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  • WindRestrictor - Vet's & Corvettes


    This week the WindRestrictor family had the honor to work with a very special Vietnam Veteran Sgt. James McDermott on a custom project for his C6 Corvette.

    The time is always right to remember these folks for their unwavering sacrifice and service to our beautiful country, but what better time to be able to do this than Memorial Day to remember the fallen and get to know the survivors?James McDermott WR Wall PicMcDermott Purple Heart Plate

    We were honored to meet Sgt. McDermott and to all have a part in working with him to listen to some of his memories of service and be able to help him tell his story in this beautiful custom art that he can always have with him. Our hope is that this brings a smile to his face every time he looks in the rear view mirror and that it affords him many opportunities to share his story as he goes to Car Shows where it's sure to be noticed.

    Here are some of the highlights from our visit with Sgt. McDermott while he was having his WindRestrictor installed at our office in Dallas.

    Duster Quads & Searchlights                                    The Second First ( Second Artillery)

    29th Artillery                                                                 Purple Heart

            Sgt. Stripes                                                                    II Field Forces Vietnam

    (WR) Does your car have a name and/or a story behind it?

    Not yet, but I’m kinda thinking about something like “Silver Bullet” but there is already one of those locally. I will come up with something though.

    (WR) What’s under your hood and want to tell us about some of your
    favorite mods?

    No Mods yet except for the WindRestrictor but some are coming. The car is a C6 2008 convertible and (thankfully) has the LS3 engine, which was an upgrade for the 08 model and has 430 HP . As my first performance mod, I’ll be doing the air intake system at the front.


    Here's a video we put together with a favorite song from the Vietnam Era. "Leaving on a Jet Plane".

    (WR) You chose to go with a “Custom” design, can you tell us about your
    design selections and what each means to you?

    The design is “one of a kind” which I put together on the fly and with a lot of help from Stephen. It all has to do with my Vietnam experience. My unit had three unique weapons. The Duster was a Twin 40mm Bofors Cannon . Navy "Pom Pom" guns in an open turret on a tank (a modified M41 and designated the M42A1). The quads were a mount with 4 .50 cal M2 machine guns. The mount could turn 360 degrees and elevate to about 90 degrees. The gunner sat inside the mount. The mount could be towed, but was mostly mounted on a deuce and a half (2.5 ton) or later 5 ton trucks. Firing the guns was shaking the deuce apart. The mounts were also placed on mountains and hills and used in a semi-permanent ground role.

    Another interesting fact is that a lot of ammo was needed to feed those four .50 cal machine guns, so the bed of the truck was filled completely with .50 cal ammo cans.

    The searchlights were Xenon lights mounted on jeeps. The jeeps were M151A1 type (new ones) with a 100 amp electrical system. The lights had about 1.5 million candle power and were switchable between white light and infrared light. We had special binoculars for the infrared, which was used mostly to find targets (VC, NVA). Once located, and when backup weapons were ready (artillery, mortars, cobra gun ships, etc.) we switched to white light and lit up the night. I enjoyed my time ( 9 months) on the searchlights very much.

    I was the trouble shooter for the unit and went wherever there was a problem so i got to travel extensively and i always had transportation, no walking was required.

    (WR) Tell us about your experience working with the Graphic Artist? Any
    room for improvement in that process?

    My time spent with Stephen was just great! We went through at least 6 versions before finalizing it. I asked Stephen to do a few things which I thought were impossible, but he always came through with flying colors.

    (WR) What was your overall purchasing experience like with
    WindRestrictor and how can we improve that experience?

    I can’t think of when I’ve have ever had a nicer time buying something. Everyone was courteous, professional and accommodating and I know they went “above and beyond” in their treatment of me. I really don’t know of anything I would change.

    James McDermott - Veteran - working design up with Pam 0517Steve and Mr. McDermott

    (WR) Have you taken home any trophies at shows , tell us about them?

    The car is still pretty new to me. I bought it last August. I did go to a show called the “First on the 1st” on January 1st and I got a trophy (for me, not the car). It was for my first Corvette show.

    Bonham Car Show after installation – taking the “OUTSTANDING” category!!

    James McDermott - Veteran - Bonham Show 052017 1


    People were impressed with the graphics also. And for the category of cars 1970 and newer, I got the "Outstanding" trophy. And there were several new Corvettes there as well as a few other newer than '70 cars.”

    James McDermott - Veteran - Bonham Show 052017 2

    “When I left you yesterday, the top was up, but I put it down at the first light, and drove all the way home. This is a testimonial that your product works better than advertised. Cruising at 75 mph, I didn't have to worry about my hat blowing off, or my beard blowing up in my face, or stuff on the passenger seat blowing out of the car. It was great. And I drove home from Bonham after the car show with the top down. I'm really loving it.

