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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • TRENDING: Mods & Money

    Yes, they're out there... but honestly I can count on one hand my friends whose hearts desire is to keep their vehicle stock.

    I can also count on one hand my friends whose husband or wife doesn't give a classic "You MUST be joking" look as a response to their most recent research on new additions!

    Car parts meme

    Fortunately, WE HAVE THE ANSWER!

    -Love custom automotive accessories?
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    Sign up to become a sales affiliate and earn commissions for sharing our products with your network!

    It is free to join, and you can begin making sales in about 5 minutes by sharing your unique promotion code and/or website link.

    King Penn Industries, Inc. is home of the patented WindRestrictor® brand.

    KPI is an automotive accessory company started by a motivated young founder, Robert King Pennington, who was on a mission to change the wind blocking market.

    Our mission is to share our innovative products with every car enthusiast around the world, convertible and coupe alike.

    Our corporate office is located in Dallas, TX. We have created a strong foundation and are now the cutting-edge leader in the convertible wind-blocking industry. We are a fast-paced, fun-loving team dedicated to building the vision of our late founder.

    We are looking for motivated car enthusiasts to help us accomplish our current growth and long-term goals as we bring new products to market.

    Whether you’re looking to earn a few dollars in free product for your own vehicle or perhaps it’s time to jump in and create a full-time opportunity for yourself, we are excited that you found us.

    If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, let’s talk.

    Read more & sign up here -->

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  • Celebs and Corvettes

    WindRestrictor® is proudly GM licensed. When you have official legal permission to manufacture products for their amazing line of vehicles, why wouldn't you crank out products for the legendary Corvette!?!

    In this edition we look at some famous stars and their Vettes! Its a marriage made in Hollywood and General Motors manufacturing centers across the world. You'll notice Corvettes from across the board, classic to brand spanking new. Let's check out who's riding what!

    Jay Leno


    Can I make a famous people and cars post without mentioning Jay Leno? It seems that Leno owns every legendary vehicle ever created almost. So, why would he not own a stable of Vettes?

    A '63 Stingray, a Z06, and a ZR1 are among the vehicles in his collection. Who knows if it ends there though? Jay is such an avid collector he might have three more before I end this blog post.

    Bob Weir


    Another '63 Corvette Stingray owner is the legendary Grateful Dead member, guitarist Bob Weir.  When not writing psychedelic melodies Weir likes taking his '63 out for cruises around his palatial estate. A musician who is nearly 70 years old, he's still living the life of sold out shows and hot convertibles.

    Greg Allman


    One more spry young musician driving around in a Vette is none other than Greg Allman. This pioneer of Southern Rock is shown here right next to his drop-top C6. Another musician pushing nearly 70, Greg shows you're never too young to enjoy a great roadster whipping around your hair in the wind.



    So, it seems like the youngest guy on the list so far, might have the oldest car. That's Will-I-Am, the architect behind the hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas. Right next to will is a custom C1. Mixing classic and brand new, his Corvette is said to even have a dock for his I-Pad! Being a hit producer certainly has its advantages.

    Sir Paul McCartney


    There's the famous Beetle turned British Knight in his custom C5. Paul could probably buy a large chunk of General Motors with all the dough he's raked in from penning some of the most famous songs in music history. Its nice to see him enjoying a sports car owned by mere mortals like ourselves.

    Randy Savage


    There's the Macho Man in his very macho ride, a bright yellow C4. Randy tragically passed a few years back and is missed by professional wrestling fans the world over. It only made sense that the man who loved glitz and excitement owned one of the most showy, exciting cars anywhere, a Vette! Randy is gone, but never forgotten.

    Ian Ziering


    Ian is known in the past for the teen drama Beverly Hills 90210. More recently he's know for the legendary cinematic classic, Sharknado. When not battling flying sea creatures or breaking the heart of young actresses Ian rips up California streets in jet black C7 Stingray. You need something fast when trying to outrun the fame Sharknado has brought him!

    Ming Na-Wen


    Okay, I'll admit I have a bit of a crush on Ming. Ming in my estimation is the loveliest woman over 50 in Hollywood. You read that right, she's 53 years old! This beauty drives a beauty too, a C7 Stingray that's fire engine red. How lucky is her husband?  Something lovely in the garage AND in the house!

