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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month with WindRestrictor®

    ctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

    At WindRestrictor® two of our most precious women are

    Breast Cancer SURVIVORS!

    Photo Oct 10, 10 28 31 AM

    Meet "Granny" - Charlotte Pennington, President of WindRestrictor® - Grandmother to our Founder - Queen of all support systems - Master of all things organized - and most importantly, our #1 Prayer Warrior!  Granny has been WindRestrictor®'s backbone since day one when Robert was cutting out his very first prototypes on her and Granddaddy's back porch!  She is our absolute greatest blessing!

    Granny has been cancer free since 2015!


    Meet Lisa Pennington - our go-to gal for.... well - YOU NAME IT, She's done it!! Super Star in purchasing, mad shipping & receiving skills, and if there's a special errand to run, you can consider it done.  She was our late Founder, Robert King Pennington's Aunt and she's been helping his business grow since day one!

    Lisa has been cancer free since 2000!


    At WindRestrictor® we support various charities all year long through many different avenues, but the month of October certainly hits close to home for us!

    If you feel led to give, Susan G Komen is an amazing organization that you may wish to learn more about.

    From the website (  -- "In 1980, Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan, that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982, that promise became the Susan G. Komen®organization and the beginning of a global movement. What was started with $200 and a shoebox full of potential donor names has now grown into the world’s largest nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer. To date, we’ve invested more than $2.9 billion in groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 60 countries. Our efforts helped reduce deaths from breast cancer by 38 percent between 1989-2014 and we won’t stop until our promise is fulfilled."


    We also have had many opportunities to create personalized graphics for cancer survivors. This one in particular has been at many Corvette shows, you may have even seen it on the popular Netflix series Corvette Nation!


    Check out all of these Breast Cancer supporting vehicles we found while doing some research on Breast Cancer Awareness month, and thank you for supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

    1998-c5-corvette-breast-cancer-project-pink_F95281230 dscf1433_4488538_ver1.0_640_480



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  • Windrestrictor® and Me - From the desk of Paul

    Well, this might be the most fun someone can have writing a blog post. Why? Because I get to write about two of my favorite things, WindRestrictor® and me! Who doesn't like writing about their history? I must admit it's a yummy morsel.


    Every wonder how I came to be a member of the esteemed King Penn crew? Probably not, but I'm about to tell you anyway. All kidding aside, it's been a chapter of my life that I have complete ease and pride in discussing. If you knew the rest of my history you'd understand how rare this is! Let's get started!

    Why Am I In Texas!?!

    My family and I landed in Dallas, Texas after Hurricane Katrina ravaged our hometown of New Orleans. It isn't something I want to dwell on in this article, but it's an important part of the story that's sets the place of why and how a Saints fan was lurking around The DFW in the first place. Cowboy’s fans do NOT make you feel welcome.

    If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't a big fan for years. When we first arrived we lived in Dallas proper. While Texans are well known (and deservedly so) for being very friendly people, The Big D northern transplants are NOT. I'm a typical Southerner as far as friendly goes. To see joggers just run by me as I give them a warm greeting took a bit of getting used too. There's a rumor going around I cursed a few of them out, but it's probably just gossip.

    We decided due to the schooling in Dallas, moving out to a suburb was probably a good idea. My wife mentioned Garland and I said sure I'd look. Yep, I wasn't impressed. We drove right through South Garland and it reminded me of where I grew up. It wasn't lovely, it wasn't charming, it wasn't anything. Rusty buildings and unwashed concrete was everywhere. My wife of course fell in love it. I protested to no avail. We were soon Garlandites.


    My Very First Contact - Rebekkah, WR CFO


    Fast-forward a few years down the line and I felt like community was escaping me in a big way. At the time I was working nights at a Crisis Hotline and taking care of my infant son during the day. It was nothing short of hellish. Let me be clear, taking care of my beautiful baby boy was and is one of the greatest things I'll ever do. As was my job at the time, working at the hotline where I helped people make the decision to get help with depression, suicide, homelessness, you name it. Doing both back to back though? Beyond draining mentally, physically and spiritually.

