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At WindRestrictor® we often talk about how we turn your car into art or how your convertible will be the star of your car show. While we believe we prove what we say, there's a few people out there who really go the extra mile.

Some folks fight over Mustang versus Camaro, BMW versus Mercedes-Benz, or Honda versus Mazda. However, there's some who battle about who has the most outrageous ideas when dressing up their vehicle. Should I use antlers or bull horns for my hood ornament? Would army men or action figures look better on the trunk? Should the roof be layered with beads or fake gems?

In this installment of our blog I'd like to point out some of the most outrageous rolling museums you can see at car shows, parades, or just driving down a busy street. Whether you're a domestic Corvette driver or a foreign Jaguar owner, everyone loves a good freak show on wheels! Let's get to the art cars!

Swamp Mutha


Our first contestant is a marsh flavored sedan from Texas, Swamp Mutha. The paint job recreates the swamp so much, you can almost feel the mud in your toes from standing close to it. Also, how can you not respect plastic ducks, rabbits, and alligators? This is an owner who went all out to make you feel like you're in Cajun country.



This is the Vochol. The Vochol is about as artistic as you can get when it comes to cars and beads. How many beads? How about over 2.5 million beads? The craftsmanship behind this endeavor is on par with other Huichol art you'll see throughout the Americas among native people. Whatever the original reason for this project, rest assured that a very talented and patient person was behind making this modern marvel.



Hearses by themselves can be frightening vehicles. Now take the most seen car in horror movies and add a Gothic Church replica on the back? That's exactly what you get with Cathedral. This thriller on rubber was built by artist Rebecca Caldwell. Most crazy body jobs are done by 250lb men in a greasy garage somewhere. Rebecca shows that women can get just as outrageous (and frightening) as any big dude with a wrench.



Let's stay on the subject of scary, shall we? This giant skull shaped vehicle will more than get your attention. Metacarskull is the creation of member of the Texas Wheelbarrow Association. This proves that Texans love crazy vehicle creations, and people in their wheelbarrow association have far too much time on their hands! Whatever the case, cool creation for sure.



Have any of you seen a Mad Max movie? Because this certainly looks like something out of that series of films. Vanadu is the brainchild of Clark Bedforde. Clark easily wins best hood ornament, a small statue of English poet John Milton. If you're decorating the front of your car, how do you top that?



That's Antti Rahko next to his interesting creation, Finnjett. Finjett is an old Mercedes-Benz limousine with a quite a bit added to it. For starters seven rear-view mirrors! Which I suppose is necessary with the added ton or so to this classic vehicle. Antti is a big believer in auto shows and parades so you might have a chance to see the fabled Finnjett in person!

OWL'ways in the ARTISTIC FRAME of Mind


Okay, I need to start off by saying kids these days do not know how good they have it. This colossus of frames was put together by Lovett Elementary Visual Arts Program, teacher Rickey Polidore Jr.  That's right, an elementary art school teacher. When I was in elementary school we were Elmer's gluing pictures of our family to construction paper. That's what passed as art. Needless to say the Lovett students are way luckier than I ever was.

Yoda Head


How can you not be impressed by a car called the Yoda Head? Possibly more impressive, its a daily driver. Kimi Baintner took her love of Star Wars to a whole new level. Sure, some people dress up like Darth Vader during premieres of Star Wars films. But, turning your Nissan Versa into the head of everyone's favorite green Jedi? That's next level, Kimi. I hail you Queen Nerda the first!

The Beastie Croonie-Kerploppus-Yalapapus


Okay...Once again...These spoiled kids these days. Yet, another car by a teacher and their class. The Beastie Croonie-Kerploppus-Yalapapus was built by teacher Julon Pinkston and the kids at Frank Black Middle School. This aquatic looking vehicle is a one-of-a-kind car and these children have no idea how lucky they are to have a teacher like Julon. I jest about how lucky they are, but love the creativity shown here.

Love 23


That's Kathleen Pearson next to one of the sassiest wagon's on the road, the Love 23. Where do I start? I see flowers, fruit, smiley faces and tons of colorful plastic pieces that I can't make heads or tails of. But, that's not to insult Ms. Pearson. The patience shown and the color scheme planning are both monumental feats. Quite a look for what was the soccer mom's car of choice before SUVs were a thing.

Char Car


This being the final car highlighted, I wanted to finish big. The Char Car is definitely that. Very big. This monstrous iron demon was created by artist Mark "Scrapdaddy" Bradford. Looking at this vehicle, you can see how he got his name. What an immaculate sculpture and a head turning vehicle. Bravo Mark!

Wrapping It Up!


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