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The Mazda Miata MX-5 is well known in the tuner community as being a go to vehicle. We at WindRestrictor® recognized this and decided it would only be fitting to update our current Miata model for 2017.

In this blog post I'd like to point out some of the more eccentric and cool styles that have been altered, modified, and/or "pimped" by proud Mazda owners. I promise this will be entertaining. There's little more stylish than an imaginative Miata owner! Let's see what people have come up...



Cow spots? Why not? This owner mixed his love for Miatas with his affinity for Cows. Other people just see cattle as potential hamburgers, but this owner sought to turn their skin into a perfect idea for design.

Will it be a definite winner in the next big automotive show? Maybe, not. Is it creative and a lot of fun though? Absolutely so!

Miata Monster


A little more aggressive than the cow, this Mx-5 monster looks like it could attack at any moment! The redish-orange lighting really shows off the "eyes" and "teeth" of this scary predator tuner.

Again showing how creative Miata owners can be, this person had an idea that would be perfect on a Halloween car show. Not bad for an owner of a "cute" little convertible roadster.

Off Roadin'


Leave it to the guys from Top Gear to turn a Miata into a vehicle fit for a field of wet mud! This Mazda got jacked up and was made off-road ready by the innovative show's hosts.

Not sure how the episode ended, but I'd think that fun was had by the episode's presenters as well as the fans at home. It just goes to show that Mx-5s can be at home as much in the mud, as tearing up a highway.

Double 0 Mx-5


Did someone turn this Japanese car into a European roadster? The chrome gives extra definition to an already stylish ride as someone decided to add a number of classy modifications to their Mazda convertible.

The hood ornament, added lights up front, and lining by the roof and hood scream Bond...James Bond. Maybe, we'll see the latest big British actor running around in her majesty's secret service in a Miata trying to save the world as we know it!

Someone Please Call 911


I'd like to think in my (or anyone's for that matter) neighborhood function beats out form in the way of our fire vehicles. However, if you're going to go in style ...Why not get a Miata Mazda and go all out?

Someone grabbed an Mx-5 and made it every tuner loving fire fighter's dream. While I'm not sure if its just a Photoshop or an actual service vehicle, I admire the design of such a hot ride!

Stretched Tuner


Okay, someone took their Mx-5 and made it as long as two roadsters! If you want to show off your engine, this would definitely be the way to go. If you want to protect it from the elements, not so much.

It does look like a piece is missing doesn't it? Maybe, this is a before picture? While I'm unsure of the intention behind it, again I have to admit the imagination taken to pull off a feat like this is extraordinary.

How About The Inside?


Okay, we've gone through a few variations of what can be done on the outside of the Miata. How about we check out an inside? There's a lot of goodies here. Where should I start?

The skulls wood paneling? The chromed out floor mat? The lights around the radio and the gauges? If this vehicle is half as appealing on the outside as the inside, you've got yourself a certified head turner. It just goes to show the Mx-5 cares about interior as much as exterior.

The Retro Look


Doesn't this look like you were wrong about Miatas being around in the 1950s? You weren't. A creative Mx-5 owner popped the front off and got super retro with this design.

The expanded grill, orange headlights, added pipes, and yellow lights make it look like a throwback from your dad's era. Although, not a pure classic; if this one pulled up on to an antique car show I'm not sure anyone would complain!

Uh, The Wheels Are...


Are those Mazda wheels on right? Hard to say on this gray Mx-5 beauty. Unsure whether or not the tire guy is malicious, they certainly change the look of this vehicle.

What really grabs your attention though is the chrome rims. Those beauties are shown off perfectly on those particular wheels. Some do body, some do interior, and still some are rim aficionados. It takes all kind I guess!



Having a great paint job is important to anyone modifying their Miata. They take great efforts to wash their vehicle to show off the inventive colored paint jobs you often see on these tuned rides.

This owner took it a few steps further. How about a car mirror job? This car looks like a disco-ball from a 70s hot spot frequented by John Travolta. While not sure if this is street legal, you're certain to get people's attention. Especially, on a sunny day or a city full of lights!



Okay, some people have paint jobs that make you say, "Wow"! Other paint jobs just have you standing there staring in awe. The latest entry in this blog leaves you stunned.

As what can only be described as a painter who lives someplace where substances that were once illegal aren't anymore, this Miata looks like a Grateful Dead fan finally found the design of their dreams. The hood, the trunk and the sides all scream far out!

Another Wrap


We really hope you enjoyed my latest blog post about the world famous Mazda Miata. Would you like to purchase one of our WindRestrictor® brand wind blockers for your Mazda Miata? Well, you can do so and save 5% in the process. Just click here and enter code Paul5 .If you think you've seen the coolest of "pimped" rides, you haven't seen anything until you've seen one of our wind blockers! Check our Youtube video at the bottom for a better look. If you have any concerns or comments please email me paul@windrestrictor.com .

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