade includes all color listed, as well as a few more!  It has a remote with on/off function built in, as well as dimming capabilities.  You can choose to keep the unit on any single color, or select from a number of "show modes" which will rotate and fade through many different colors.  This kit will work when wired direct to the vehicle, or with the 12 volt plug or 12 volt power pack.  

Accessories can be purchased here:  


Duty Taxes & Fees

Our shipping fees do NOT include duty taxes if you item is shipped anywhere ouside the USA.  You will need to contact your local customs office for information regarding fees that will be billed to you upon delivery of the item.


Return Policy

At WindRestrictor®, our goal is to ensure you are 110% satisfied with each purchase. However, if you need to return a product for any reason, we want to make that as fast and easy as possible. The vast majority of products available at WindRestrictor® are returnable, provided they are returned with all original packaging, paperwork and parts in new and unused condition within 14 days of receipt. More information on the return procedures is available here: