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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month with WindRestrictor®

    ctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! At WindRestrictor® two of our most precious women are Breast Cancer SURVIVORS! Meet "Granny" - Charlotte Pennington, President of WindRestrictor® - Grandmother to our Founder - Queen of all support systems - Master of all things organized - and most importantly, our #1 Prayer Warrior!  Granny has been WindRestrictor®'s backbone since day one when Robert…

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  • Keep Winter Warm With WindRestrictor®!

    Fall is only a few weeks old, and winter is right around the corner. WindRestrictor® is a company that prides itself on fun in the sun! You think of the top down, radio going, and our beautiful product shining out of the back. But, unfortunately, summer doesn't last forever. It's near Christmas, and nobody's at the beach. Your bathing suits are traded in for warm jackets. From suntan lotion to salons.…

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