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  • Christmas Car Collection!

    Okay, if there's one thing we at WindRestrictor® like to do it's light up your vehicle! Our door sills, wind blockers, illuminated wheel rings and puddle lights more than prove our point. We are also big fans of Christmas! It's spiritual, family-oriented and you light up your house. You know what would be great? Combining the two!

    What about...Christmas cars!?! That's right, cars that were decorated to celebrate the most celebrated holiday in the world! Well, we've done our best to scour the internet for some of the craziest rides to celebrate the season of Yuletide! Please, enjoy our Christmas Car Collection!

    From Christmas Bells to Christmas Bugs!


    Ever seen a Volkswagen glow like this? This bug was given the full treatment with red and green lights all around! Nice to see some flash there! VWs are not known for their flash but this particular ride has shown that it is possible. Fireflies aren't the only bugs that light up.

    A Merry Mack


    One thing big rigs have is a lot of room to work with. This particular trucker took full advantage of every square inch! Reindeer, stars AND Christmas Trees? Yep, he's got just about everything but one of those creepy waving automated Chris Cringles. He even lit up the mud flaps. This man went all the way to make people pay attention to his sixteen wheeler on all twelve days of Christmas.



    Here's an easy Christmas recipe to spread cheer at this time of year. Get your GMC Truck, wrap that sucker in different colored lights, make sure they all glow and don't throw off the rest of the lights, and there you have it. The way the lights are staggered are nothing short of brilliant design. Nice job. Sometimes simple can look stylish.

    Classic Christmas Cool


    Someone really jazzed up Uncle Bob's tan jalopy in a big way. Outline with Christmas lights then dump some cool blue under the hood. Wow! It just goes to show anything looks better illuminated. Your crazy relative could bring you to school and it will still look cool.

    The S.U.V. for X.M.A.S.

    Christmas Car

    Okay, this soccer mom is certainly a talented decorator. The tree, the angel, the snowman, the ribbons, the candy canes,  matched nearly perfectly over the SUV screams patience and ability. Again, the colors never clash and all the artwork is space out perfectly. Someone's mother is a real artist. If she doesn't do it already, she might want to think about a career in holiday design.

    Cement Truck Santa


    This was particularly surprising to me. Someone decorated a cement truck and made it look darn good. The candy cane stripe on the cement mixing part is a work of art. The cab in blue, the rest outline with class white, and a little green for good measure. Talk about moving concrete in style! Even the hardest workers can fine time to make kids smile on the holidays.



    So, uh... This is a car someone dumped blue lights on and some Christmasish colors. I have no idea what the intended end to this project is. They get attention I'm sure. Probably, shouldn't use this particular car to do a bank robbery. Nobody will need to get a license plate. I try to say something nice about all the vehicles, so this driver is courageous!

    Cringle in the Caddy


    Santa and Spongebob going to roll out to a holiday party with a flamingo on the roof and ornaments on the hood! How could you not want this to be your next Uber? The wreath and red lights under the car add to the seasonal party look! Just when you thought old school Cadillacs couldn't look cooler!

    A Whole Parade!


    Looks like they have a whole parade full of lit up automobiles in Chandler, Arizona! What a fun way to show off your vehicle. If just the picture of these three passing are a preview, it must be quite a show. More communities should take part in decorating their vehicle with lights. Hmmm, imagine if a company made it easier for people to light up their cars like this!

    More Than Sirens


    Like we needed another reason to appreciate the heroes that firefighters are! At yet a different parade, you see a superbly decorated fire engine rolling through the night. Now it's normal to see a decorated truck around the firehouse, but this particular one was really done to the nine. Great job guys!

    More Classic Hits


    We have another oldie but goody that looks decorated to the hilt! The way they traced the seems in the body with the high quality lights really works with the design. A bit of Christmas tree on top really rounds it out nicely. I also noticed they used some car portions for advertising. Who would use a lit up car for advertisement? This person is probably a genius!

