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  • Customer Spotlight: Michelle & Her 2011 Mazda Miata MX5 Special Edition

    Customer Spotlight:

    Michelle & Her 2011 Mazda Miata MX5 Special Edition

    My name is Michelle Johnson and I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I purchased a 2011 Mazda Miata MX5 Special Edition on March 30, 2011.  I absolutely love this car!  What makes my car unique is that in 2011, there were only 750 of the Special Edition Miata MX5 models produced.  It was offered in two colors:  Sparkling Mica Black and Dolphin Gray Mica.  I have the Sparkling Mica Black color.  The metallic hues in the paint look dazzling in the sun light.  The 2011 Special Edition is based on the Grand Touring model with other unique items such as bright hyper silver 17” rims, light grey leather seats, grey stitching on the leather wrapped steering wheel and seats, aluminum racing pedals, and chrome accents surrounding the dash vents.

    Over the last 6 years, I have attended numerous car shows and Miata related events.  Below are a few pictures at different events:

    miata 1

    Miatas at Myrtle Beach, SC 2013

    Miata 2

    Zooming the Mountains of Tennessee 2013

    Miata 3

    Zooming the Mountains of Tennessee 2013

    Miata 4

    7th Annual Hope Mills Cruisers Annual Car Show 2013

    Miata 5

    Fall Fest 2014

    Greensboro, NC

    Additional accessories I have added are:

    • Chrome fuel door
    • Cobalt shock brace
    • Stubby antenna
    • Special Edition MX5 floor mats
    • Door sills with MX5 logo
    • Shift knob with MX5 logo
    • Various chrome and satin finish exterior and interior accessories from IL Motorsports
    • Wind Restrictor wind deflector (with LED lights)

    The Wind Restrictor wind deflector looks outstanding in person.   The pictures do not show the item’s true beauty.  My husband wired mine so that when the park lights or the headlights are one, the unit turns on. I am so looking forward to the spring/summer months so I can ride topless at night showing off the new wind deflector!  My next modification is to add drill/slotted rotors along with some new red brake calipers. 

    Miata 6 Miata 7

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  • Happy Customer to SuperStar Affiliate Member!

    This week we're spotlighting Kimberly Dearman and Cami ~ One of our happy customers turned WindRestrictor ® Affiliate Sales Member!   Thank you Kimberly for sharing your story!       Cami2           
    I named Cami before I even found her, I just knew that's what I would call her.  I never knew when I bought her almost 3 years ago that she would literally change my life.  At the time I needed something personal to pick up my spirits - I had always loved old muscle cars, but they are not practical for daily driving.  I found her and just fell in love.  She is a 2013 2LT/RS Camaro.  Within the next 6 months I started learning how to do my own modifications.  Once I came up with her "Cat Theme", the sky was the limit.  And 90% of the mods, I did with my own hands.  She is now my hobby...Cami brought me back to life.

    Cami3               Cami5

    How was my purchasing experience with WindRestrictor? Everyone was SO helpful and supportive - not only me as a customer and an Affiliate - but as a friend.  Since Windrestrictor used Cami for fitting of their new Glow Plate for 5th Gen - we all worked well together to get it just right for future buyers of this product.

    Cami WR 1             Cami WR 4

    On choosing my graphics for my GlowPlate, I chose to go totally custom.   I knew that within the next year or so that I wanted to start racing her more...which means her "Cat Theme" would need to change.   Have to start somewhere.   I only knew of different things I liked about racing - and came up with Race Angel.  Steve was AMAZING!!   He took my picture ideas that I sent him and seemed to read my mind - He custom designed my Race Angel and got it right first time!!   I just love my Glow Plate!!  Cami is a coupe - so unless it's night, nobody knows I have it - BUT during our night meets or even just driving around, people ask me all about it.  I show them the color changing options and functions - - I'm ready for Spring so that I can really show it off!!