    James McDermott w WR

    (WR) Thank you again for your selfless service to our country, for your valued business and we wish you many miles of safe Top Down Driving!
    The WindRestrictor® Family


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  • Fastest Cars In The World

    The WindRestrictor® blog tells car stories. But, we've neglected one aspect of the automotive industry that everybody talks about...Who makes the fastest cars. Let's be honest, nobody is at lunch in high school talking about what car has the best gas mileage. Everybody wants to know what hot rod wins off the line.

    NASCAR and automotive racing in general, is watched worldwide by millions. There's a primitive side of us that wants to know at what speed will our chariot carry us from point a to point b. In this post we'll look at the cream of the crop. Who in fact is the fastest and what will these vehicles set you back. Spoiler, most of these cars are the cost of a nice sized house in a great neighborhood. But, since its fun to dream...Let's get into it!

    10. Noble M600


    Starting out list at number ten is the Noble M600. The M600 has a top speed of 225. More than enough to get you where you need to be in record time. It can get to 60 mph in three seconds and will set you back a whopping $520,000. If you want this British super car, you're going to pay a hefty fee.

    9. Zenvo ST1


    Zenvo ST1 goes even faster than our last pick at 233 mph. Where is the Zenvo manufactured? Denmark of all places. How much do they cost? 1.8 million. That's right, you have to be a millionaire twice over to even attempt to buy one. This expensive vehicle is more than just a speed machine, it's a unique status symbol.

    8. Pagani Huayra BC


    Pagani Huayra BC is in at eight with 238 mph for a top speed. A fine looking vehicle, it pushes a mind-blowing 789 hp. Italian automakers have long been producers of awesome autos, and the Huayra BC certainly stays true to the lineage. You pay for more speed though, try 2.5 million dollars. That's more than a nominal fee for a top-notch speedster.

    7. McLaren F1


    McLaren was known for years in the F1 scene, so it's no surprise they built an automobile that kicks most other's tails in the speed world. How fast? Very. It has a speed of 241 mph. How costly? They were tagged at $600,000 but have gone for as high as twelve million dollars. I can't even fathom that! You could dang near buy every other car on this list for that much. But, you can't get mad at a company for selling something some people are obviously buying. Bravo, McLaren.

    6. Koenigsegg CCR


    The CCR was for a time the fastest car in the world. It still isn't something to sneeze at with a top speed of 242 mph. When you think of super fast cars you don't usually think of Sweden. However, those crafty Swedes certainly made their mark with this high-end masterpiece. The latest version carries a price of five million dollars. While WAY more expensive than most can spend, it's a bit of a bargain in the world of automotive wonders.

    5. Saleen S7 Twin Turbo


    Will an American super speed dynamo make our list? Look no further than the Saleen S7 Twin Turbo. One of the quickest of quick rides, it tops out at 248 mph. It's good to see the good ole' USA to add such a marvel to its line of classic vehicles. Best part about this amazing vehicle is you can get one for under a million dollars! At 750,000 dollars this is the best dollar for speed value.

    4. SSC Ultimate Aero


    Ladies and gentleman another American car has made our esteemed list. The SSC Ultimate Aero comes in at number four with a speed of 256 mph. Shelby Supercars (nothing to do with Carroll Shelby) produced these high engineered rides at a cost of $750,000 another great deal on fast wheels!

    3. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport


    I have a sneaky suspicion that the whole "speed for value" thing is about to come to a wheel burning, screeching halt. This is the Bugatti Veyron. Not only a super-sick looking ride, it stops at 268 mph. But, rappers don't drop the name Bugatti because it's a great car for a reasonable price. You're look at 2.6 million dollars. If you want the heat, you're paying for it here.

    2. Bugatti Chiron


    Another Bugatti comes in at number 2, the Chiron. The Bugatti Chiron tops out at 261 mph. The insane speed goes with a sleek body style that Bugatti is known for. How much will it cost? Are you ready? How about 2,700,000 dollars? The expense comes with a lot. Prestige, speed, and awe are included. I suppose they better be for almost 3,000,000 USD.

    1. Hennessey Venom GT


    Every list must have a number one, and on ours the king of speed is the Hennessy Venom GT at a top speed of 270 mph. How long do you think it will take for cars to top 300? It isn't far off for sure. This ruler of the roost costs 1.2 million dollars. So, not the most expensive by far. Way more than the average driver can pay however. Then again, this car is far from average. We salute you Venom GT, the ruler of rev is you!

    Rest Of The Best


    There's a few more contenders that are worthy, but didn't quite make the top ten. I'll name then and their top speeds.