    Crazy Claus on the Loose


    Doesn't this one look like Santa went on a crazy bender with his friend lion and ran into a house with nice decorations? Sort of reminds you of his Spongebob fiasco from the eaarlier picture. However, the chaos seems organized doesn't it? The stars and colored lights fall down in a way that lets you know there's a method to the madness. Very nice Christmas design adorning the driveway.

    A Wood Paneled Christmas


    If any of you reading this are old enough (or unfortunate enough) to remember the awful wood paneling that was used back in the day, you'll find this car interesting. Another GMC that looks dressed up with a Lite Brite (another one for middle-aged readers), that ends up looking pretty good! Who would've though you could take two meaningless things from a bygone era and make a holiday work of art?

    Light Up The Night Right



    So, Christmas lights are very nice! But, the level of expert personalization you can from WindRestrictor® is beyond compare! We can light up the back of your car, your wheels, your door sills and we even have puddle lights now!

    Have you checked out our great selection of models? Corvette,  Mustang, Camaro, Mercedes-Benz SLK 170, SLK 171, SLK 172, BMW Z4, Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, Honda Sk2000, Mazda Miata, Cadillac XLR, Jaguar F-Type, Mini Cooper and the Chrysler Crossfire. We have several of these in convertible AND coupe! For wind blockers AND door sills!

    Don't see your car there? No, problem we now make Universal Glow Plates and Universal Lighted Door Sills! You don't even need a car! We have Edge-Lit Art for your home, garage, or office! We're here to make you light up the night and make a great Christmas gift. Interested? Simply click here. You'll receive five percent off your purchase and all of our products come with a lifetime warranty.

    Everyone have a Happy Holiday from all of us at WindRestrictor® !

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  • Intercontinental Car Shows!

    WindRestrictor® is hoping your family is having a great Christmas. While your son/daughter/nephew/niece is either exuberant, or faking the feeling for fear of Santa Claus going down the wrong chimney next year, most of us are looking under the tree for something to make our vehicle go faster, or perform better or look cleaner. Cars are a status symbol and means of expression, just as much as a convenient means of transportation. The human need to peacock can be seen from jacked up trucks, to advertising banner adorned city buses, all the way back to the "my child is a student at" bumper sticker on a soccer mom's SUV.

    So, a natural progression was born from man's love affair with his precious motorized carriages. Like an industrial place of worship, you can see scores of people the world over gazing sometimes solemnly, sometimes jubilantly, at these marvels of engineering like they were sacred relics.

    Where then do we bow our heads in respect for these marvelous machines? Whether it be 33 people or 33,000, you'll find that answer in car shows! Car shows are more than just a few collectors getting together to ride around in vehicles from a bygone era (although those do still certainly exist and are very popular), they evolved to arena filling spectacles that can pack 1000s of enthusiasts together to swap ideas and praise. Let us take you on a global voyage to look far and wide for the most visited, and talked about, shows the auto industry has to offer. We'll start in Southeast Asia.

    Southeast Asia: Tokyo Motor Show

    If you want futuristic and over-the-top, you can safely look to Japan for both. Wondering how this would apply to cars? Look no further than the world famous Tokyo Auto Show! This year's show just passed us, and like every year before it, the show delivered.

    This show is packed full of concept cars. Most of the Southeast Asian car companies and big name foreign corporations such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, as well as Ford for a few years, have represented the future of automobiles. Ever seen a Bugatti Veyron? The Veyron is the fastest street legal car and was on display at their 2005 gathering.  In 1997 the Maybach was a concept car revitalization at the motor show which brought about a new era of luxury for the automotive world.

    While speed and luxury have certainly been on display, the absolutely bizarre have been more than represented as well. How about a Toyota Alphard Hercule? It looks like a Transformer was on it's way to switch from car to robot and gave up half-way through. What about a Toyota FCV Plus? I dare anyone to look at this vehicle and not once think "Tron".

    The Middle East: Dubai International Motor Show

    Really hard to believe a region swimming in oil would also have a major international car show isn't it? Yep, not so much. Dubai International Motor Show is held once every two years and attracted over 100,000 people over three days in 2015. The opulence the area is known for is on full display as you can look on at a plethora of vehicles and companies just eager to show off their latest engineering.