    Cami WR 2

    Cami is totally custom painted under her hood.  From her Glowing Eyes, to all the cat theme painted parts.  Along with engine dress up kits which help win Car Shows.   She is a V6 - but with the modifications to exhaust and throttle and Air Intake - she doesn't drive or sound like one :)


    Cami1            Cami4

    These past 2 years have been awesome showing off my Cami  - Cat Theme.  People really love her - she's one of a kind in her theme are custom artwork.  She has taken home one Best of Show, a Budweisers Pick in Houston, and so many more first places that it makes me proud to know my hard work is appreciated.  My FAVORITE award is one I got last summer at a Cancer Benefit for a 9 year old girl.  Cami didn't win any awards by the judges - - But Kenadie picked Cami as HER Favorite.   That trophy has a special place on my shelf because it was given by a very special little girl.  Cami was even the featured vehicle on the awards given out at one show...that was an honor.

    Cami6                      Cami7


    I'm so excited about the Affiliate Program - having already made a few sales and looking forward to showing the world that Glow Plates for Coupes are IN and everyone needs one!  Bring on the car shows, I'm ready!!!

    Don't forget to use my link for purchase!!




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  • BMW Z4 - Personalized Wind Deflector for a Hot European Roadster! Windschott Paradise


    The BMW Z4 was and still remains one of the best all-round European roadsters as it gives you a full sports car experience without undermining comfort and refinement. We love this roadster mainly because the wind deflector for the Z4 has become one of our hottest selling products in the last few years. Here's a link to the BMW Z4 2002-2008 Windscreen Model.   Then here is a link to the BMW 2009-2017 Windscreen Model.

    Here's an example of the products we have that fit the Z4.

    BMW Z4 E89 windscreen 1



    BMW Z4 E89 windscreen 17

    Here's an example of one of our personalized graphics.

    z4 roadster wow3

    Sneek PeakZ44

    The Z4 was refreshed in 2011 but the real character of it remains intact. The folding metal roof makes it quieter and more protected than its competitors; Audi TT and Porsche Boxster. It is definitely one of the more practical two-seaters on the market. The basic car mixes fun dynamics and cruising comfort, but the pricier M Sport versions will give you a ride that is more firm. The sDrive28i delivers 245bhp and is by far the best engine for economy, speed and power.
    BMW Z4 E89 windscreen 3
    The latest model was launched in 2009 and this model was a giant leap from the previous version. Gone is the Chris Bangle-penned styling, the new design is much sleeker and more aggressive. The metal roof folds up and down effortlessly giving it a smart look. The BMW Z4 can only be bought in a petrol engine. The basic 20i has a humble 181bhp, but even at low revs gives a strong performance. The sDrive35is gives M3-rivalling performance. The steering is agile and direct which makes the Z4 a good cruiser with a flexible ride and soft refinement at speed. It may not be quite as engaging as an Audi TT but will definitely appeal to keen car enthusiasts because of its rear wheel drive.

    BMW Z4 E89 windscreen 13

    The BMW Z4 boasts outstanding grip as it comes equipped with lots of electronic gadgets to keep you on the road. Dynamic Stability Control is a system which incorporates traction control; corner brake control and brake fade compensation to keep the car stable. It has also been fitted with protective rollover hoops and airbags in the seat headrests to protect you from a side on collision. The latest model hasn't been tested yet by the experts at Euro NCAP, but it should easily outperform the older car's four-star rating. The Z4 is definitely a very reliable car.
    The luggage capacity is 310litres but with the roof folded away the boot space is cut down to 180litres. The boot space is also restricted by a narrow opening. The Z4's fuel economy depends on the engine you choose. The Z4 is definitely not a cheap car to run or to buy, but it's at the same level as its premium competitors from Audi and Mercedes. The Z4 is not as sharp as a Boxster and the boot is tiny, but it costs less than a Boxster and gives a super car rivalling performance.

    Anyone looking to buy a new luxury car needs to look at the new BMW Z4. This has gotten a lot of people talking. There are many styles that this manufacturer comes out with, but this car has gotten a lot of attention.  We have all seen the roadsters on the road from previous years. It has been a popular model. The car has a sharp style, and it can handle the road pretty well.

    The car is a descendant of the Z3 model. The Z4 has the great feature of a retractable hardtop. The interior is very upscale, and it has 6 powerful inline engines. To show how fast this car is, it can get to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. The interior can be bought at different package levels. There is the premium package which will include things like leather seating and power seating. There is automatic climate control, and one can get BMW assist. There are more options, but this is a sampling.

    Here's an example of the Illuminated Door Sills that we sell for both models of the BMW Z4. Want to upgrade your interior? Give these a shot you will be pleased. These lighted kick plates can be ordered in any color, even a color changing option.