    Finally having had enough, I spoke to my wife and quit the hotline job. Now, keep in mind I did this with NO other jobs on the table. But, the stress was just too much. Two hours of sleep wasn't enough to function and I literally felt like I was losing it. Broke and mentally done I decided it was a good idea to get some help and quick. So, where was I going to heal from such trying times? Church of course!

    Right up the street from me was Springcreek Church. I immediately got involved in a small group run by none other than Rebekkah Pennington. For anyone who has met her knows, you instantly connect with her. She is a loving and generous woman. At the same time, she isn't shy about calling you on your BS. I'm not sure Rebekkah’s shy about anything really. Behind all this personality is a very educated person who is more than a punch on the arm and get'er done type. Rebekkah always had solid advice you can move forward with. I was amazed by her generosity and honesty with her own time and story.

    So It Begins...

    After a few weeks of Rebekkah’s small group I was doing what I typically did, whine about how awful things are for me. I was in a really bad place. Stuck in a place I didn't want to be, no sense of community and no job. But, she had a solution that I wasn't expecting...A job. Turns out her family ran a company that made a specialty modification for cars. I warned her that I wasn't a car guy and she assured me that wasn't an issue. We set up a day for me to come in and interview and I was more than ready to get the ball rolling.

    I showed up promptly on the scheduled interview day and brought my small son along for the trip. It would've been awkward as all get out if it wasn't for the gracious nature I felt when walking in the building. For the interview Rebekkah brought along her brother Stephen. He was very kind but focused and a bit more reserved than Rebekkah. Granted, we hadn't yet established the bond that I already had with his sister.


    The interview questions were fair and I left with a better sense of the company and a bit about their brother Robert who started it all. Little did I know how much this man's legacy would effect my family's life in such a positive way, much like his own family's and the automobile industry as a whole.

    These People Are Lovely, But I Suck At This

    So, here I am at King Penn Industries helping with WindRestrictors® and illuminated door sills needing to be assembled, shined up and shipped off. Now, I'm a hard worker but easily confused. Very easily confused. As a child it took me three years until I realized "Leggo My Eggo" meant give me that waffle. Yep, that bad. It completely showed at my new job.


    I was trying to shine the WindRestrictors® properly. I failed. Later, attempted to assemble door sills. Guess what? Failed. Want to have fun? Watch me try to properly ship something. I could have my own comedy special where all I did the entire time was put things in boxes with addresses on them. I was that awful.


    However, everyone was always so patient with me. Nobody ever had anything but encouragement and kind words. Beside Rebekkah and Stephen, I met Charlotte, and Kent. Kent was the shop manager and a guy who I could often have my deep philosophical conversations with that make most people run top speed the opposite way of me. Charlotte was my make-ready master who took her time to show me the subtle art of putting together the smaller accessories that are such a big part of our product. I've often told Rebekkah that Charlotte a.k.a. Granny doesn't have an evil bone in her body. There's not a more gracious, loving woman on Earth.

    Meeting everyone was great, but my lack of "catching on" really had me concerned. Why would they keep someone who had such a challenge with even their smallest tasks? Furthermore, could a small company afford to keep a middle-aged man who was struggling to literally put the pieces together?

    It Sells Itself

    After about my 50th ruined door sill the executive committee came to a conclusion, let's let Paul not go anywhere near the assembly. I did some sales and marketing along with my product ruining, and I had maybe fallen in the right crack. I tended bar for a number of years and love nothing more than talking about things I'm passionate about. The products being offered by King Penn were easy to be excited about. Cutting edge technology that served the dual purpose of sleek and functional? Sign this salesman up.


    I was working so closely with Stephen where I realized this guy was going to be more than a good boss, he'd be a great friend. I'm only a few years older and we had common interests. We talked about old rap music, got together for pizza and mixed martial arts, and both liked to reach out and help those in need.

    I was awestruck at how talented the man is. Stephen’s salesmanship was superior to anyone I've previously encountered. Couple that with his artistic abilities and his business acumen and you can see why he is currently the company's CEO. He was somewhat surprised when he was given the position, I was not.