    Ford, Chevrolet, Fiat/Chrysler, Bentley, Dodge, Ferrari...The list is almost as long as the line to get in. The show is packed with features as well! How about the exhibit for Motoring Nostalgia? Ignition Talk Live was a place where you could talk to experts about everything from drifting to technology and design. Are you into motorcyclist? Well, Dubai has that too! The Biker's Arena is the spot to get your fix of all things two and three wheeled.

    Sure, The Middle East has a reputation for being a dangerous place. However, it can also be a place of extreme opulence, history and engineering. If this wasn't enough to make you hop a jet, we just gave you one more reason!

    Europe: International Motor Show Germany

    Frankfurt isn't just sausage and warm beer! The IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) AKA International Motor Show Germany, is known worldwide as one of the greatest car shows in Europe. Not a huge shock considering Germany is known as a mecca for automotive excellence.

    Since 1979, the IAA has been showcasing the finest in production and concept cars. To give you an idea of how popular this even is, on no less than three occasions the event has hosted 1,000,000+ people and 100,000+ twenty different times. The Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and Sistine Channel look out!

    This show isn't just another tourist attraction however, there's meat and potatoes with that sauerkraut. The first fully electric powered Porsche (Porsche Mission E) made it's debut at this very car show. Jaguar rolled out it's first ever SUV (F-Pace) at a past IAA. Also, the smallest convertible on the road, the Smart Fortwo was displayed in all it's tiny splendor. If you want scenery in and out of a show, the IAA is definitely the destination for you!

    Africa: The SA Festival of Motoring

    Even in the most exotic of locales, car show are springing up and showing off the wares of top global automotive manufacturers. When people hear the word "Africa", they instantly think of safaris and getting closer to miles of untouched nature. But, in South Africa, The SA Festival of Motoring (formerly the Johannesburg International Motor Show) is all the rage.

    A biennial auto show held in October, the exhibition has boasted over 48,000 square feet of space inside, and another 43,000 square feet of outdoor space. So, there's more than enough room to park the various vehicles making their African premieres. Vehicles like the beautiful BMW-I8 made their debut in shows past. Also, a very interesting waiter named Honda Asimo served libations to hungry and thirsty festival goers. A robot food server only miles away from live lions and zebras? Where else can you see such a diverse array of "life" besides a car show?

    While the show had it's problems in the past, it seems that the rebirth just made the event more popular and stable. A welcomed addition to South Africa, a growing economic power on the world stage. The beautiful views don't end in the jungle, visit The SA Festival of Motoring to see the best Africa has to offer!

    Oceania: MotorWorld  Sydney

    As if you needed another reason to journey to the land of kangaroos and koalas! MotorWorld Sydney is the place to be for friendly Aussies and awesome rides! This brand new exciting event is hosted in fabulous Sydney and promises to be a big player on the international scene!

    MotorWorld Sydney is loaded with great events to ensure everyone is having a great time. The last event even sported family and ladies days. Welcome additions to the normal car show script to keep the whole brood interested. Dad, don't get nervous! There's still plenty to do for you. The Mega Test Fest allows you to test drive one of 50 different cars! Everything from Alfa Romeos to GMCs to Lotuses to Volvos are on hand to tear up the Aussie track.

    In the past Australia has had trouble with sponsors and attendance when holding auto shows. But, with the unique features on display at this event, both should be rejuvenated to make this event a go for years to come. The sky's the limit and the future is bright for this great auto fest in the land of Oz.

    South America:  São Paulo International Motor Show

    Brazil, is the home of Carnival, Vale Tudo and the world famous Christ the Redeemer statue. It's a mecca for sports and fun. So, if you're going to throw an auto show in South America, what better place than Brazil? The  São Paulo International Motor Show is the  número um destination for vehicles big and small.