    The reviews on this car have been great. It is comparable to its close competition. The cars that it's competing with are some of the best cars on the road.

    Convertible wind deflectors are also referred to as windschott, windscherm, windblocker, windstop etc. WindRestrictor® is a registered trademark owned by King Penn Industries Inc.

    Take a look at our products on our website and let us know if we can help! Also, feel free to use this discount code when you checkout for taking the time to review our blog post! "Stephen5"



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  • Automotive Accessory Trends - Lighting and More



    Who doesn’t like things exactly the way they want them? We all pay too much because we want something that is better. On occasions ,if we’re being honest with ourselves ,today’s auto buyers spend a lot of money on modern cars not because of safety, (or durability) but because of what is popular and what turns heads!
    Fortunately, the automotive enthusiasts and automakers have crunched the numbers and answered the question...

    What are the latest Technology car –driven Trends ?

    With the changing consumer behavior ,the rise of technology and the digital world ,predicting the future of the Automotive industry is a little more harder than you might think. Why ?
    Well , with the explosion of the auto –industry technology ,automakers and suppliers have gone way beyond just coming up with new auto trends. They've also helped to create what's desirable and popular to the consumers. This makes the whole transformation of the industry unpredictable. For instance changing from what we are used to in the the present models to seeing the crazy driver-less cars show up on the market will be a game changer in the industry.

    With that said, here are the latest car trends and what is popular .Now , I will warn you! Like anything great, some of these technology driven trends in 2017 and beyond have been predicted to revolutionize the auto industry . But I assure you ,it’s worth it

    #1-Connectivity or vehicle-to- vehicle communication technology

    Car-to-car or vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology allows vehicles to broadcast within hundreds of meters displaying their data on speed, brake status and position. The other car uses this information to build a picture of the most likely trouble that even the most sober and careful driver would never anticipate.
    How is this technology trend useful? Unfortunately, a lot of people die each year because of road accidents caused by careless drivers , so ,creating vehicle-to-vehicle networking or communication is likely to have a great impact on road safety. According to this technology, when a speeding car is approaching another speeding car on a runway a warning light is flashed and a voice, “oncoming vehicle” is announced prompting the driver to step on the brakes. So far, the technology is undergoing the testing phase in Japan and Europe and it is believed that it will revolutionize the whole automotive industry. We shall see.

    #2- LED Lighting car technology

    We know this is nothing new really right? But, now more than ever before manufacturers are leaning towards LED technology with their new vehicles. The same is true with aftermarket accessory applications. We feel like our patented products have played a strong role in setting the pace for this trend considering we've shipped to over 50 countries so far! LED lighting technology uses the concept of light emitting diodes with lighting functions such as low and high beam, parking light and turn signals. While this technology trend offers the most beautiful shining colors produced by the headlamps – It also provides car designers with new possibilities of unique contours that make your custom car appear more sleek and distinctive. You can check out our WindRestrictor® and Glow Plate products with edge lit lighting here!

    You’ll love the LED lighting system of the Mercedes-Benz. The LED headlamps of certain Mercedes models are synchronized with a specific electronic control system that detects the driving situation automatically and selects the best color distribution.

    Audi is one of the most expensive and luxurious cars that embrace the new technology of LED Lighting .The auto designers have created infinite shapes ,with each vehicle having it’s own distinctive design. The LED Lights of Audi not only provide it with that stylish look , but it produces up too 5500 kelvins increasing the night’s visibility roughly to be as day light.


    #3-Digitalized Vehicle With Wi-Fi Technology

    By early 2014 ,the in-built 4G LTE Wi-Fi was introduced and the first car model with the technology was launched in 2015.Over the last two years, the technology has increased in  popularity among automakers and consumers. With the internet becoming a basic need and no longer a luxury, car manufacturers of late have integrated the technology of wireless connectivity into their well designed machines to benefit the passengers during a car ride.
    How is the 4LTE Wi-Fi connected with the Automobiles? First of all why 4G ? Because it is ultra fast- The car has a connected drive telematics system which creates a mobile hot spot. Because the LTE utilizes the wireless connectivity that smartphones, tablets and ipads use, you have to have an LTE- Sim card in order to hook up the hot spot. Similarly, the other modern cars are connected with "MiFi" wireless Routers for mobile that will provide the necessary WiFi hotspot access .

