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Polaris Slingshot

  • New Illuminated Wind Deflector (rear windshield) for the Polaris Slingshot!


    autocycle windrestrictor

    The POLARIS® SLINGSHOT® auto-cycle is already turning the heads of fellow motorist that happen to pass the three wheeled beast on the road. As many of you know this is the kind of vehicle that we love working with. Today we are proud to release the multi-patented, WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand personalized wind deflector to qualified accessory dealers as well as SLINGSHOT® owners world-wide. Contact David Hume for dealer opportunities.


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    Those of us that drive sports cars, auto cycles and the like know that we are lower to the ground than most others on the street. Semi truck drivers already have issues seeing normal vehicles on the road and with us it's even worse. Our lighted styling product is mounted to the roll bars, the highest point of this model. Our ambient lit wind deflectors produce an almost "fiber-optic" like lighting effect to the glass edge. This extra glow can help drivers see you when they are getting ready to switch lanes at night.


    According to folks posting forum threads like this on Slingshot Forums dot com there's a real problem with exhaust fumes from the aftermarket performance exhaust systems. We've had several customers to date call us and let us know that our product is absolutely perfect for blocking a large part of these fumes that like to creep back over the rear of the deck while sitting at stop lights. Talk about a bonus feature and benefit!



    The benefits of using the WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand wind deflector on the POLARIS® SLINGSHOT® in conjunction with a tall windshield are the following...

    •  reduce wind turbulence in the cockpit by almost 60%
    •  talk more clearly with your passenger at highway speeds
    • enhanced sound from your stereo
    •  reduce road noise from behind
    •  added personalization and style
    •  added lighting to vehicle for show and safety

    Our testing was done using the MAD STAD adjustible (single blade) windshield which can be purchased from the factory direct here.      

    We had very good results with this windshield and we highly recommend it to our Slingshot customers.

    What about accessory compatibility issues? Will with wind deflector install with my other mods?

    Our custom wind deflector will fit the following year models. 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

    We've also designed our product to fit with the various tops and wings that are available for the Polaris Slingshot®.

    The latest design that we offer fits with the MAD STAD STINGER TOP. This product will launch in January 2017.  We were very impressed with the design of this top. Please send us an email to inquire about this new product.

    Here's a photo of the WR installed with a Mad Stad Stinger Top.


    Check out this video of Ashli cruising the streets of Dallas in a Slingshot!



    Here's a photo of our product with the BULLET SPEED V-BACK TOP.


    If you have any questions at all about this new product please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. You can call us at 972-487-5987 and we welcome you to stop by our facility in Dallas anytime you are near. We love meeting our customers!

    LOCATION WINDRESTRICTOR® 11885 Forestgate Dr. Dallas, Tx. 75243


    Below is a list of authorized Windrestrictor® Dealers for the Polaris Slingshot.

    Grapevine Powersports


    Slingshot Only

    Side By Side Stuff



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