Top Sellers 2017...So Far

WindRestrictor® is a company that makes its money off of motorized vehicles. Convertibles, coupes, foreign and domestic. Heck, now even motorcycles! It of course is of special interest to us to see what cars are moving the needle as far as sales go.

The list I'm going to show is only a few weeks old, so it give a pretty accurate portrait of what's going on right now in the automotive world. Notice how cars overall are on the decline (which has been the case for a while now), while trucks and SUVs are selling robustly.

While we don't have vehicles on this blog post you'll see on our list of models we produce for, remember we have a Universal Glowplate, Universal Door Sills, puddle lights, and Illuminated Wheel Rings that will fit many different types of vehicles. Let's check out the hottest sellers.

1) Ford F-Series P/U


The Ford F-Series is once again the leader of the pack in 2017. While falling a little bit behind (down -0.2), the F-Series is still selling well with a total of 70,657 sold. Ford F-Series was also the best selling vehicles in 2016. It seems its momentum isn't slowing down anytime soon. With great models like the one pictured above (Ford F-250 Super Duty), the rest of the pack sure have some catching up to do.

2) Ram P/U


Coming in at number two are Ram Pick Ups. The Ram is still a good way off from our number one with 43,321 units sold. Although, it had a respectable sales increase of +7.6. Nothing to sneeze at. Chrysler is certainly happy with this fine truck, but I can't help but think major changes are on the way to solidly challenge for for the number one spot.

3) Chevy Silverado C/K P/U


Some good news for American automakers, the third vehicle on our list is also a member of the big three US auto manufacturers like the first two. The Chevy Silverado comes in at number three with a total of 40,154 units sold. Not too far from number two. It seems the fight between two and three is much closer than the race between one and two. Making it very possible for the Silverdo to move up a spot before the year's end.

4) Honda CR-V


Our first imported vehicle, as well as our first SUV, is the Honda CR-V. The CR-V came in with a sales total of 32,671. While a pretty distant third, it posted a sales increase of +13.0. Not coming in first hurts a lot less when you're putting up numbers better than the year before. Bravo, Honda.

5) Toyota RAV4


Another foreign built SUV rounds out our number five spot, the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 sold 31,757 units which is behind our number four by less than 1,000 units. As you'll look at the next few posts, you'll notice its a tight race for the middle spots. Like the CR-V, the RAV4 had a sales gain from last year at this time of +5.3.

6) Toyota Camry


Another Toyota comes in at number 6, the Camry. The Camry sales were very close to the RAV4 sales with 31,428 units sold. While having two vehicles so high up on the list is something Toyota should certainly be happy about, their sales loss of -7.27 is disappointing to say the least. This follows the trend of Americans moving away from cars to trucks and SUVs.

7) Honda Civic


The Honda Civic shows up at the seven spot, also being our second import car in our list. Does anyone buy American cars anymore? The Civic is a long running model in the Honda stable and it sold 31,211 units. That's only a few hundred less than our number six, but still not the tightest race in our list. Also, like the next spot before it, it didn't sell as well as last year. It slipped to a -11.7 sales loss.

8) Toyota Corolla


The Toyota Corolla is our 8th car and the third car Toyota has on the list. If you can't take 1, 2, or 3, taking 5, 6 and 8 isn't a bad consolation prize. The Corolla was also very close to taking the 7th spot with 31,104 cars sold. The 7 to 8 race was only separated by a little over 100 vehicles. That's officially the smallest margin between two spots on our list.

9) Nissan Rogue


The SUVs have reentered the list with the Nissan Rogue at nine. It's Nissan's first entry into our list with 27,386 units sold. Decent numbers, but what's more encouraging is the +18.2 percent sales increase from '16. If you have to have one vehicle in the top ten, make sure its one on the rise.

10) Honda Accord


Our last entrant into the top 10 is the Honda Accord. The Honda entered its second car into the countdown with 26,938 units sold. While having two in the top ten is a good thing, their sales loss of -14.6 is not. The auto industry giveth and taketh away.

All The Rest


Let's end the blog with numbers eleven through twenty. While I won't highlight every model like one through ten, I'll list their number, units sold (first from '17 and then from '16) and gain or loss percentage.

Here they are:

11. Ford Escape 25,637 23,920 +7.2

12. Chevrolet Cruze 21,317 14,153 +50.6 (what an impressive gain from 2016!)

13. Chevrolet Equinox 20,655 20,607 +0.2

14. Nissan Altima 20,263 28,484 -28.9 (pretty disappointing loss)

15. Nissan Sentra 20,255 19,145 +5.8

16. Ford Explorer 19,771 20,283 -2.5

17. Jeep Grand Cherokee 18,877 17,768 +6.2

18. Jeep Wrangler 18,841 18,840 +0.0

19. Toyota Highlander 17,981 15,037 +19.6

20.  GMC Sierra 17,400 20,531 -15.3

This list speaks volumes (really tells the whole story of cars in America right now). American trucks rules, American cars drool, and imports run the SUV game. Here's to hoping competition makes for better vehicles for all involved. The U.S. consumer wins!

 Another Wrap


Thank you all so much for reading another blog post. I'd like to thank the knowledgeable journalists at Reuters  for the interesting data I used to compile this particular post. If you have any suggestions, corrections, addition, or just want to say hello, email me! I'm . Also, remember you can always receive a discount on any of our products. Just click here and use Paul5 sales code upon check out to get five percent off.

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