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Like other major company, WindRestrictor® has a Youtube channel with loads of uploads throughout the years. Our makes, models, customers, and even installation instructions are all available online: .

In this blog post I'd like to show a summary of videos we have available on our channel, and give a brief description of each video shown. Let's check out our gallery of videos!

*WindRestrictor® TV Gallery*

Pontiac Solstice Custom Windrestrictor®

This is our very first video showing off our first model for the Pontiac Solstice. As you can tell later on, our editing and ability to shoot videos has come a very long way. It does do a great job of showing off the product and its capabilities, which is what we wanted.

Accessories For WindRestrictor®

Our next video is also a five year old video and highlights our accessories. Our accessories are a very big part of what we do in our company. We take a lot of pride in our buyer's ability to customize our product to your heart's content. Some of those options are pointed out here.

WindRestrictor® Custom Crossfire Illuminated Lighted Door Sills

Uh, oh...Our videographer edited in some EDM to show off our unique lighted door sills. Our door sills are lighted and looking good in this particular Youtube video. This video shows different perspectives of our kick plates and some examples of designs. If you needed that special modification to match your new illuminated wind blocker/wind deflector, this is for you.

Lighted Windrestrictor® for BMW Z4

We were really pleased to show off our new design for the BMW Z4. We kept the mood going with some great electronic music to show case this accessory for the Euro roadster. It became the "it car" because of the James Bond movie out around the same time of production. Making a classic accessory was only fitting for this imported beauty.

WindRestrictor's® Edge Lit Artwork Exclusive Preview

Don't have a convertible or coupe that is one of our models covered? Can't fit that Universal Glowplate into your mom's Pinto? No problem! This video shows off our Edge-Lit Art. Edge-Lit Art is one of a kind classics for your home or garage. Just like our wind blockers/wind deflectors, we laser YOUR design into a classic illuminated piece. Don't think we don't include everyone!

Camaro SS The eagle has landed - CUSTOM Windrestrictor®

This is our proud announcement of our newest product for the Camaro SS. Camaro is an American legend in the automotive field and we were excited to make our modification available for it. You can see our pride in America throughout the video. Something we're never afraid to mention.

WindRestrictor®: Honda S2000 New Windscreen Design

Like we mentioned we take a lot of pride in being from the U.S.A. However, we have a lot of love for our imported models. We were stoked to show off our model for the S2000. The tuner crowd is huge, and we were happy to give one more reason to pimp out a Honda S2K!

WindRestrictor®:XLR Event San Antonio!

While many companies just hang out in their office hoping for more sales, we're out there shaking hands with our great customers. That handsome devil in the beginning is our CEO Steve. Steve was more than happy to meet Cadillac XLR owners from all around country in San Antonio. It was more than worth the drive. This was the first of our videos from four years ago.

WindRestrictor®: Personalize your Corvette and reduce wind turbulence!

A big part of our company is our service to Corvette customers. We're proud to make models for the C5, C6, and C7. Being GM certified gives you the option of going with an official 'Vette logo or one of your own creation. Heck, some people combine the too. Our own Ashli does a great job of showing the benefit of our products here.

Mazda Miata Mx5 lighted Windrestrictor®

This is our first Mazda Miata wind blocker/wind deflector we produced and marketed and we were thrilled with the response! Our latest version for the MX5 has been a great seller for us as well, so you can say Mazda customers have shown us a lot of love!

New Mustang Windscreen Lighted Windblocker Innovative Wind Deflector Official Licensed Product Ford

Wanting to be a company that brings people together, we felt we absolutely had to make a 'blocker for Ford Mustang as well. Imagine us only being certified by GM and NOT Ford? Can you say civil war? We are happy to bring you official Ford logos and of course you have the option to create your own and/or combine! I think I speak for all of us when I say this was a huge moment for our company!

Mini Cooper Roadster NEW Accessory Lighted wind deflector Windrestrictor® With Graphics!

Skipping back across the pond, we were excited to start producing products for the fabulous Mini Cooper. Mini fans are some of the most loyal to their brand, and we knew they'd love a WindRestrictor® brand set of products just for them. After creation we put out advertisements concerning our new creation, and have been thrilled with the response. The Mini is a fun little vehicle and now they have the perfect accessory!

WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand Deflector for CORVETTE Review

When I said we go on the road and shake hands we mean it! This is our resident interviewer Ashli with some happy customers. I can speak for all of us when I say we're people people. We like to shake hands and have some laughs with our buyers. If you ever see our booth at your car show, come by and see us. We'd love to meet you.

Wind deflector installation for Jaguar F-Type Windrestrictor® Brand Restrictor

When you have WindRestrictor® brand products for Euro heavies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini Cooper...Leaving out Jaguar would be a sin. The F-Type is a luxury sports car that's in a class all its own. They look great off the line, but unbelievable with our wind deflectors!

Lighted wind deflector for Polaris Slingshot installed with V Back Top WindRestrictor®

We're proud to say we've made accessories available for some of the finest convertibles and coupes. So why not add motorcycles to the mix? When we saw the demand for Polaris Slingshots, we had to move forward for this mod-loving group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Some of our most innovative designs and creative graphics have come to fruition for these awesome trikes!

WR Crew on the way to show in Vegas!

You can see our seriousness about customer satisfaction and quality in all of our products. Let's face it though, you can't be serious all the time. Sometimes, we have to cut loose! This was on our way to the 50th anniversary of Mustang event in Las Vegas. We had a great time, moved some products, and met great dealers and customers!


So, here we are in 2017! We spotlighted a great customer and was happy to do so. That title means so much more to me though. We've come so far from a company that made a specialty product for Solstice and Sky to an industry leader with customers all around the world. What a trip its been, and I'm glad I've gotten a front row seat to some of WindRestrictor's® greatest moments.

Wrapping It Up!

Thanks to everyone for checking out another blog! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Use to get in touch with me. Would you like to purchase one of our products? Click here and use the code Paul5 to save 5% on our products.   

Remember if you don't see your car in our list we have a Universal Glowplate, Universal Illuminated Door Sills, Illuminated Wheel Rings, and puddle lights. There's something there for all car lovers!

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