    The Road and The Web

    One of the things the warmer months bring with it are more of an opportunity for travel. Sometimes Kent and I, sometimes Steve and I, and sometimes all three of us. I talked about where we'd travel in the last post, but never the process of getting there. It can be quite a hike. Hook up the trailer to a huge truck and drive that sucker across the country. Because of this job I got to go places and see things I never thought possible. Another of the several perks available for employees.






    My greatest tool of course is the same as many other people, the internet. I've looked at computer screens in the name of blocking wind so much that my wife no longer thinks that it's crazy for me to always be online. My main pastime was already social media and forums. Someone's going to pay me for this? Woo hoo!

    This is also a good time to mention the mother and daughter duo of Pam and Ashli. I bother them a considerable amount with paycheck and what in the Harry Houdini does this mean questions. Just like the rest of the team, sweetest people. Never a cross word, never an anxious moment. Always have time to listen to my ideas and theories. Very patient went I'm late. All smiles.

    The End, The Beginning

    I'm on my way to Pennsylvania with Kent. It's a long and interesting ride. Out of the blue my cell phone goes off. It's my wife. Now, my wife is not one of those call a minute people who don't give you room to breathe. If she called it was important. She told me we had a dire family emergency. She was packing up the car with the kids and heading to New Orleans. We had to move home, not visit. I was to comeback when the car show was over and board a plane for my birthplace. That's exactly what I did. The crew at work was understandable, but I was more than disappointed.

    Months passed by and I got another job. While it paid okay, I needed a little something more. We spoke of different routes we could take on further employment but nothing seemed feasible. I needed extra money and I needed it right away.

    Nothing made sense but to contact Steve. He agreed most of what I did before was on the computer and they had room for some forum, social media, and blog work after talking with the other core team members. Just like that I was back at it, and I'm still here!

    And Now This...

    So, this wouldn't be a proper WindRestrictor® blog post without mentioning the others I met at the job. There's Lisa and her kids who are very nice people. Her son Steven always gives me crap about being a Saints fan. There's also the brother and sister duo of Isaac and Bam. Very intelligent young people who would have deep conversations with me concerning topics ranging from poetry verse to whether time is an actuality or a man-made creation. Also, Mike who I grew close to and is no longer with the company. There's young brother Dave who decided to become a trucker. Really driven young man and former employee. Last, but not least is Ray, Granddad. When you meet a patriarch of a family you can often tell why they are who they are. This is no exception. I shook his hand and could feel the wisdom and kindness.

    By the way this isn't me cheerleading my bosses to kiss butt and keep them happy. I don't have that gene. I'm very vocal about what I believe and will continue to be. I have very different views on politics, spirituality and just about everything than most people I run into. However, I'm far from being a hypocrite. I won't disagree for the sake of argument. If something is good, it's good. These people are good.

    I won't be posting a link or giving out a code in this post. I want everyone who reads this to know more than what you're buying; I want you to know who you're buying from. When this group says you're family, they mean it. There's so many companies now pushing soulless moneymaking, at WindRestrictor® it's heartfelt capitalism. Thanks for reading!


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  • WindRestrictor® Company launches new website and E-Catalog.


    The WindRestrictor® Team is inviting visitors to explore its new website and E-Catalog. The new creation has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing customers to access detailed product information and videos with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.





    The site includes extensive product information along with an increased presence of video and photography work to help customers understand the company’s complete range of product solutions. Their product offerings have always been predominantly for fine convertibles but now the company has expanded their reach to include popular coupe models as well as a product line, Edge Lit Art designed for homes and businesses.

    Perhaps the most exciting news is that they are rolling out the long awaited WindRestrictor® Ambassador Program with the new site that will allow devoted customers to help the company spread the word about the innovative products while putting some money in their own pockets! A new section of the site will dedicated to product resources and sales tracking to make the ambassador experience fun, simple and exciting!

    Created with the user experience firmly in mind; the website has been designed using the latest technology so the site is compatible with today's browsers and mobile devices - without the need for Adobe® Flash to view it.