    #4-Ambient lighting Technology

    Seriously………….,Ambient Lighting not only makes the driving feel safer, but also speaks volumes about the car’s interior .The AMBIENT lighting  is offered in a variety of colors and  increases the driver’s perception of the interior which ultimately improves the driver’s experience. Of course, this lighting effect is produced by several different types of source, one being LED's! Generally speaking the array of colors makes the cabin look attractive and spacious which enhances the driver’s emotional state. The colors range from blues to oranges, even reds and white. Along with helping to distinguish brand identity, ambient lighting also improves the visibility of the navigation system of the car.


    We're very fond of the ambient lighting effect here at King Penn Industries. All of our core products add to the overall ambient lighting of the interior. See an example below with each of our core products installed. Installed on the vehicle below there is the new lighted Glow Plate that was just released for non-convertible cars. You'll see this mounted on the "package shelf" near the rear window. This is becoming a very popular seller in the last few months. It will install to pretty much any rear "carpet shelf" area that is either a plastic panel or carpet panel. We add any graphics you want to them and they come in any color of illumination that you want. This combined with the other products we sell create just enough of that "feel good" ambient glow to your cabin without being overpowering. Next, we have the new illuminated door sills, aka lighted kick plates. We've just launched a brand-new version of this product that is a universal fitment. They install with 3M Automotive Tape and will cure to any flat surface in your vehicle. Most will install to the rocker panels, or right next to their factory door plates, even over the top of them! Finally, the foot-well lighting and courtesy lights are also a new addition to our lineup. Stop by our OTHER PRODUCTS section of the website to learn more.


    #5 The HID(High-Intensity Discharge) lamp Technology

    Although it’s a high school type of technology, The HID lamps are gaining popularity on the road every passing day because they provide intense light and come with a low price tag as compared to the LED lighting .These xenon head lamps can typically illuminate the sides of the road with much more blue-white light and they use relatively much less energy to maintain their brightness.


    #6-Real- time car location service technology

    Now ,it is easy to locate the position or location of your vehicle using this technology trend. Vehicles are tracked by installing a G.P.S device that operates on the Global Positioning system. With this technology, data is downloaded from the NavStar GPS satellite system which is received by the vehicle’s GPS devices for interpretation. This technology trend is more popular with Fleet vehicle tracking as it increases on time deliveries by providing tracking report documentations.

    #7-Infotainment system Technology

    Nearly all cars come delivered from manufacturers with their infotainment system built-in. The recent technology of iDrive has revolutionized the mess of the car entertainment system to the point that car navigation and entertainment are inseparable!


    #8- Halos

    The circular arrangement of mostly LED lighting are getting very popular with car customization shops, adding that WOW factor to front ends around the globe. The HALOS are distinctive because of the luminous rings inside the headlight housing. Some say this trend started with BMW but it's widely spreading throughout the entire automotive industry.


    photo credit Oracle Lighting

    Wrapping it up

    According to the Automotive pundits, little is known of what is mostly likely to happen to the automotive industry a few years to come, but the whole Auto industry is being taken by storm because of the new and popular technology trends



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  • Customer Review: Ret's Chrysler Crossfire

    Black Chrylser Crossfire with Illuminated WindRestrictor brand wind screen

    WindScreen Review: Ret's Chrysler Crossfire

    "I purchased my car and wanted to add a wind breaker, I ordered this Deflectair (TM) unit which looks nice, but the Velcro and the chatter were kind of a nuisance.

    I replaced it with a WindRestrictor® brand for multiple reasons, No rattle and Velcro The light option is very nice for looks! Plus the spare brake light really helps me be more visual coming to a stop!

    I also purchased the Roadster lighted door sill which I love when I open the door at night! It's a great unique show item!"

    crossfire wind deflector velcro straps tinted deflectair Deflectair (TM) Brand Crossfire Wind Screen
    Chrysler Crossfire Roadster Wind Restrictor Lighted Red WindRestrictor® brand Custom Illuminated Wind Screen







    Chrysler Crossfire Illuminated Door Sill Kick PlatesKPI_sills_XF_copyright29_a

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  • Customer Spotlight: Ashley & Luna, the Mini Cooper Roadster!