    As I write this, the auto show is happening right now! Hyundai's first compact SUV is on display, a restyled Chevrolet Tracker and Renault Captur are some of the fresh off the assembly vehicles on display. The event's organizers are expecting 750,000 people. That's quite a turn out and very believable considering the demographics of São Paulo alone. Check out the Dream Lounge, Test Drive Tracks or the Automotive Trade Area if you want to take home a souvenir.

    Brazil is known as a place of immense beauty and a jubilant culture. Use the country's versatile appeal to get your significant other on the next jet. This is a car show that has it all in a nation with something for everyone.

    North America: The WindRestrictor® United States Tour







    What better way to spread the word about our innovative product, than to roll down these great highways of ours and meet with extended members of the WindRestrictor® family? We've been all around and continue to pop up at huge events and even local Dallas-Fort Worth auto shows to shake some hands throughout the land!

    We go or have gone to a lot of show for the American classic, Corvette. Shows we've gone to include Corvettes at Carlisle (in Pennsylvania),  events at the National Corvette Museum (in Kentucky), and Bloomington Gold (in Illinois). Another GM show dedicated to Kappas, The NASSAM (Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, Opel Gt etc.) took place last summer and was covered by the wonderful Ashli in a blog post you can read here! The ladies had tons of fun.

    Now before our beloved Ford lovers start grumbling, we were certainly at the Ford Mustang 50th anniversary show in Las Vegas! The pony lovers were in full force and we were fortunate to shake a lot of hands and see some wonderful relics of a bygone era as well as cutting edge technology. Speaking of cutting edge technology, we recently attended a SEMA event where we were represented by Steve and his awesome wife Nigel. There's so many shows that we want to make and can't or we've gone too but I didn't have time to mention, but we're not finished expanding so don't think we've forgotten about you!


    Another Wrap!

    Thank you so much for checking out our latest blog post! As always if you see any omissions or corrections please email me: . I relish and look forward to any and all feedback concerning my attempts at writing.

    You can save 5% of no your purchase with us simply by clicking here. It's never too late to celebrate the holidays with one of our many items in our ever expanding collection (check out our Universal Glow Plates or illuminated wheel rings). Click here to check us out!

    Lastly, we truly hope however you celebrate these great holidays, it's a special one for you and the ones you love. Thank you so much for reading.

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  • WindRestrictor® Company launches new website and E-Catalog.


    The WindRestrictor® Team is inviting visitors to explore its new website and E-Catalog. The new creation has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout, allowing customers to access detailed product information and videos with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.





    The site includes extensive product information along with an increased presence of video and photography work to help customers understand the company’s complete range of product solutions. Their product offerings have always been predominantly for fine convertibles but now the company has expanded their reach to include popular coupe models as well as a product line, Edge Lit Art designed for homes and businesses.

    Perhaps the most exciting news is that they are rolling out the long awaited WindRestrictor® Ambassador Program with the new site that will allow devoted customers to help the company spread the word about the innovative products while putting some money in their own pockets! A new section of the site will dedicated to product resources and sales tracking to make the ambassador experience fun, simple and exciting!

    Created with the user experience firmly in mind; the website has been designed using the latest technology so the site is compatible with today's browsers and mobile devices - without the need for Adobe® Flash to view it.

    The new website and E-Catalog means that customers can now benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, assisting the specification process. This is a result of talking with customers and gaining valuable feedback over the years.

    Visitors can now stay informed with the latest news of the company and upcoming shows they will be attending. The news blog also features the latest announcements, product inventions and opinion pieces from their industry experts.

    Furthermore, the new website allows users to share products and pages that interest them with others across Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    Visit the new WindRestrictor® Website and why not give us your feedback on the new website by posting a comment on our WindRestrictor® Facebook Page!

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  • Notes from the Graphic Artist

    Hello there, to customers new and old, and those who have yet to discover what  wonderful products Windrestrictor® provides. My name is Erica Kersey-Doherty, and I'm the Graphic Artist here at Windrestrictor®.

