Celebs and Corvettes

WindRestrictor® is proudly GM licensed. When you have official legal permission to manufacture products for their amazing line of vehicles, why wouldn't you crank out products for the legendary Corvette!?!

In this edition we look at some famous stars and their Vettes! Its a marriage made in Hollywood and General Motors manufacturing centers across the world. You'll notice Corvettes from across the board, classic to brand spanking new. Let's check out who's riding what!

Jay Leno


Can I make a famous people and cars post without mentioning Jay Leno? It seems that Leno owns every legendary vehicle ever created almost. So, why would he not own a stable of Vettes?

A '63 Stingray, a Z06, and a ZR1 are among the vehicles in his collection. Who knows if it ends there though? Jay is such an avid collector he might have three more before I end this blog post.

Bob Weir


Another '63 Corvette Stingray owner is the legendary Grateful Dead member, guitarist Bob Weir.  When not writing psychedelic melodies Weir likes taking his '63 out for cruises around his palatial estate. A musician who is nearly 70 years old, he's still living the life of sold out shows and hot convertibles.

Greg Allman


One more spry young musician driving around in a Vette is none other than Greg Allman. This pioneer of Southern Rock is shown here right next to his drop-top C6. Another musician pushing nearly 70, Greg shows you're never too young to enjoy a great roadster whipping around your hair in the wind.



So, it seems like the youngest guy on the list so far, might have the oldest car. That's Will-I-Am, the architect behind the hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. Right next to will is a custom C1. Mixing classic and brand new, his Corvette is said to even have a dock for his I-Pad! Being a hit producer certainly has its advantages.

Sir Paul McCartney


There's the famous Beetle turned British Knight in his custom C5. Paul could probably buy a large chunk of General Motors with all the dough he's raked in from penning some of the most famous songs in music history. Its nice to see him enjoying a sports car owned by mere mortals like ourselves.

Randy Savage


There's the Macho Man in his very macho ride, a bright yellow C4. Randy tragically passed a few years back and is missed by professional wrestling fans the world over. It only made sense that the man who loved glitz and excitement owned one of the most showy, exciting cars anywhere, a Vette! Randy is gone, but never forgotten.

Ian Ziering


Ian is known in the past for the teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. More recently he's know for the legendary cinematic classic, Sharknado. When not battling flying sea creatures or breaking the heart of young actresses Ian rips up California streets in jet black C7 Stingray. You need something fast when trying to outrun the fame Sharknado has brought him!

Ming Na-Wen


Okay, I'll admit I have a bit of a crush on Ming. Ming in my estimation is the loveliest woman over 50 in Hollywood. You read that right, she's 53 years old! This beauty drives a beauty too, a C7 Stingray that's fire engine red. How lucky is her husband?  Something lovely in the garage AND in the house!

George Clooney


This famous actor has been is some classic movies and likes his cars the same way. George Clooney is driving a '58 V-8 C1 convertible, one of the many toys of this Academy Award nominated actor. Besides being in several big bank films, George is famous for his relationships with a load of Hollywood starlets. It only makes sense that this bad boy would want to be seen with another beauty, his antique Corvette!



Okay, I'm about to give away my age here. When I was younger, nothing was bigger than Guns N' Roses. Sure, Axl's screeching and temper tantrums garnered some headlines, but Slash's high powered lead guitar is what drove all those classic melodies. Slash is here with a 1966 Stingray and a classic Les Paul guitar. Off the top of my head, I can't think of two objects that would make such a cool guy look even cooler.

Guy Fierri


Famous TV chef Guy Fierri is known for his insane cooking skills and his crazy style. Guy is seen here with his yellow and black '07 C6 convertible. Guy is ripping up the roads,  while fattening America. He might have an up-in-your-face personality, but seems like genuinely down-to-earth guy. Good to see the good guys win one, then take off into the night in the ultimate wagon.

Sylvester Stallone


Yo, Adriiiiiiiiiiiiiian! Sly Stallone is known the world over for some butt-kicking action and some finely acted dramatic scenes. Sometimes, in the same movie. Sly can kick butt on the road too, with this heavily modded '68 C3. The Corvette is rumored to have 660 hp, vintage a/c, and a custom roll bar among several other goodies. Being a famous actor for almost forty years definitely has its perks!

Holly Madison


Being Hugh Hefner's ex certainly has its advantages! Holly Madison's C1 is a dead ringer for George Clooney's Vette down to the paint job. Holly Madison has one beautiful modification that Clooney doesn't have however, Holly herself! No, accessory says sexy like Ms. Madison. Take that West Coast Customs!

Bruce Willis


Closing out the stars for this blog is none other than Mr. Diehard, Bruce Willis. Bruce is looking menacingly from his 1967 C2. The star of over 50 hit films can certainly afford such a fine automotive antique. Bruce is about to star in a remake of the Charles Bronson film, "Death Wish". Yet, another classic Bruce will have his hands on.

Wrapping Another One


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