    Apollo Arrow 223 mph

    Lamborghini Veneno 221 mph

    Aston Martin One-77 220 mph

    Jaguar XJ220 217 mph

    McLaren P1 217 mph

    Ferrari LaFerrari 217 mph

    Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 217 mph

    Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 211 mph

    Porsche 918 Spyder 210 mph

    Ferrari GTC4Lusso 208 mph

    Wrapping It Right!


    Thanks to everyone for checking out yet another WindRestrictor® blog post. If you own one of these fine vehicles check out our Universal Glowplates, Universal Door Sills, and our Puddle Lights. We also make models for Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, Skys, Solstices, Cadillac XLRs, Chrysler Crossfires, Mercedes-Benz SLKs, BMW Z4s, Jaguar F-Types, Porsche Boxsters, Honda S2000s, Mazda Miatas, and Polaris Slingshots.

    To order with us simply click here. You'll save 5% by using code Paul5.  Please, feel free to email me with any and all inquiries. is the way to get in touch with me.

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  • Tuners and WindRestrictors®

    WindRestrictor® is a company based on the modification of your finer vehicles. Naturally, we try to keep up on the current trends, and I for one have long been a fan of tuners, and more specifically the import scene.

    We do make wind blockers/wind deflectors for two of the most popular tuned imports around, Honda S2000s and Miatas. I'd like to take some time to talk about the Miata and the Honda S2000's history and the history of import tuners in general.

    Tuner History


    Tuners have become increasingly popular due to the film franchise, " The Fast and the Furious". This movie franchise has been one of the highest grossing franchises in the history of motion pictures. With a worldwide gross of over five billion dollars. But, tuners have been around a long time before this or any move franchise.

    Car modding itself became heavy in the USA in the 1950s and 1960s. Drag racing hot rods was a popular past time. Making them faster and cooler grew to be just as popular. They were running quarter-miles in Southern California. How many cool things came out of California? Its almost not fair!

    Years later, in the same region, Japanese vehicles started gaining in popularity. Hondas, Mazdas, Toyotas, and Datsuns (later Nissans) were all the rage. Young Asian-Americans led the street racing charge and the popularity was spreading throughout the region.

    The same as the 1950s, more and more drivers were modifying their cars for an edge in the high speed racing. Later, cosmetic changes as well. Things like eccentric paint jobs and hood scoops became more and more common. The vehicles started looking like something out of a science fiction movie. Forget race cars, they started looking like spaceships.

    American racing crews started popping up as the fever spread. As did pink-slip racing and crews getting into physical altercations. Whenever you have speed and testosterone present, things can tend to get wild.

    The mainstream started catching on and pretty soon tuned out imports were appearing in television and movies. The craze was official when in 1995 a Manga series popped up that later developed into anime called Initial D. The Japanese who manufactured the cars that started the craze, took notice and paid homage in an original Japanese form of art. The circle from Asia to North America went back overseas.

    Naturally, American and Japanese companies started making accessories for this booming community. WindRestrictor® saw the rapid expansion and decided we'd produce models for the two of the most famous tuner cars. The Honda S2000 and the Mazda Miata.

    Honda S2000


    Honda has long been a leader in the auto, motorcycle, and recreational vehicle industry in the United States. Their Goldwing cycle is a brisk seller world wide, as are their CR-V SUVs and the Civic. As you can probably imagine, such a popular brand certainly has its hand in the burgeoning tuner end of the automotive industry.

    Honda's famous roadster had a ten year run from 1999 until 2009. It was first shown as a concept car at the world famous Toyko Auto Show in 1995. Many variation appeared at several auto shows for years to come. The S2K was finally officially launched on the 50th anniversary of Honda.

    It went through several variations during its run, and was heavily modded out almost immediately by the tuner community. Japanese racers liked the sleek design and the horsepower packed into such a small compact frame. The dollars per horsepower ratio is very hard to match.

    Like many models, the automotive crisis put an end to production of this one-of-a-kind roadster. However, there's still many on the road. Tricked out and fast as hell. Suffice it to say, the S2000 is a classic tuner car. A combination of speed and looks that'll be hard to replicaate in the future.

    Mazda Miata


    If we're talking about classic imported roadsters ready for tuning, the Mazda Miata (aka the Mx5) need to be in any conversation. Still in production today, you can't find many vehicles with the cult following of this imported classic.

    Miata fans are rabid and LOVE to modify their vehicle. I've personally seen a cow spotted Mx5 with a made-to-order license plate that said, "MOOATA". The tuner community is no exception to the rabid rule either. They turn Miatas into jets from the future in look and performance.

    The Miata was first produced in 1989. The name MX5 literally means Mazda Experiment 5. Designed at a time when roadsters were starting to go the way of the dinosaur, this light-bodied reasonably priced convertible was a major hit from its debut.

