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This week the WindRestrictor family had the honor to work with a very special Vietnam Veteran Sgt. James McDermott on a custom project for his C6 Corvette.

The time is always right to remember these folks for their unwavering sacrifice and service to our beautiful country, but what better time to be able to do this than Memorial Day to remember the fallen and get to know the survivors?James McDermott WR Wall PicMcDermott Purple Heart Plate

We were honored to meet Sgt. McDermott and to all have a part in working with him to listen to some of his memories of service and be able to help him tell his story in this beautiful custom art that he can always have with him. Our hope is that this brings a smile to his face every time he looks in the rear view mirror and that it affords him many opportunities to share his story as he goes to Car Shows where it's sure to be noticed.

Here are some of the highlights from our visit with Sgt. McDermott while he was having his WindRestrictor installed at our office in Dallas.

Duster Quads & Searchlights                                    The Second First ( Second Artillery)

29th Artillery                                                                 Purple Heart

        Sgt. Stripes                                                                    II Field Forces Vietnam

(WR) Does your car have a name and/or a story behind it?

Not yet, but I’m kinda thinking about something like “Silver Bullet” but there is already one of those locally. I will come up with something though.

(WR) What’s under your hood and want to tell us about some of your
favorite mods?

No Mods yet except for the WindRestrictor but some are coming. The car is a C6 2008 convertible and (thankfully) has the LS3 engine, which was an upgrade for the 08 model and has 430 HP . As my first performance mod, I’ll be doing the air intake system at the front.


Here's a video we put together with a favorite song from the Vietnam Era. "Leaving on a Jet Plane".

(WR) You chose to go with a “Custom” design, can you tell us about your
design selections and what each means to you?

The design is “one of a kind” which I put together on the fly and with a lot of help from Stephen. It all has to do with my Vietnam experience. My unit had three unique weapons. The Duster was a Twin 40mm Bofors Cannon . Navy "Pom Pom" guns in an open turret on a tank (a modified M41 and designated the M42A1). The quads were a mount with 4 .50 cal M2 machine guns. The mount could turn 360 degrees and elevate to about 90 degrees. The gunner sat inside the mount. The mount could be towed, but was mostly mounted on a deuce and a half (2.5 ton) or later 5 ton trucks. Firing the guns was shaking the deuce apart. The mounts were also placed on mountains and hills and used in a semi-permanent ground role.

Another interesting fact is that a lot of ammo was needed to feed those four .50 cal machine guns, so the bed of the truck was filled completely with .50 cal ammo cans.

The searchlights were Xenon lights mounted on jeeps. The jeeps were M151A1 type (new ones) with a 100 amp electrical system. The lights had about 1.5 million candle power and were switchable between white light and infrared light. We had special binoculars for the infrared, which was used mostly to find targets (VC, NVA). Once located, and when backup weapons were ready (artillery, mortars, cobra gun ships, etc.) we switched to white light and lit up the night. I enjoyed my time ( 9 months) on the searchlights very much.

I was the trouble shooter for the unit and went wherever there was a problem so i got to travel extensively and i always had transportation, no walking was required.

(WR) Tell us about your experience working with the Graphic Artist? Any
room for improvement in that process?

My time spent with Stephen was just great! We went through at least 6 versions before finalizing it. I asked Stephen to do a few things which I thought were impossible, but he always came through with flying colors.

(WR) What was your overall purchasing experience like with
WindRestrictor and how can we improve that experience?

I can’t think of when I’ve have ever had a nicer time buying something. Everyone was courteous, professional and accommodating and I know they went “above and beyond” in their treatment of me. I really don’t know of anything I would change.

James McDermott - Veteran - working design up with Pam 0517Steve and Mr. McDermott

(WR) Have you taken home any trophies at shows , tell us about them?

The car is still pretty new to me. I bought it last August. I did go to a show called the “First on the 1st” on January 1st and I got a trophy (for me, not the car). It was for my first Corvette show.

Bonham Car Show after installation – taking the “OUTSTANDING” category!!

James McDermott - Veteran - Bonham Show 052017 1


People were impressed with the graphics also. And for the category of cars 1970 and newer, I got the "Outstanding" trophy. And there were several new Corvettes there as well as a few other newer than '70 cars.”

James McDermott - Veteran - Bonham Show 052017 2

“When I left you yesterday, the top was up, but I put it down at the first light, and drove all the way home. This is a testimonial that your product works better than advertised. Cruising at 75 mph, I didn't have to worry about my hat blowing off, or my beard blowing up in my face, or stuff on the passenger seat blowing out of the car. It was great. And I drove home from Bonham after the car show with the top down. I'm really loving it.

James McDermott w WR

(WR) Thank you again for your selfless service to our country, for your valued business and we wish you many miles of safe Top Down Driving!
The WindRestrictor® Family


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