    Customer Spotlight

    Ashley & Luna the Mini Cooper Roadster


    Photos by B. Jones Photography Photos by B. Jones Photography

    "My name is Ashley and Luna is my 2014 MINI Cooper S Roadster. She is named after her moon-like silver color. Our household of 3 MINIs holds to a spacey theme (Luna, Stella, Aura). After the release of the Roadster model in 2012, I immediately fell in love with them. As I couldn't part with my other MINI I decided to wait until I could afford both! 3 years later Luna came into my life. In the 1 year and 3 months of ownership Luna and I have driven across the country on a massive MINI trip with a thousand other MINIs, attended countless local club trips, took engagement photos with my fiancé and installed a tuning chip, sway bar, exhaust upgrade, cold air intake, and most importantly...a custom wind restrictor!

    Ashley 2

    I found out about Wind Restrictor through pictures online. Within a week of having my new car I was ordering a wind restrictor and could not believe how easy the buying process was. The next day after ordering I was in touch with Stephen for my custom design. I told him I liked their union jack design to match the car (Luna came with union jack accents) and asked if we could add "Luna" across the front. Stephen turned around 3 different fonts and one of them captured exactly what I envisioned! I made my selection and a very short time later, my wind restrictor arrived. My fiancé installed it and Luna became one of the most unique cars around!

    I get many compliments on the wind screen, especially during our huge MINI roadtrip last Ashley 4summer. Most of the time people have never seen such a thing and comment how amazing it looks. I proudly tell them to check out Wind Restrictor if they have a convertible of their own. 2 friends and my mom have followed suite and ordered their own custom designs and love them just as much as I love Luna's.

    Just when I thought MINIs couldn't be customized any more than they are, Wind Restrictor proved me wrong. Topless driving is such a blast showing off Luna's bling - especially at night! The team has been the warmest, nicest group of people to work with from design to installation questions and I am excited to be part of such an exclusive group of friends! It is so cool that convertible owners from all makes of cars share a common passion."


    If you're interested in accessories for your Mini Cooper Roadster, use Ashley's affiliate sales link to save 10% today! -->

    Ashley 1

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  • We need your vote! *Small Business Championship

    Please take a moment and

    cast your vote here for KPI / Windrestrictor® !   





    King Penn Industries Inc. is a family owned and operated business in Dallas Texas which manufacturers unique automotive styling accessories. Their claim to fame is the WindRestrictor® Brand convertible wind deflector, invented by Robert King Pennington. Since the products inception KPI has been given awarded 5 US Patents, 3 major automotive licensing deals and has shipped their founders products to over 50 countries world-wide. Their facility and showroom is located in Dallas, Texas.


    Opening Slide

    About Us Contact us Dream Team Facility Intellectual Property  product photos1 product photos2  Quality Class Note


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  • Customer Spotlight: Daniel Gouker & ROXY the Cadillac XLR Convertible

    The Story of Roxy


    By Daniel Gouker "Caddy Man Dan"

    Silver Cadillac XLR

    "It all started early spring of 2011. I had a 2 seated roadster convertible in mind. So we went out looking at some, but then a light went off in the brain thinking how awesome it would be to have that hardtop coupe look… that in 30 seconds turns into an awesome 2 seated roadster convertible. So then burning sensation started a search for something like that. Long and behold I landed my Roxy baby about 100 miles away down in Maryland. After checking the Kelly Blue Book price and finding that this XLR was 7k less then the book price, I gave them a call and told the dealer I wanted to come down and look at it that Saturday. He ask where I was from I told him I was about 100 miles straight up the map from them in Pennsylvania. Come to find out there was a dealership attach with them here in Pennsylvania about a half hour away. I told them that when I arrive that Friday evening after, if she is everything I expect her to be she going home with me, and she did.

    It only took me to May to find King Penn Industries and order an awesome WindRestrictor for her, then a few months later a cop pulls me over for installing blue LED bulbs in my license plate (BTW that’s a NO NO here in PA.) to match my cool blue WindRestrictor he then mentioned about the WindRestrictor being blue, but the policeman didn’t say it was illegal, but I just decided to purchase the 7 multi color anyway so I can RED as my third brake lite……….GLAD I DID! WE LOVE OUR KING PENN WINDRESTRICTOR AND ALSO DOOR SILLS!"