    Now four generations in, you see still several on the road or at the midnight races. Production has slowed down from its peak but overall one million plus Miatas have been sold during its nearly thirty year history. Making it one of the most sold car models in all of history. A very prestigious accomplishment for a vehicle considered to be an experiment.

    Your Tuner


    Do you have one of the many tuners not listed here? No, problem. We realize there's many more than two kinds of tuners on the road. We now have a Universal Glowplate that fits several types of cars. Customizable to your specifications, you can etch the name of your team, group, or car model and have it shine through the night from your window.

    If just a Glowplate wasn't enough, get a matching set of Illuminated Door Sills (full personalization available here too) to finish off the look. But, we don't stop there! We also have Illuminated Wheel Rings AND Puddle Lights. We're ready to serve you with more options than ever before!

    Wrapping It Up/Rolling It Up



    A big thank you to everyone who as been following our blog posts. If you have any additions, corrections, additional facts, or just want to say hello, please email me! is my email address and don't hesitate to hit me up! Interested in our products? Click here to order and save 5% using the code Paul5. 

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  • Ten Most Viewed Automotive Sites

    WindRestrictor® has met a lot of our great customers in person at auto shows across the nation, some have also come to visit us at our facilities in Dallas,Tx for an installation, a sale, or just to say hello. However, by a large margin, most of our sales and interactions have been on the web.

    The internet has made the world a lot smaller. Without the use of forums and social media, speaking to people in Germany about etching, or Australia concerning the right illumination for their particular paint job might not be a possibility.

    Naturally, there's thousands (maybe millions) of websites devoted to automotive sales, accessory sales, devotion to a make or model etc. Allow me to take this time to present to you the cream of the crop when car-related websites are discussed. I must admit after researching, I didn't expect the top spot to be what it was.

    10. MotorTrend


    MotorTrend first became a magazine in September of 1949. That means as a company they've been around for 65+ years. While some companies withered away with the internet age, MotorTrend's coverage of car news expanded with its website. While the ten spot is nothing to sneeze at, I expected it to be higher. It gets a total of 4,000,000 unique views every month.

    9. CarMax


    Are you buying or selling a car? Well, look no further than one of the biggest websites on the planet, Carmax. Carmax is the United States's biggest seller of used cars. Being on that pedestal in a nation that burns the second most fossil fuels globally is quite a feat. Carmax joins the list with a very strong 4,500,000 unique views monthly.  With numbers like that, how could it not be the biggest used auto seller?

    8. Jalopnik 


    Jalopnik is an automotive blog known for its loyal following and its brilliant off-the-wall writers. How off-the-wall? Some of the topics from their latest updates include; " This Tiny Plastic Car Has No Reverse Gear But Can Do Backwards Donuts Anyway" and "Toyota Invested $350,000 Into A Flying Car That's Actually A Drone". If you want "different" in your car websites, this is the place for you. They get number eight with a solid 5,000,000 unique views monthly.

    7. CarGurus


    CarGurus is a rather young company that's only been around since 2006. For it to come in at number seven is quite a feat indeed! 'Gurus is sort of a combination site with research, used cars, new cars, values and even a questions section for people who need specific information. It finds its place in our countdown with 5,250,000 unique monthly views.

    6. AutoBlog


    AutoBlog is our highest blog on the list coming in at an impressive number six. To think blogs have only been a "thing" since the late 90s, they're now two of the most visited automotive sites on the internet. Now owned by internet pioneer AOL, AutoBlog continues to crank out content with a readership of 5,500,000 unique monthly views. Expect some of the finest writing and articles on this, the king of car blog views.

    5. Edmunds


    A treasure trove of information on used and new cars, Edmunds comes in at number fire on our top ten list. Edmunds started out as a publication in 1966. Moving from CD-Rom and now unto the worldwide web, it garners 14,000,000 unique views a month. That's quite a jump from six to five! With the amount of information and first-class content, the amount of viewers makes perfect sense.

    4. Cars.Com


    Truth be told, this would've been my pick for number one if I was a betting man. has the most coveted website addresses in existence, and I'd think this alone would make it a lock for the top five. Just this address is probably worth more than $1,000,000. It carries quite hefty expectations, and Cars delivers with information about cars for sales, specs, reviews, and repairs. It has a unique viewership of 14,500,000 a month.

    3. Kelley Blue Book


    Want to know how much your 1995 Ford Mustang is worth? Kelley Blue Book was first published in 1926 (over ninety years ago) and grown to be the go to guide for automotive prices since. Now owned by AutoTrader, their website comes in at 15,000,000 unique views. Their transition to online happened in 1995 and continued its strong tradition in automotive pricing excellence still carried on today. Speaking of AutoTrader...

