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  • Corvette Funfest 2017

    We make it no secret at WindRestrictor® that we are huge fans of the Corvette. We've made products for the 'Vette for years now, and love the owners as much as we love vehicles themselves. So, why on earth would we want to miss an event entitled the "Corvette Funfest" ? In all actuality anything that calls itself, "Funfest", really put pressure down on the hosts to deliver. But, if we're talking…

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  • Best Cars of 2017: Consumer Reports

    WindRestrictor® is the producer of thousands of automotive accessories per year. While happy to be a manufacturer, we're very much car enthusiasts. We've done tons of automotive blog posts. Possibly, nothing is more important than the top cars of 2017. You can have the biggest or fastest automobile, but if it's broken on side of the road after a few miles, what good is it? A lot of car magazines…

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