    You can check out and buy these awesome King Penn Accessories here at Dan's link and receive a 10% discount:

    XLR Rear View Mirror XLR Sills

    Roxy's Specs:



    ENGINE:  V8 – NORTHSTAR 4.6 - 320 HP








    XLR WindRestrictor

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  • Customer Spotlight : Char Marie Hurt-Robertson & Her Chrysler Crossfire


    Char Marie Hurt-Robertson & "Beth"  

    char 1

    2005 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster - Base Model 6 speed Manual

    "I was at the dealership with my Jeep the year the Crossfire first came out. While I was waiting for the Service Department, I decided to look around the showroom floor -  And that is when I saw her.. The Crossfire! I immediately fell in love. Of course at that point I had children and thought I couldn’t possibly have a car like that. A few years later I decided to ‘just look’ into a used Crossfire. I pulled some up online and there she was, my Beth! She was at a dealership in Granbury. I called and spoke with the sales guy and he had me sold, sight unseen. I called my credit union, got the paperwork in order and off I went, that very afternoon. When I got there, I was ready to sign the papers and take her home. The sales man asked “Wouldn’t you like to test driver her first?”. Of course I went ahead and took her out, but she was going home with me, one way or the other!"

    I named her Beth and her theme song is Beth by Kissmusic notes

    Beth I hear you calling
    But I can't come home right now
    Me and the boys are playing
    And we just can't find the sound

    "Sometimes I hear her calling me to come ride and have fun. Not always possible as I do still have kids to haul and they argue over who has to ride in the trunk. So I sing this song to her. "

    "My first Mod were here wheels, I found them on eBay and got such a good deal. They were delivered and then the fun starts. It took a bit to find a place that could put them on and they had to cut down the bolts, but they came out great!

    "Then I started seeing Wind Restrictor® products on Facebook and fell in love. I wanted one of those lighted wind deflectors for Beth so much. Thankfully, my Santa knew this and got me started. He ordered my wind deflector and then installed it. He told me that the people he spoke with were very helpful and friendly and he was able to install without any issue. I get lots of compliments on my WR wind deflector, from meets I go to, on-line photos I share, even the police officer that pulled me over because my license plate light was out. He didn’t give me a ticket and said “Nice Car!”.  The lighted wind deflector from Wind Restrictor is a huge eye catcher."
    char 2

    "I then added the blue jeweled gear knob, the antenna and blue pedals; however, my latest mod that I am so excited about is the lighted door sills from Wind Restrictor. Again, my Santa gifted them to me and then installed them. I have a great Santa who understands my obsession with this car.

    Beth and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Saint Louis in 2010 for the first Crossfires Across America meet. This was such a wonderful experience from meeting fellow enthusiast from so many different states and even Canada to being on parade around the baseball field at their Minor League game.

    We also make it out to Texas Motor Speedway every year in support of the Speedway Children’s Charities. We get to go out on the track and have our picture taken in the Winners Circle. Beth loves to pose for this picture. Of course meeting her fellow Xfire friends is such a great treat every year. We end the night around the hotel pool telling stories and laughing the night away. The Crossfire family I have come to know is such a blessing."

    Image may contain: car and outdoor

    Since the launch of our affiliate marketing program in late 2016, Char has also become one of our most valuable WindRestrictor® Team Members!  You can check out the other vehicles we offer custom products for here at her link and receive a 10% discount on your order!

    Image may contain: basketball court and outdoor

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  • Windrestrictor® and Me - From the desk of Paul

    Well, this might be the most fun someone can have writing a blog post. Why? Because I get to write about two of my favorite things, WindRestrictor® and me! Who doesn't like writing about their history? I must admit it's a yummy morsel.


    Every wonder how I came to be a member of the esteemed King Penn crew? Probably not, but I'm about to tell you anyway. All kidding aside, it's been a chapter of my life that I have complete ease and pride in discussing. If you knew the rest of my history you'd understand how rare this is! Let's get started!

    Why Am I In Texas!?!

    My family and I landed in Dallas, Texas after Hurricane Katrina ravaged our hometown of New Orleans. It isn't something I want to dwell on in this article, but it's an important part of the story that's sets the place of why and how a Saints fan was lurking around The DFW in the first place. Cowboy’s fans do NOT make you feel welcome.