    2. AutoTrader


    Owning the number company on our list wasn't enough, AutoTrader comes in at number two as well. This British online automotive powerhouse has sections for buying, selling, trading, research and reviews, finding local dealers, loans and even insurance. Can you say one stop shop? It comes in with 15,500,000 unique views a month. Combined with Kelley Blue Book, that's over 30,000,000 unique views a month. To say they're doing a good job at cornering the market is a massive understatement.

    1. Yahoo Autos


    I literally had no idea. But, it makes a lot of sense. Yahoo! has been an internet juggernaut for about as long as I knew what the internet was. Having a an automotive news portion paper-clipped to the number six site on all of the web is hard to top. I'll also be the first to admit that the articles are top notch. It comes in at the number one position with 25,000,000 unique views. When you say Yahoo!, apparently people still listen.

    Wrapping It Up Again


    Thanks to everyone for reading this and all of our blog posts. If you have any comments, criticisms, suggestions, you can always email me! I'm . I'm always open to hearing from WindRestrictor® friends and family.

    Do you like our products? You can save 5%! Just click here and use the code Paul5 for your savings. Remember we make models for several types of vehicles. Corvette, Camaro, Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky, OpelGT, Daewoo, Cadillac XLR, Mustang, Chrysler Crossfire, Mercedes-Benz SLK, BMW Z4, Jaguar F-Type, Mini Cooper, Honda S2000, and Mazda Miata. Don't see your car on this list? No problem! We sell a Universal Glow Plate, Universal Door Sills, Illuminated Wheel Rings, and Puddle Lights!

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  • Top Sellers 2017...So Far

    WindRestrictor® is a company that makes its money off of motorized vehicles. Convertibles, coupes, foreign and domestic. Heck, now even motorcycles! It of course is of special interest to us to see what cars are moving the needle as far as sales go.

    The list I'm going to show is only a few weeks old, so it give a pretty accurate portrait of what's going on right now in the automotive world. Notice how cars overall are on the decline (which has been the case for a while now), while trucks and SUVs are selling robustly.

    While we don't have vehicles on this blog post you'll see on our list of models we produce for, remember we have a Universal Glowplate, Universal Door Sills, puddle lights, and Illuminated Wheel Rings that will fit many different types of vehicles. Let's check out the hottest sellers.

    1) Ford F-Series P/U


    The Ford F-Series is once again the leader of the pack in 2017. While falling a little bit behind (down -0.2), the F-Series is still selling well with a total of 70,657 sold. Ford F-Series was also the best selling vehicles in 2016. It seems its momentum isn't slowing down anytime soon. With great models like the one pictured above (Ford F-250 Super Duty), the rest of the pack sure have some catching up to do.

    2) Ram P/U


    Coming in at number two are Ram Pick Ups. The Ram is still a good way off from our number one with 43,321 units sold. Although, it had a respectable sales increase of +7.6. Nothing to sneeze at. Chrysler is certainly happy with this fine truck, but I can't help but think major changes are on the way to solidly challenge for for the number one spot.

    3) Chevy Silverado C/K P/U


    Some good news for American automakers, the third vehicle on our list is also a member of the big three US auto manufacturers like the first two. The Chevy Silverado comes in at number three with a total of 40,154 units sold. Not too far from number two. It seems the fight between two and three is much closer than the race between one and two. Making it very possible for the Silverdo to move up a spot before the year's end.

    4) Honda CR-V


    Our first imported vehicle, as well as our first SUV, is the Honda CR-V. The CR-V came in with a sales total of 32,671. While a pretty distant third, it posted a sales increase of +13.0. Not coming in first hurts a lot less when you're putting up numbers better than the year before. Bravo, Honda.

    5) Toyota RAV4


    Another foreign built SUV rounds out our number five spot, the Toyota RAV4. The RAV4 sold 31,757 units which is behind our number four by less than 1,000 units. As you'll look at the next few posts, you'll notice its a tight race for the middle spots. Like the CR-V, the RAV4 had a sales gain from last year at this time of +5.3.

    6) Toyota Camry


    Another Toyota comes in at number 6, the Camry. The Camry sales were very close to the RAV4 sales with 31,428 units sold. While having two vehicles so high up on the list is something Toyota should certainly be happy about, their sales loss of -7.27 is disappointing to say the least. This follows the trend of Americans moving away from cars to trucks and SUVs.

    7) Honda Civic


    The Honda Civic shows up at the seven spot, also being our second import car in our list. Does anyone buy American cars anymore? The Civic is a long running model in the Honda stable and it sold 31,211 units. That's only a few hundred less than our number six, but still not the tightest race in our list. Also, like the next spot before it, it didn't sell as well as last year. It slipped to a -11.7 sales loss.