    My role is to personally handle and assist individuals with their custom orders. I work with people from almost every walk of life, of all ages and interests, and from almost every country in the world. So many different people from so many different backgrounds, all with the same love for their cars. I also have the good fortune to help gift givers create something meaningful, beautiful and long-lasting to share with their loved ones and friends. 14610945_10154624195957731_8563712554375357408_n

    I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible people who time and time again blow me away with their passion for their vehicles, and for life. From those who take great pride in their car, to those who want to represent their business, a personal interest or even create a tribute to honor a memory, it leaves me proud to say I was lucky enough help them find that special design that captures that passion in its entirety.

    While we do provide custom options for your Windrestrictor®, carefully crafted with one-of-a-kind custom graphics, we also offer a range of bold and beautiful standard options should you need a little help deciding what you'd like. However, for those looking for that perfect  personalized accessory to accent and compliment their vehicle, our custom etching process is second to none in the industry.

    Being presented with this world of choice can be daunting to begin with, after all, with our continual improvement and refining of our process, we are able to bring more and more dreams to life by constantly expanding the scope of what's possible.  Luckily, you are not alone.

    Even before you place an order there is someone waiting on the phone or over email to answer any questions you might have. Once you decide what you would like, our team of innovative production agents and are willing to work with different modification and solutions to help our product work exactly right for you. I myself eagerly await hearing each and every customer's vision for their product, and enjoy working with them to bring it to life. Even after the order has been shipped out we have a support team 100% dedicated to help with any installation and technical questions. Thanks to our team who not only take great pride in our range of products, but are also extremely invested in the happiness and satisfaction of the customers who purchase them, you are never on your own with Windrestrictor®.

    Many people have questions, especially about our our custom process and how it all works. The most common question I get is "What do I need to do for you so we can get started?" And the answer is simple.

    Just tell me what you'd like.

    You don't need to be an artist, you don't need to send me sketches or detailed outlines (though both of those are welcome) I just need to know what you want, any specific ideas or elements you would like to include, and I can do the rest.

    Now, what if you can't answer that question? No problem! I can help with that too. I have worked with people who have all kinds of  ideas but aren't quite sure where to go with them. It remains important and interesting to me to work through the process of narrowing things down with these customers. Helping people to create a way of truly expressing themselves whilst building this into a design that is attractive and cohesive, is one of the most rewarding parts of my work at Windrestrictor®.



    For those with a very specific design in mind, there are few things about our engraving process that you need to know so that you can help us to help you to create your best product possible.

    For the best quality etching, high definition or high resolution images are preferred, if you chose to provide them. Samples are welcome but not required, and honest feedback will help everything move smoothly. My goal is always to create a design you love and will be proud of for years to come, to do this, I need to know how you really feel, and if there is anything about the design I can alter to bring it closer to your vision. We like to communicate via email for the duration of the design process, but if computers aren't really your thing, phone calls and text messaging are also options, though we do like these to be supported by some form of written word so we have our plan in black and white. This leaves little room for error and allows us to get your Windrestrictor® to you faster!


    I hope this post has been informative and helpful in shedding some light on what we do here at Windrestrictor®, and in demystifying our custom process. As I continue to work with our existing customers to bring their ideas and expressions to life, I look forward to meeting our new ones and showing them first hand what it means to be a part of the Windrestrictor® family.





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  • Coupe? We've got you covered! WindRestrictor® Glowplates for your hardtop


    As many of you know, WindRestrictor® is a company that's primarily made a living off of fine convertibles. Nobody does convertibles quite like us, we're recognized globally as a company that looks good and performs well. A reputation we've earned with the help of our extended family globally that's supported our product loyally.

    One of our most frequent requests is a product for Coupes. Why should convertibles have all the fun? Sure, we already make such a product for Cadillac XLRs, Mustangs, Camaros, Chrysler Crossfire, Minicoopers, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, Jaguar F-Type, Mazda Miata and Corvettes. However, there's so many people into customization in the 2010s, we thought it would be unfair to hold on to such great technology for only a select few.

    Whether you're in a Ford F-Series (Ford F-150, Ford F-250) truck or a Honda Civic, we're pleased to say we have something for everyone now! Our friends can now light their Glowplate up whether it's July or January. Let's get into what our new product is and isn't and how you can pick one up!


