• The Unholy Trinity: Charger, Challenger, Chrysler 300

    Turn heads and stop shows Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300 - New Product Launch! We at WindRestrictor® are God-fearing people. But, like everyone else, we have a side of us that likes to get a little over the edge. This Friday we do just that by unleashing three Mopar glowplates for people who like to get wild. I'm talking about the Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300. What do we know about…

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  • WindRestrictor® and Chrysler Crossfire

    As you know, we're very proud here at WindRestrictor® to be officially licensed Mopar. I did a whole blog post on just Chrysler and a bit of their history. But, I'd like to write a post specifically focusing on the Chrysler Crossfire. When talking about American classics, Chrysler is often overlooked. We hard loads about both Ford and GM. Why not concentrate on a Chrysler model that will turn heads…

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  • Keep Winter Warm With WindRestrictor®!

    Fall is only a few weeks old, and winter is right around the corner. WindRestrictor® is a company that prides itself on fun in the sun! You think of the top down, radio going, and our beautiful product shining out of the back. But, unfortunately, summer doesn't last forever. It's near Christmas, and nobody's at the beach. Your bathing suits are traded in for warm jackets. From suntan lotion to salons.…

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  • Corvette Funfest 2017

    We make it no secret at WindRestrictor® that we are huge fans of the Corvette. We've made products for the 'Vette for years now, and love the owners as much as we love vehicles themselves. So, why on earth would we want to miss an event entitled the "Corvette Funfest" ? In all actuality anything that calls itself, "Funfest", really put pressure down on the hosts to deliver. But, if we're talking…

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  • Best Cars of 2017: Consumer Reports

    WindRestrictor® is the producer of thousands of automotive accessories per year. While happy to be a manufacturer, we're very much car enthusiasts. We've done tons of automotive blog posts. Possibly, nothing is more important than the top cars of 2017. You can have the biggest or fastest automobile, but if it's broken on side of the road after a few miles, what good is it? A lot of car magazines…

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  • Chrysler, Fiat, and Mopar

    WindRestrictor® is in the business of extending our brand of products as much as possible. Recently, we've decided to make glowplates for the Charger, Challenger, and Chrysler 300. This begs the question, what do we know about Chrysler? Known as one of the big three, Chrysler has long been a staple in the auto industry. Since coming under the Fiat banner, it's only gained steam. Let's take some…

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  • WindRestrictor - Vet's & Corvettes

      This week the WindRestrictor family had the honor to work with a very special Vietnam Veteran Sgt. James McDermott on a custom project for his C6 Corvette. The time is always right to remember these folks for their unwavering sacrifice and service to our beautiful country, but what better time to be able to do this than Memorial Day to remember the fallen and get to know the survivors? We were…

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  • Fastest Cars In The World

    The WindRestrictor® blog tells car stories. But, we've neglected one aspect of the automotive industry that everybody talks about...Who makes the fastest cars. Let's be honest, nobody is at lunch in high school talking about what car has the best gas mileage. Everybody wants to know what hot rod wins off the line. NASCAR and automotive racing in general, is watched worldwide by millions. There's…

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  • Tuners and WindRestrictors®

    WindRestrictor® is a company based on the modification of your finer vehicles. Naturally, we try to keep up on the current trends, and I for one have long been a fan of tuners, and more specifically the import scene. We do make wind blockers/wind deflectors for two of the most popular tuned imports around, Honda S2000s and Miatas. I'd like to take some time to talk about the Miata and the Honda S2000's…

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  • Ten Most Viewed Automotive Sites

    WindRestrictor® has met a lot of our great customers in person at auto shows across the nation, some have also come to visit us at our facilities in Dallas,Tx for an installation, a sale, or just to say hello. However, by a large margin, most of our sales and interactions have been on the web. The internet has made the world a lot smaller. Without the use of forums and social media, speaking to people…

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