    8) Toyota Corolla


    The Toyota Corolla is our 8th car and the third car Toyota has on the list. If you can't take 1, 2, or 3, taking 5, 6 and 8 isn't a bad consolation prize. The Corolla was also very close to taking the 7th spot with 31,104 cars sold. The 7 to 8 race was only separated by a little over 100 vehicles. That's officially the smallest margin between two spots on our list.

    9) Nissan Rogue


    The SUVs have reentered the list with the Nissan Rogue at nine. It's Nissan's first entry into our list with 27,386 units sold. Decent numbers, but what's more encouraging is the +18.2 percent sales increase from '16. If you have to have one vehicle in the top ten, make sure its one on the rise.

    10) Honda Accord


    Our last entrant into the top 10 is the Honda Accord. The Honda entered its second car into the countdown with 26,938 units sold. While having two in the top ten is a good thing, their sales loss of -14.6 is not. The auto industry giveth and taketh away.

    All The Rest


    Let's end the blog with numbers eleven through twenty. While I won't highlight every model like one through ten, I'll list their number, units sold (first from '17 and then from '16) and gain or loss percentage.

    Here they are:

    11. Ford Escape 25,637 23,920 +7.2

    12. Chevrolet Cruze 21,317 14,153 +50.6 (what an impressive gain from 2016!)

    13. Chevrolet Equinox 20,655 20,607 +0.2

    14. Nissan Altima 20,263 28,484 -28.9 (pretty disappointing loss)

    15. Nissan Sentra 20,255 19,145 +5.8

    16. Ford Explorer 19,771 20,283 -2.5

    17. Jeep Grand Cherokee 18,877 17,768 +6.2

    18. Jeep Wrangler 18,841 18,840 +0.0

    19. Toyota Highlander 17,981 15,037 +19.6

    20.  GMC Sierra 17,400 20,531 -15.3

    This list speaks volumes (really tells the whole story of cars in America right now). American trucks rules, American cars drool, and imports run the SUV game. Here's to hoping competition makes for better vehicles for all involved. The U.S. consumer wins!

     Another Wrap


    Thank you all so much for reading another blog post. I'd like to thank the knowledgeable journalists at Reuters  for the interesting data I used to compile this particular post. If you have any suggestions, corrections, addition, or just want to say hello, email me! I'm . Also, remember you can always receive a discount on any of our products. Just click here and use Paul5 sales code upon check out to get five percent off.

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    Thanks for reading!




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  • WindRestrictor® TV

    Like other major company, WindRestrictor® has a Youtube channel with loads of uploads throughout the years. Our makes, models, customers, and even installation instructions are all available online: .

    In this blog post I'd like to show a summary of videos we have available on our channel, and give a brief description of each video shown. Let's check out our gallery of videos!

    *WindRestrictor® TV Gallery*

    Pontiac Solstice Custom Windrestrictor®

    This is our very first video showing off our first model for the Pontiac Solstice. As you can tell later on, our editing and ability to shoot videos has come a very long way. It does do a great job of showing off the product and its capabilities, which is what we wanted.

    Accessories For WindRestrictor®

    Our next video is also a five year old video and highlights our accessories. Our accessories are a very big part of what we do in our company. We take a lot of pride in our buyer's ability to customize our product to your heart's content. Some of those options are pointed out here.

    WindRestrictor® Custom Crossfire Illuminated Lighted Door Sills

    Uh, oh...Our videographer edited in some EDM to show off our unique lighted door sills. Our door sills are lighted and looking good in this particular Youtube video. This video shows different perspectives of our kick plates and some examples of designs. If you needed that special modification to match your new illuminated wind blocker/wind deflector, this is for you.

    Lighted Windrestrictor® for BMW Z4

    We were really pleased to show off our new design for the BMW Z4. We kept the mood going with some great electronic music to show case this accessory for the Euro roadster. It became the "it car" because of the James Bond movie out around the same time of production. Making a classic accessory was only fitting for this imported beauty.

    WindRestrictor's® Edge Lit Artwork Exclusive Preview

    Don't have a convertible or coupe that is one of our models covered? Can't fit that Universal Glowplate into your mom's Pinto? No problem! This video shows off our Edge-Lit Art. Edge-Lit Art is one of a kind classics for your home or garage. Just like our wind blockers/wind deflectors, we laser YOUR design into a classic illuminated piece. Don't think we don't include everyone!

    Camaro SS The eagle has landed - CUSTOM Windrestrictor®

    This is our proud announcement of our newest product for the Camaro SS. Camaro is an American legend in the automotive field and we were excited to make our modification available for it. You can see our pride in America throughout the video. Something we're never afraid to mention.