    Baby, This Ain't No Cute Suction Sign


    So, maybe I'm dating myself but I for one remember those little suction cup signs that adorned many vehicles back in the day. Baby on board, twins on board, princess on board, road rage on board etc. Sure, they were popular and plentiful. But, these weren't really designed to modify your vehicle. Vehicle modification is best when it's flashy yet classy. Two things these little yellow squares lacked.

    Now this isn't to put down the casual bumpers sticker moms, dads and grandparents. For some it's more than enough to place a nice plastic sign. It isn't enough though for the hardcore enthusiast.

    If you cherish true personalization, look no further than our products. You have all the custom options that you can conceive with the WindRestrictor® and now our Glowplate. Our laser etched graphics are far superior to what you'll find in most automotive accessories. We give you the option to make a lit, luminescent piece of art that's easily viewable from your back window.


    Stickers Aren't Foreverfkpeeoag6mpmiz4-medium

    While some stickers are admittedly an easy and cheap option to decorate your vehicle, the problem is with their permanence. They're not likely to last as long as you plan on owning your car/truck. If you live in an area with hot summers, this is the case more often than not. The hot sun can melt away your adhesive in short order. Being a southerner I know this first hand. All the visions of faded bumper stickers and window decals more than prove my point.

    The amount of detail seen in decals is somewhat limited. Even in the computer age, you'd be hard pressed to find an art medium with more pin point accuracy than our laser etching. Not to mention your ability to see through our designs. Which by the way gives you all the freedom afforded by your imagination to create or recreate any graphics.

    Now there's wraps, and they're amazing. It's helped enhance the appeal of so many different vehicles. If you're talking about windows though, it's not even a contest. Less view obstruction, no adhesive issues, and the ability to shine in the night.

    Illumination Nation


    Now I know a few of you are still wondering what makes us so special. The stickers and paint jobs are now more than enough to decorate your right, ride? Well, unless I missed something, they can't light up the night like we can! Above are some pictures about what our art looks like with our light bar attached. The same feature you'll now receive in our Universal Glowplate option.

    One of 8 brilliant luminescent colors are yours to choose from. Can't pick one? No problem! You can use one of our Electric Light Kits and cycle through all of them. As if lit and etched wasn't enough, you can cycle through hues effortlessly with this option.

    How about a third brake light? How about advertisement for your business that people can see better than that magnet on your car door? How about a lit piece that glows with your ride's theme? Glowplates will do all of this and more.

    Altogether Now



    Like I said before, people are always asking us about their car. Now if there's any question you want a reply too, it's that one. To know our product is sought after is the ultimate compliment. There's so many people who mod now. From the tuner crew ( Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru Impreza STI,  Scion tC etc.), to the big tire truck riders (Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado etc) and all the Southern California lowriders (we can make a glowing replica of your club's plaque and stay in place when your hydraulics make it bounce). So, many people express themselves through their vehicles.

    Our company takes great pride in the types of vehicles that are already in service by our group. That doesn't mean though other great rides are undeserving of our unique accessory that can turn any car into a moving light show. We've shipped to 1000s of people in every inhabited continent. Why not try to cover every car owner?

    It was an eventuality that we had a product that the masses could enjoy, we just needed the right design. We're not a company that jumps the gun, putting out a sub-par product and rushing to market would mar our reputation and name. To make sure this Glowplate was up to our standards was our first priority.

    The Wrap-up



    We feel like we're one of the best options available if you want to ,"Pimp my ride".Whether you're showing off the latest innovation at the Tokyo Motor Show, stylin' in your muscle car or hot rod at Woodward Dream Cruise, or just having fun on a Sunday we've go you covered.

    Before, we close this down altogether keep your eyes on our website, Our product will be rolling out soon and you need to know where to go to get your hand on one of the most exciting car accessories in ages. Also, stay tuned to our website for special promotional codes for all our fabulous toys as they become available. Speaking of promotional codes, would you like to save 10% ? Use the code, "WRBlog" and we'll pass on the savings now!

