Ten Most Viewed Automotive Sites

WindRestrictor® has met a lot of our great customers in person at auto shows across the nation, some have also come to visit us at our facilities in Dallas,Tx for an installation, a sale, or just to say hello. However, by a large margin, most of our sales and interactions have been on the web.

The internet has made the world a lot smaller. Without the use of forums and social media, speaking to people in Germany about etching, or Australia concerning the right illumination for their particular paint job might not be a possibility.

Naturally, there's thousands (maybe millions) of websites devoted to automotive sales, accessory sales, devotion to a make or model etc. Allow me to take this time to present to you the cream of the crop when car-related websites are discussed. I must admit after researching, I didn't expect the top spot to be what it was.

10. MotorTrend


MotorTrend first became a magazine in September of 1949. That means as a company they've been around for 65+ years. While some companies withered away with the internet age, MotorTrend's coverage of car news expanded with its website. While the ten spot is nothing to sneeze at, I expected it to be higher. It gets a total of 4,000,000 unique views every month.

9. CarMax


Are you buying or selling a car? Well, look no further than one of the biggest websites on the planet, Carmax. Carmax is the United States's biggest seller of used cars. Being on that pedestal in a nation that burns the second most fossil fuels globally is quite a feat. Carmax joins the list with a very strong 4,500,000 unique views monthly.  With numbers like that, how could it not be the biggest used auto seller?

8. Jalopnik 


Jalopnik is an automotive blog known for its loyal following and its brilliant off-the-wall writers. How off-the-wall? Some of the topics from their latest updates include; " This Tiny Plastic Car Has No Reverse Gear But Can Do Backwards Donuts Anyway" and "Toyota Invested $350,000 Into A Flying Car That's Actually A Drone". If you want "different" in your car websites, this is the place for you. They get number eight with a solid 5,000,000 unique views monthly.

7. CarGurus


CarGurus is a rather young company that's only been around since 2006. For it to come in at number seven is quite a feat indeed! 'Gurus is sort of a combination site with research, used cars, new cars, values and even a questions section for people who need specific information. It finds its place in our countdown with 5,250,000 unique monthly views.

6. AutoBlog


AutoBlog is our highest blog on the list coming in at an impressive number six. To think blogs have only been a "thing" since the late 90s, they're now two of the most visited automotive sites on the internet. Now owned by internet pioneer AOL, AutoBlog continues to crank out content with a readership of 5,500,000 unique monthly views. Expect some of the finest writing and articles on this, the king of car blog views.

5. Edmunds


A treasure trove of information on used and new cars, Edmunds comes in at number fire on our top ten list. Edmunds started out as a publication in 1966. Moving from CD-Rom and now unto the worldwide web, it garners 14,000,000 unique views a month. That's quite a jump from six to five! With the amount of information and first-class content, the amount of viewers makes perfect sense.

4. Cars.Com


Truth be told, this would've been my pick for number one if I was a betting man. Cars.com has the most coveted website addresses in existence, and I'd think this alone would make it a lock for the top five. Just this address is probably worth more than $1,000,000. It carries quite hefty expectations, and Cars delivers with information about cars for sales, specs, reviews, and repairs. It has a unique viewership of 14,500,000 a month.

3. Kelley Blue Book


Want to know how much your 1995 Ford Mustang is worth? Kelley Blue Book was first published in 1926 (over ninety years ago) and grown to be the go to guide for automotive prices since. Now owned by AutoTrader, their website comes in at 15,000,000 unique views. Their transition to online happened in 1995 and continued its strong tradition in automotive pricing excellence still carried on today. Speaking of AutoTrader...

2. AutoTrader


Owning the number company on our list wasn't enough, AutoTrader comes in at number two as well. This British online automotive powerhouse has sections for buying, selling, trading, research and reviews, finding local dealers, loans and even insurance. Can you say one stop shop? It comes in with 15,500,000 unique views a month. Combined with Kelley Blue Book, that's over 30,000,000 unique views a month. To say they're doing a good job at cornering the market is a massive understatement.

1. Yahoo Autos


I literally had no idea. But, it makes a lot of sense. Yahoo! has been an internet juggernaut for about as long as I knew what the internet was. Having a an automotive news portion paper-clipped to the number six site on all of the web is hard to top. I'll also be the first to admit that the articles are top notch. It comes in at the number one position with 25,000,000 unique views. When you say Yahoo!, apparently people still listen.

Wrapping It Up Again


Thanks to everyone for reading this and all of our blog posts. If you have any comments, criticisms, suggestions, you can always email me! I'm paul@windrestrictor.com . I'm always open to hearing from WindRestrictor® friends and family.

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