    WindRestrictor®: Honda S2000 New Windscreen Design

    Like we mentioned we take a lot of pride in being from the U.S.A. However, we have a lot of love for our imported models. We were stoked to show off our model for the S2000. The tuner crowd is huge, and we were happy to give one more reason to pimp out a Honda S2K!

    WindRestrictor®:XLR Event San Antonio!

    While many companies just hang out in their office hoping for more sales, we're out there shaking hands with our great customers. That handsome devil in the beginning is our CEO Steve. Steve was more than happy to meet Cadillac XLR owners from all around country in San Antonio. It was more than worth the drive. This was the first of our videos from four years ago.

    WindRestrictor®: Personalize your Corvette and reduce wind turbulence!

    A big part of our company is our service to Corvette customers. We're proud to make models for the C5, C6, and C7. Being GM certified gives you the option of going with an official 'Vette logo or one of your own creation. Heck, some people combine the too. Our own Ashli does a great job of showing the benefit of our products here.

    Mazda Miata Mx5 lighted Windrestrictor®

    This is our first Mazda Miata wind blocker/wind deflector we produced and marketed and we were thrilled with the response! Our latest version for the MX5 has been a great seller for us as well, so you can say Mazda customers have shown us a lot of love!

    New Mustang Windscreen Lighted Windblocker Innovative Wind Deflector Official Licensed Product Ford

    Wanting to be a company that brings people together, we felt we absolutely had to make a 'blocker for Ford Mustang as well. Imagine us only being certified by GM and NOT Ford? Can you say civil war? We are happy to bring you official Ford logos and of course you have the option to create your own and/or combine! I think I speak for all of us when I say this was a huge moment for our company!

    Mini Cooper Roadster NEW Accessory Lighted wind deflector Windrestrictor® With Graphics!

    Skipping back across the pond, we were excited to start producing products for the fabulous Mini Cooper. Mini fans are some of the most loyal to their brand, and we knew they'd love a WindRestrictor® brand set of products just for them. After creation we put out advertisements concerning our new creation, and have been thrilled with the response. The Mini is a fun little vehicle and now they have the perfect accessory!

    WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand Deflector for CORVETTE Review

    When I said we go on the road and shake hands we mean it! This is our resident interviewer Ashli with some happy customers. I can speak for all of us when I say we're people people. We like to shake hands and have some laughs with our buyers. If you ever see our booth at your car show, come by and see us. We'd love to meet you.

    Wind deflector installation for Jaguar F-Type Windrestrictor® Brand Restrictor

    When you have WindRestrictor® brand products for Euro heavies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Mini Cooper...Leaving out Jaguar would be a sin. The F-Type is a luxury sports car that's in a class all its own. They look great off the line, but unbelievable with our wind deflectors!

    Lighted wind deflector for Polaris Slingshot installed with V Back Top WindRestrictor®

    We're proud to say we've made accessories available for some of the finest convertibles and coupes. So why not add motorcycles to the mix? When we saw the demand for Polaris Slingshots, we had to move forward for this mod-loving group of motorcycle enthusiasts. Some of our most innovative designs and creative graphics have come to fruition for these awesome trikes!

    WR Crew on the way to show in Vegas!

    You can see our seriousness about customer satisfaction and quality in all of our products. Let's face it though, you can't be serious all the time. Sometimes, we have to cut loose! This was on our way to the 50th anniversary of Mustang event in Las Vegas. We had a great time, moved some products, and met great dealers and customers!


    So, here we are in 2017! We spotlighted a great customer and was happy to do so. That title means so much more to me though. We've come so far from a company that made a specialty product for Solstice and Sky to an industry leader with customers all around the world. What a trip its been, and I'm glad I've gotten a front row seat to some of WindRestrictor's® greatest moments.

    Wrapping It Up!

    Thanks to everyone for checking out another blog! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Use to get in touch with me. Would you like to purchase one of our products? Click here and use the code Paul5 to save 5% on our products.   

    Remember if you don't see your car in our list we have a Universal Glowplate, Universal Illuminated Door Sills, Illuminated Wheel Rings, and puddle lights. There's something there for all car lovers!

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  • Art Cars!

    At WindRestrictor® we often talk about how we turn your car into art or how your convertible will be the star of your car show. While we believe we prove what we say, there's a few people out there who really go the extra mile.

    Some folks fight over Mustang versus Camaro, BMW versus Mercedes-Benz, or Honda versus Mazda. However, there's some who battle about who has the most outrageous ideas when dressing up their vehicle. Should I use antlers or bull horns for my hood ornament? Would army men or action figures look better on the trunk? Should the roof be layered with beads or fake gems?

