Customer Spotlight : Char Marie Hurt-Robertson & Her Chrysler Crossfire


Char Marie Hurt-Robertson & "Beth"  

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2005 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster - Base Model 6 speed Manual

"I was at the dealership with my Jeep the year the Crossfire first came out. While I was waiting for the Service Department, I decided to look around the showroom floor -  And that is when I saw her.. The Crossfire! I immediately fell in love. Of course at that point I had children and thought I couldn’t possibly have a car like that. A few years later I decided to ‘just look’ into a used Crossfire. I pulled some up online and there she was, my Beth! She was at a dealership in Granbury. I called and spoke with the sales guy and he had me sold, sight unseen. I called my credit union, got the paperwork in order and off I went, that very afternoon. When I got there, I was ready to sign the papers and take her home. The sales man asked “Wouldn’t you like to test driver her first?”. Of course I went ahead and took her out, but she was going home with me, one way or the other!"

I named her Beth and her theme song is Beth by Kissmusic notes

Beth I hear you calling
But I can't come home right now
Me and the boys are playing
And we just can't find the sound

"Sometimes I hear her calling me to come ride and have fun. Not always possible as I do still have kids to haul and they argue over who has to ride in the trunk. So I sing this song to her. "

"My first Mod were here wheels, I found them on eBay and got such a good deal. They were delivered and then the fun starts. It took a bit to find a place that could put them on and they had to cut down the bolts, but they came out great!

"Then I started seeing Wind Restrictor® products on Facebook and fell in love. I wanted one of those lighted wind deflectors for Beth so much. Thankfully, my Santa knew this and got me started. He ordered my wind deflector and then installed it. He told me that the people he spoke with were very helpful and friendly and he was able to install without any issue. I get lots of compliments on my WR wind deflector, from meets I go to, on-line photos I share, even the police officer that pulled me over because my license plate light was out. He didn’t give me a ticket and said “Nice Car!”.  The lighted wind deflector from Wind Restrictor is a huge eye catcher."
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"I then added the blue jeweled gear knob, the antenna and blue pedals; however, my latest mod that I am so excited about is the lighted door sills from Wind Restrictor. Again, my Santa gifted them to me and then installed them. I have a great Santa who understands my obsession with this car.

Beth and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Saint Louis in 2010 for the first Crossfires Across America meet. This was such a wonderful experience from meeting fellow enthusiast from so many different states and even Canada to being on parade around the baseball field at their Minor League game.

We also make it out to Texas Motor Speedway every year in support of the Speedway Children’s Charities. We get to go out on the track and have our picture taken in the Winners Circle. Beth loves to pose for this picture. Of course meeting her fellow Xfire friends is such a great treat every year. We end the night around the hotel pool telling stories and laughing the night away. The Crossfire family I have come to know is such a blessing."

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Since the launch of our affiliate marketing program in late 2016, Char has also become one of our most valuable WindRestrictor® Team Members!  You can check out the other vehicles we offer custom products for here at her link and receive a 10% discount on your order!

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