    If I'm being completely honest, I wasn't a big fan for years. When we first arrived we lived in Dallas proper. While Texans are well known (and deservedly so) for being very friendly people, The Big D northern transplants are NOT. I'm a typical Southerner as far as friendly goes. To see joggers just run by me as I give them a warm greeting took a bit of getting used too. There's a rumor going around I cursed a few of them out, but it's probably just gossip.

    We decided due to the schooling in Dallas, moving out to a suburb was probably a good idea. My wife mentioned Garland and I said sure I'd look. Yep, I wasn't impressed. We drove right through South Garland and it reminded me of where I grew up. It wasn't lovely, it wasn't charming, it wasn't anything. Rusty buildings and unwashed concrete was everywhere. My wife of course fell in love it. I protested to no avail. We were soon Garlandites.


    My Very First Contact - Rebekkah, WR CFO


    Fast-forward a few years down the line and I felt like community was escaping me in a big way. At the time I was working nights at a Crisis Hotline and taking care of my infant son during the day. It was nothing short of hellish. Let me be clear, taking care of my beautiful baby boy was and is one of the greatest things I'll ever do. As was my job at the time, working at the hotline where I helped people make the decision to get help with depression, suicide, homelessness, you name it. Doing both back to back though? Beyond draining mentally, physically and spiritually.

    Finally having had enough, I spoke to my wife and quit the hotline job. Now, keep in mind I did this with NO other jobs on the table. But, the stress was just too much. Two hours of sleep wasn't enough to function and I literally felt like I was losing it. Broke and mentally done I decided it was a good idea to get some help and quick. So, where was I going to heal from such trying times? Church of course!

    Right up the street from me was Springcreek Church. I immediately got involved in a small group run by none other than Rebekkah Pennington. For anyone who has met her knows, you instantly connect with her. She is a loving and generous woman. At the same time, she isn't shy about calling you on your BS. I'm not sure Rebekkah’s shy about anything really. Behind all this personality is a very educated person who is more than a punch on the arm and get'er done type. Rebekkah always had solid advice you can move forward with. I was amazed by her generosity and honesty with her own time and story.

    So It Begins...

    After a few weeks of Rebekkah’s small group I was doing what I typically did, whine about how awful things are for me. I was in a really bad place. Stuck in a place I didn't want to be, no sense of community and no job. But, she had a solution that I wasn't expecting...A job. Turns out her family ran a company that made a specialty modification for cars. I warned her that I wasn't a car guy and she assured me that wasn't an issue. We set up a day for me to come in and interview and I was more than ready to get the ball rolling.

    I showed up promptly on the scheduled interview day and brought my small son along for the trip. It would've been awkward as all get out if it wasn't for the gracious nature I felt when walking in the building. For the interview Rebekkah brought along her brother Stephen. He was very kind but focused and a bit more reserved than Rebekkah. Granted, we hadn't yet established the bond that I already had with his sister.


    The interview questions were fair and I left with a better sense of the company and a bit about their brother Robert who started it all. Little did I know how much this man's legacy would effect my family's life in such a positive way, much like his own family's and the automobile industry as a whole.

    These People Are Lovely, But I Suck At This

    So, here I am at King Penn Industries helping with WindRestrictors® and illuminated door sills needing to be assembled, shined up and shipped off. Now, I'm a hard worker but easily confused. Very easily confused. As a child it took me three years until I realized "Leggo My Eggo" meant give me that waffle. Yep, that bad. It completely showed at my new job.


    I was trying to shine the WindRestrictors® properly. I failed. Later, attempted to assemble door sills. Guess what? Failed. Want to have fun? Watch me try to properly ship something. I could have my own comedy special where all I did the entire time was put things in boxes with addresses on them. I was that awful.


    However, everyone was always so patient with me. Nobody ever had anything but encouragement and kind words. Beside Rebekkah and Stephen, I met Charlotte, and Kent. Kent was the shop manager and a guy who I could often have my deep philosophical conversations with that make most people run top speed the opposite way of me. Charlotte was my make-ready master who took her time to show me the subtle art of putting together the smaller accessories that are such a big part of our product. I've often told Rebekkah that Charlotte a.k.a. Granny doesn't have an evil bone in her body. There's not a more gracious, loving woman on Earth.

