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The BMW Z4 was and still remains one of the best all-round European roadsters as it gives you a full sports car experience without undermining comfort and refinement. We love this roadster mainly because the wind deflector for the Z4 has become one of our hottest selling products in the last few years. Here's a link to the BMW Z4 2002-2008 Windscreen Model.   Then here is a link to the BMW 2009-2017 Windscreen Model.

Here's an example of the products we have that fit the Z4.

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Here's an example of one of our personalized graphics.

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The Z4 was refreshed in 2011 but the real character of it remains intact. The folding metal roof makes it quieter and more protected than its competitors; Audi TT and Porsche Boxster. It is definitely one of the more practical two-seaters on the market. The basic car mixes fun dynamics and cruising comfort, but the pricier M Sport versions will give you a ride that is more firm. The sDrive28i delivers 245bhp and is by far the best engine for economy, speed and power.
BMW Z4 E89 windscreen 3
The latest model was launched in 2009 and this model was a giant leap from the previous version. Gone is the Chris Bangle-penned styling, the new design is much sleeker and more aggressive. The metal roof folds up and down effortlessly giving it a smart look. The BMW Z4 can only be bought in a petrol engine. The basic 20i has a humble 181bhp, but even at low revs gives a strong performance. The sDrive35is gives M3-rivalling performance. The steering is agile and direct which makes the Z4 a good cruiser with a flexible ride and soft refinement at speed. It may not be quite as engaging as an Audi TT but will definitely appeal to keen car enthusiasts because of its rear wheel drive.

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The BMW Z4 boasts outstanding grip as it comes equipped with lots of electronic gadgets to keep you on the road. Dynamic Stability Control is a system which incorporates traction control; corner brake control and brake fade compensation to keep the car stable. It has also been fitted with protective rollover hoops and airbags in the seat headrests to protect you from a side on collision. The latest model hasn't been tested yet by the experts at Euro NCAP, but it should easily outperform the older car's four-star rating. The Z4 is definitely a very reliable car.
The luggage capacity is 310litres but with the roof folded away the boot space is cut down to 180litres. The boot space is also restricted by a narrow opening. The Z4's fuel economy depends on the engine you choose. The Z4 is definitely not a cheap car to run or to buy, but it's at the same level as its premium competitors from Audi and Mercedes. The Z4 is not as sharp as a Boxster and the boot is tiny, but it costs less than a Boxster and gives a super car rivalling performance.

Anyone looking to buy a new luxury car needs to look at the new BMW Z4. This has gotten a lot of people talking. There are many styles that this manufacturer comes out with, but this car has gotten a lot of attention.  We have all seen the roadsters on the road from previous years. It has been a popular model. The car has a sharp style, and it can handle the road pretty well.

The car is a descendant of the Z3 model. The Z4 has the great feature of a retractable hardtop. The interior is very upscale, and it has 6 powerful inline engines. To show how fast this car is, it can get to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds. The interior can be bought at different package levels. There is the premium package which will include things like leather seating and power seating. There is automatic climate control, and one can get BMW assist. There are more options, but this is a sampling.

Here's an example of the Illuminated Door Sills that we sell for both models of the BMW Z4. Want to upgrade your interior? Give these a shot you will be pleased. These lighted kick plates can be ordered in any color, even a color changing option.


The reviews on this car have been great. It is comparable to its close competition. The cars that it's competing with are some of the best cars on the road.

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