    The new website and E-Catalog means that customers can now benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, assisting the specification process. This is a result of talking with customers and gaining valuable feedback over the years.

    Visitors can now stay informed with the latest news of the company and upcoming shows they will be attending. The news blog also features the latest announcements, product inventions and opinion pieces from their industry experts.

    Furthermore, the new website allows users to share products and pages that interest them with others across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    Visit the new WindRestrictor® Website and why not give us your feedback on the new website by posting a comment on our WindRestrictor® Facebook Page!

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  • Notes from the Graphic Artist

    Hello there, to customers new and old, and those who have yet to discover what  wonderful products Windrestrictor® provides. My name is Erica Kersey-Doherty, and I'm the Graphic Artist here at Windrestrictor®.

    My role is to personally handle and assist individuals with their custom orders. I work with people from almost every walk of life, of all ages and interests, and from almost every country in the world. So many different people from so many different backgrounds, all with the same love for their cars. I also have the good fortune to help gift givers create something meaningful, beautiful and long-lasting to share with their loved ones and friends. 14610945_10154624195957731_8563712554375357408_n

    I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible people who time and time again blow me away with their passion for their vehicles, and for life. From those who take great pride in their car, to those who want to represent their business, a personal interest or even create a tribute to honor a memory, it leaves me proud to say I was lucky enough help them find that special design that captures that passion in its entirety.

    While we do provide custom options for your Windrestrictor®, carefully crafted with one-of-a-kind custom graphics, we also offer a range of bold and beautiful standard options should you need a little help deciding what you'd like. However, for those looking for that perfect  personalized accessory to accent and compliment their vehicle, our custom etching process is second to none in the industry.

    Being presented with this world of choice can be daunting to begin with, after all, with our continual improvement and refining of our process, we are able to bring more and more dreams to life by constantly expanding the scope of what's possible.  Luckily, you are not alone.

    Even before you place an order there is someone waiting on the phone or over email to answer any questions you might have. Once you decide what you would like, our team of innovative production agents and are willing to work with different modification and solutions to help our product work exactly right for you. I myself eagerly await hearing each and every customer's vision for their product, and enjoy working with them to bring it to life. Even after the order has been shipped out we have a support team 100% dedicated to help with any installation and technical questions. Thanks to our team who not only take great pride in our range of products, but are also extremely invested in the happiness and satisfaction of the customers who purchase them, you are never on your own with Windrestrictor®.

    Many people have questions, especially about our our custom process and how it all works. The most common question I get is "What do I need to do for you so we can get started?" And the answer is simple.

    Just tell me what you'd like.

    You don't need to be an artist, you don't need to send me sketches or detailed outlines (though both of those are welcome) I just need to know what you want, any specific ideas or elements you would like to include, and I can do the rest.

    Now, what if you can't answer that question? No problem! I can help with that too. I have worked with people who have all kinds of  ideas but aren't quite sure where to go with them. It remains important and interesting to me to work through the process of narrowing things down with these customers. Helping people to create a way of truly expressing themselves whilst building this into a design that is attractive and cohesive, is one of the most rewarding parts of my work at Windrestrictor®.



    For those with a very specific design in mind, there are few things about our engraving process that you need to know so that you can help us to help you to create your best product possible.

    For the best quality etching, high definition or high resolution images are preferred, if you chose to provide them. Samples are welcome but not required, and honest feedback will help everything move smoothly. My goal is always to create a design you love and will be proud of for years to come, to do this, I need to know how you really feel, and if there is anything about the design I can alter to bring it closer to your vision. We like to communicate via email for the duration of the design process, but if computers aren't really your thing, phone calls and text messaging are also options, though we do like these to be supported by some form of written word so we have our plan in black and white. This leaves little room for error and allows us to get your Windrestrictor® to you faster!


    I hope this post has been informative and helpful in shedding some light on what we do here at Windrestrictor®, and in demystifying our custom process. As I continue to work with our existing customers to bring their ideas and expressions to life, I look forward to meeting our new ones and showing them first hand what it means to be a part of the Windrestrictor® family.





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