    Meeting everyone was great, but my lack of "catching on" really had me concerned. Why would they keep someone who had such a challenge with even their smallest tasks? Furthermore, could a small company afford to keep a middle-aged man who was struggling to literally put the pieces together?

    It Sells Itself

    After about my 50th ruined door sill the executive committee came to a conclusion, let's let Paul not go anywhere near the assembly. I did some sales and marketing along with my product ruining, and I had maybe fallen in the right crack. I tended bar for a number of years and love nothing more than talking about things I'm passionate about. The products being offered by King Penn were easy to be excited about. Cutting edge technology that served the dual purpose of sleek and functional? Sign this salesman up.


    I was working so closely with Stephen where I realized this guy was going to be more than a good boss, he'd be a great friend. I'm only a few years older and we had common interests. We talked about old rap music, got together for pizza and mixed martial arts, and both liked to reach out and help those in need.

    I was awestruck at how talented the man is. Stephen’s salesmanship was superior to anyone I've previously encountered. Couple that with his artistic abilities and his business acumen and you can see why he is currently the company's CEO. He was somewhat surprised when he was given the position, I was not.


    The Road and The Web

    One of the things the warmer months bring with it are more of an opportunity for travel. Sometimes Kent and I, sometimes Steve and I, and sometimes all three of us. I talked about where we'd travel in the last post, but never the process of getting there. It can be quite a hike. Hook up the trailer to a huge truck and drive that sucker across the country. Because of this job I got to go places and see things I never thought possible. Another of the several perks available for employees.






    My greatest tool of course is the same as many other people, the internet. I've looked at computer screens in the name of blocking wind so much that my wife no longer thinks that it's crazy for me to always be online. My main pastime was already social media and forums. Someone's going to pay me for this? Woo hoo!

    This is also a good time to mention the mother and daughter duo of Pam and Ashli. I bother them a considerable amount with paycheck and what in the Harry Houdini does this mean questions. Just like the rest of the team, sweetest people. Never a cross word, never an anxious moment. Always have time to listen to my ideas and theories. Very patient went I'm late. All smiles.

    The End, The Beginning

    I'm on my way to Pennsylvania with Kent. It's a long and interesting ride. Out of the blue my cell phone goes off. It's my wife. Now, my wife is not one of those call a minute people who don't give you room to breathe. If she called it was important. She told me we had a dire family emergency. She was packing up the car with the kids and heading to New Orleans. We had to move home, not visit. I was to comeback when the car show was over and board a plane for my birthplace. That's exactly what I did. The crew at work was understandable, but I was more than disappointed.

    Months passed by and I got another job. While it paid okay, I needed a little something more. We spoke of different routes we could take on further employment but nothing seemed feasible. I needed extra money and I needed it right away.

    Nothing made sense but to contact Steve. He agreed most of what I did before was on the computer and they had room for some forum, social media, and blog work after talking with the other core team members. Just like that I was back at it, and I'm still here!

    And Now This...

    So, this wouldn't be a proper WindRestrictor® blog post without mentioning the others I met at the job. There's Lisa and her kids who are very nice people. Her son Steven always gives me crap about being a Saints fan. There's also the brother and sister duo of Isaac and Bam. Very intelligent young people who would have deep conversations with me concerning topics ranging from poetry verse to whether time is an actuality or a man-made creation. Also, Mike who I grew close to and is no longer with the company. There's young brother Dave who decided to become a trucker. Really driven young man and former employee. Last, but not least is Ray, Granddad. When you meet a patriarch of a family you can often tell why they are who they are. This is no exception. I shook his hand and could feel the wisdom and kindness.

    By the way this isn't me cheerleading my bosses to kiss butt and keep them happy. I don't have that gene. I'm very vocal about what I believe and will continue to be. I have very different views on politics, spirituality and just about everything than most people I run into. However, I'm far from being a hypocrite. I won't disagree for the sake of argument. If something is good, it's good. These people are good.

    I won't be posting a link or giving out a code in this post. I want everyone who reads this to know more than what you're buying; I want you to know who you're buying from. When this group says you're family, they mean it. There's so many companies now pushing soulless moneymaking, at WindRestrictor® it's heartfelt capitalism. Thanks for reading!


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