Corvette Funfest 2017

We make it no secret at WindRestrictor® that we are huge fans of the Corvette. We've made products for the 'Vette for years now, and love the owners as much as we love vehicles themselves. So, why on earth would we want to miss an event entitled the "Corvette Funfest" ?

In all actuality anything that calls itself, "Funfest", really put pressure down on the hosts to deliver. But, if we're talking a fest for Corvettes, nobody is more qualified than Mid America Motorworks to make such an event happen. Tons of parts for Corvettes from our wind blockers all the way down to 1953 exterior body trim. This is a company that's dealt in excellence since 1976.

WindRestrictor® makes it a habit to partner with the leading suppliers of fine automobile accessories and will definitely be in attendance to show our support for this awesome event in lovely Effingham, Illinois. Make sure you come by and say hello!



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