    Remember, if you have any questions, suggestions, or see any omissions please let me know! My email is .

    Here's some examples of our quality work for coupes!



    corvette-c5-coupe-lighting-glow-plate-windrestrictor-styling1 corvette-c5-coupe-lighting-glow-plate-windrestrictor-styling2


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  • New Illuminated Wind Deflector (rear windshield) for the Polaris Slingshot!


    autocycle windrestrictor

    The POLARIS® SLINGSHOT® auto-cycle is already turning the heads of fellow motorist that happen to pass the three wheeled beast on the road. As many of you know this is the kind of vehicle that we love working with. Today we are proud to release the multi-patented, WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand personalized wind deflector to qualified accessory dealers as well as SLINGSHOT® owners world-wide. Contact David Hume for dealer opportunities.


    Click here to purchase


    Those of us that drive sports cars, auto cycles and the like know that we are lower to the ground than most others on the street. Semi truck drivers already have issues seeing normal vehicles on the road and with us it's even worse. Our lighted styling product is mounted to the roll bars, the highest point of this model. Our ambient lit wind deflectors produce an almost "fiber-optic" like lighting effect to the glass edge. This extra glow can help drivers see you when they are getting ready to switch lanes at night.


    According to folks posting forum threads like this on Slingshot Forums dot com there's a real problem with exhaust fumes from the aftermarket performance exhaust systems. We've had several customers to date call us and let us know that our product is absolutely perfect for blocking a large part of these fumes that like to creep back over the rear of the deck while sitting at stop lights. Talk about a bonus feature and benefit!



    The benefits of using the WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand wind deflector on the POLARIS® SLINGSHOT® in conjunction with a tall windshield are the following...

    •  reduce wind turbulence in the cockpit by almost 60%
    •  talk more clearly with your passenger at highway speeds
    • enhanced sound from your stereo
    •  reduce road noise from behind
    •  added personalization and style
    •  added lighting to vehicle for show and safety

    Our testing was done using the MAD STAD adjustible (single blade) windshield which can be purchased from the factory direct here.      

    We had very good results with this windshield and we highly recommend it to our Slingshot customers.

    What about accessory compatibility issues? Will with wind deflector install with my other mods?

    Our custom wind deflector will fit the following year models. 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

    We've also designed our product to fit with the various tops and wings that are available for the Polaris Slingshot®.

    The latest design that we offer fits with the MAD STAD STINGER TOP. This product will launch in January 2017.  We were very impressed with the design of this top. Please send us an email to inquire about this new product.

    Here's a photo of the WR installed with a Mad Stad Stinger Top.


    Check out this video of Ashli cruising the streets of Dallas in a Slingshot!



    Here's a photo of our product with the BULLET SPEED V-BACK TOP.


    If you have any questions at all about this new product please do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. You can call us at 972-487-5987 and we welcome you to stop by our facility in Dallas anytime you are near. We love meeting our customers!

    LOCATION WINDRESTRICTOR® 11885 Forestgate Dr. Dallas, Tx. 75243


    Below is a list of authorized Windrestrictor® Dealers for the Polaris Slingshot.

    Grapevine Powersports


    Slingshot Only

    Side By Side Stuff



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  • As seen in the National Corvette Museum

    “As seen in the National Corvette Museum ” 

    We just finished up with the National Corvette Museum's 2012 C5+C6 Bash. The event was an incredible amount of fun and excitement. We helped many of the attendees get orders placed for our world class products and got a chance to meet many of our customers. We've received such wonderful feedback on our GM licensed Windrestrictors and lighted door sills. The museum has a massive collection of beautiful Corvettes and we highly recommend that you check it out at least once in your lifetime. 

    Check out this video of the assembly plant, just a couple of miles away. This is where Corvettes are built to perfection. Many of the Corvettes are picked up at the Museum by their new owners! 

    Hope to see you here next year! 