    In this installment of our blog I'd like to point out some of the most outrageous rolling museums you can see at car shows, parades, or just driving down a busy street. Whether you're a domestic Corvette driver or a foreign Jaguar owner, everyone loves a good freak show on wheels! Let's get to the art cars!

    Swamp Mutha


    Our first contestant is a marsh flavored sedan from Texas, Swamp Mutha. The paint job recreates the swamp so much, you can almost feel the mud in your toes from standing close to it. Also, how can you not respect plastic ducks, rabbits, and alligators? This is an owner who went all out to make you feel like you're in Cajun country.



    This is the Vochol. The Vochol is about as artistic as you can get when it comes to cars and beads. How many beads? How about over 2.5 million beads? The craftsmanship behind this endeavor is on par with other Huichol art you'll see throughout the Americas among native people. Whatever the original reason for this project, rest assured that a very talented and patient person was behind making this modern marvel.



    Hearses by themselves can be frightening vehicles. Now take the most seen car in horror movies and add a Gothic Church replica on the back? That's exactly what you get with Cathedral. This thriller on rubber was built by artist Rebecca Caldwell. Most crazy body jobs are done by 250lb men in a greasy garage somewhere. Rebecca shows that women can get just as outrageous (and frightening) as any big dude with a wrench.



    Let's stay on the subject of scary, shall we? This giant skull shaped vehicle will more than get your attention. Metacarskull is the creation of member of the Texas Wheelbarrow Association. This proves that Texans love crazy vehicle creations, and people in their wheelbarrow association have far too much time on their hands! Whatever the case, cool creation for sure.



    Have any of you seen a Mad Max movie? Because this certainly looks like something out of that series of films. Vanadu is the brainchild of Clark Bedforde. Clark easily wins best hood ornament, a small statue of English poet John Milton. If you're decorating the front of your car, how do you top that?



    That's Antti Rahko next to his interesting creation, Finnjett. Finjett is an old Mercedes-Benz limousine with a quite a bit added to it. For starters seven rear-view mirrors! Which I suppose is necessary with the added ton or so to this classic vehicle. Antti is a big believer in auto shows and parades so you might have a chance to see the fabled Finnjett in person!

    OWL'ways in the ARTISTIC FRAME of Mind


    Okay, I need to start off by saying kids these days do not know how good they have it. This colossus of frames was put together by Lovett Elementary Visual Arts Program, teacher Rickey Polidore Jr.  That's right, an elementary art school teacher. When I was in elementary school we were Elmer's gluing pictures of our family to construction paper. That's what passed as art. Needless to say the Lovett students are way luckier than I ever was.

    Yoda Head


    How can you not be impressed by a car called the Yoda Head? Possibly more impressive, its a daily driver. Kimi Baintner took her love of Star Wars to a whole new level. Sure, some people dress up like Darth Vader during premieres of Star Wars films. But, turning your Nissan Versa into the head of everyone's favorite green Jedi? That's next level, Kimi. I hail you Queen Nerda the first!

    The Beastie Croonie-Kerploppus-Yalapapus


    Okay...Once again...These spoiled kids these days. Yet, another car by a teacher and their class. The Beastie Croonie-Kerploppus-Yalapapus was built by teacher Julon Pinkston and the kids at Frank Black Middle School. This aquatic looking vehicle is a one-of-a-kind car and these children have no idea how lucky they are to have a teacher like Julon. I jest about how lucky they are, but love the creativity shown here.

    Love 23


    That's Kathleen Pearson next to one of the sassiest wagon's on the road, the Love 23. Where do I start? I see flowers, fruit, smiley faces and tons of colorful plastic pieces that I can't make heads or tails of. But, that's not to insult Ms. Pearson. The patience shown and the color scheme planning are both monumental feats. Quite a look for what was the soccer mom's car of choice before SUVs were a thing.

    Char Car


    This being the final car highlighted, I wanted to finish big. The Char Car is definitely that. Very big. This monstrous iron demon was created by artist Mark "Scrapdaddy" Bradford. Looking at this vehicle, you can see how he got his name. What an immaculate sculpture and a head turning vehicle. Bravo Mark!

    Wrapping It Up!


    Thank you all for reading another blog post by yours truly. Remember, you can always email me with corrections, tips or just to say hello: . I invite everyone to hit me up when/if they feel up to it.

    Remember, we make wind blockers/wind deflectors for tons of different vehicles! Corvette, Camaro, Chrysler Crossfire, Mustang, Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, Daewoo, Opel GT, Cadillac XLR, Mercedes-Benz SLK, BMW Z4, Jaguar F-Type, Porsche Boxster, Mazda Miata, Honda S2000, and even for the Polaris Slingshot! Don't see your vehicle? No problem! We now have a Universal Glowplate that fits many modern cars.

    To order simply click here. Use code Paul5 and receive 5% off.

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