Customer Review: Ret's Chrysler Crossfire

Black Chrylser Crossfire with Illuminated WindRestrictor brand wind screen

WindScreen Review: Ret's Chrysler Crossfire

"I purchased my car and wanted to add a wind breaker, I ordered this Deflectair (TM) unit which looks nice, but the Velcro and the chatter were kind of a nuisance.

I replaced it with a WindRestrictor® brand for multiple reasons, No rattle and Velcro The light option is very nice for looks! Plus the spare brake light really helps me be more visual coming to a stop!

I also purchased the Roadster lighted door sill which I love when I open the door at night! It's a great unique show item!"

crossfire wind deflector velcro straps tinted deflectair Deflectair (TM) Brand Crossfire Wind Screen
Chrysler Crossfire Roadster Wind Restrictor Lighted Red WindRestrictor® brand Custom Illuminated Wind Screen







Chrysler Crossfire Illuminated Door Sill Kick PlatesKPI_sills_XF_copyright29_a

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