    ~Windrestrictor Crew

    Video of Bowling Green Kentucky Corvette Assembly Plant

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  • New Mustang Windrestrictor® Lighted windscreen - wind deflector - windstop - windblocker


    From the industry leader in convertible automobile wind blocking devices, King Penn Industries, comes the long awaited WindRestrictor for Ford Mustangs!  WindRestrictors are available for European and American sports and luxury sports cars and are made with the best of materials and craftsmanship that will enhance the pleasure of putting the top down on your Mustang. King Penn Industries’ products have been featured on many fine roadsters and show cars around the world, including some that were featured in the 2009 box office hit “Fast & Furious”.  A WindRestrictor® on a sports roadster was featured in NBC’s remake of  “Knight Rider” and another on the Speed TV show “Bull Run”.   In addition to these recent productions, King Penn’s products have also been seen on cars at the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 S.E.M.A. shows in Las Vegas Nevada.   KPI has distributors globally and is honored to have their products displayed at such reputable venues as the National Corvette Museum, an attraction visited by Corvette owner’s world wide. If you would like to become an authorized distributor please submit your information using this form.

    Manufactured from incredibly transparent materials the WindRestrictor® is much easier to see through than other versions on the market. The new Mustang WindRestrictor® is be made of 3/8ths of an inch (9.53mm) Acrylite glass combined with a proprietary edge treatment for producing a dramatic, almost “fiber-optic” but classy illumination effect to the products edge and laser engraved graphics.  King Penn Industries uses only top shelf, green technology in the casting process for our wind blocking systems. They are so confident in their product's durability that they offer a full LIFETIME warranty unlike any other wind deflector company.

    Owners of other brands of wind blockers have complained that rearward vision is difficult or nearly impossible. The King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® is totally transparent so seeing out of the back of your vehicle is about as easy as looking through your front window. All of this AND it does what it says it does; restricts the wind’s effect.  Backdraft be gone!  You will also be able to truly have conversations in your vehicle after you drop the top without having to shout at the top of your lungs with the added benefit of being able to enjoy better clarity from your sound system.  Installation can be done by professionals or fully DIY with the help of our included instructions and kit.

    While technical aspects are something that KPI is proud of, let's not forget about the head-turning look of the WindRestrictor®. The etched and lighted WindRestrictor® is laser engraved to perfection so that the graphics will never fade, turn colors or peel off over time as stickers may.  KPI offers standard or personalized options for their wind deflectors. The limits are your own imagination! The personalization is perhaps the best feature of the custom WindRestrictor®. With the brand new Mustang WindRestrictor® you will be able to choose from Ford Licensed Mustang graphics or you can work with one of KPI’s top graphic designers to develop your own custom artwork!  Either way your Mustang will be set apart from the rest and get major attention.

    Mustang windscreen wind deflector windstop wind baffle windblocker

    Also setting the WindRestrictor® apart is its mounting system. There are many wind blockers for the Mustang Convertible that utilizes subpar bracket systems.  Most are either bulky plastic frames that block off the rear passenger seating area or cheap Velcro straps that are less than appealing to the eye as well as allowing for excessive vibrations at highway speeds.  Not so with King Penn Industries’ patent pending design.  We know that the Mustang, the Mustang GT, the SVT, the Cobra and the Shelby GT500 Mustangs are anything but slow. Keeping in mind the top speeds of some of these convertibles King Penn Industries spent a lot of time developing a very rigid but very sleek bracket system. The new system will allow for maximum wind turbulence reduction while at the same time allowing rear passengers to be included in the top down driving experience.  The model specific containment bracket is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is powder coated to perfection. Every last detail was considered while developing the windscreen so that it would be the absolute best quality available and hold up to the high standard that Ford sets with the Mustang.

    King Penn is aware of the storied history of Ford’s Mustang, and the enjoyment driving a convertible on a cloudless day can give. Let King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® be a part of your Mustang top down driving experience.

    Located in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, King Penn Industries sells its products at their location in Garland, through their Web site at and their more than 25 major online authorized retailers distributing their products world wide.

    windscreen windblocker mustang wind deflector windstop restrictor windrestrictor

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