    George Clooney


    This famous actor has been is some classic movies and likes his cars the same way. George Clooney is driving a '58 V-8 C1 convertible, one of the many toys of this Academy Award nominated actor. Besides being in several big bank films, George is famous for his relationships with a load of Hollywood starlets. It only makes sense that this bad boy would want to be seen with another beauty, his antique Corvette!



    Okay, I'm about to give away my age here. When I was younger, nothing was bigger than Guns N' Roses. Sure, Axl's screeching and temper tantrums garnered some headlines, but Slash's high powered lead guitar is what drove all those classic melodies. Slash is here with a 1966 Stingray and a classic Les Paul guitar. Off the top of my head, I can't think of two objects that would make such a cool guy look even cooler.

    Guy Fierri


    Famous TV chef Guy Fierri is known for his insane cooking skills and his crazy style. Guy is seen here with his yellow and black '07 C6 convertible. Guy is ripping up the roads,  while fattening America. He might have an up-in-your-face personality, but seems like genuinely down-to-earth guy. Good to see the good guys win one, then take off into the night in the ultimate wagon.

    Sylvester Stallone


    Yo, Adriiiiiiiiiiiiiian! Sly Stallone is known the world over for some butt-kicking action and some finely acted dramatic scenes. Sometimes, in the same movie. Sly can kick butt on the road too, with this heavily modded '68 C3. The Corvette is rumored to have 660 hp, vintage a/c, and a custom roll bar among several other goodies. Being a famous actor for almost forty years definitely has its perks!

    Holly Madison


    Being Hugh Hefner's ex certainly has its advantages! Holly Madison's C1 is a dead ringer for George Clooney's Vette down to the paint job. Holly Madison has one beautiful modification that Clooney doesn't have however, Holly herself! No, accessory says sexy like Ms. Madison. Take that West Coast Customs!

    Bruce Willis


    Closing out the stars for this blog is none other than Mr. Diehard, Bruce Willis. Bruce is looking menacingly from his 1967 C2. The star of over 50 hit films can certainly afford such a fine automotive antique. Bruce is about to star in a remake of the Charles Bronson film, "Death Wish". Yet, another classic Bruce will have his hands on.

    Wrapping Another One


    Thanks for reading our latest blog post! Like always, if you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions...Keep them to yourself! Write your own blog! Just kidding! Email . Interested in our products for your Corvette or any car sexy enough for a WindRestrictor®? Simply click this sentence and use the code Paul5 to save 5% on your purchase. 

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  • Pimp My Miata!

    The Mazda Miata MX-5 is well known in the tuner community as being a go to vehicle. We at WindRestrictor® recognized this and decided it would only be fitting to update our current Miata model for 2017.

    In this blog post I'd like to point out some of the more eccentric and cool styles that have been altered, modified, and/or "pimped" by proud Mazda owners. I promise this will be entertaining. There's little more stylish than an imaginative Miata owner! Let's see what people have come up...



    Cow spots? Why not? This owner mixed his love for Miatas with his affinity for Cows. Other people just see cattle as potential hamburgers, but this owner sought to turn their skin into a perfect idea for design.

    Will it be a definite winner in the next big automotive show? Maybe, not. Is it creative and a lot of fun though? Absolutely so!

    Miata Monster


    A little more aggressive than the cow, this Mx-5 monster looks like it could attack at any moment! The redish-orange lighting really shows off the "eyes" and "teeth" of this scary predator tuner.

    Again showing how creative Miata owners can be, this person had an idea that would be perfect on a Halloween car show. Not bad for an owner of a "cute" little convertible roadster.

    Off Roadin'


    Leave it to the guys from Top Gear to turn a Miata into a vehicle fit for a field of wet mud! This Mazda got jacked up and was made off-road ready by the innovative show's hosts.

    Not sure how the episode ended, but I'd think that fun was had by the episode's presenters as well as the fans at home. It just goes to show that Mx-5s can be at home as much in the mud, as tearing up a highway.

    Double 0 Mx-5


    Did someone turn this Japanese car into a European roadster? The chrome gives extra definition to an already stylish ride as someone decided to add a number of classy modifications to their Mazda convertible.

    The hood ornament, added lights up front, and lining by the roof and hood scream Bond...James Bond. Maybe, we'll see the latest big British actor running around in her majesty's secret service in a Miata trying to save the world as we know it!

    Someone Please Call 911


    I'd like to think in my (or anyone's for that matter) neighborhood function beats out form in the way of our fire vehicles. However, if you're going to go in style ...Why not get a Miata Mazda and go all out?

    Someone grabbed an Mx-5 and made it every tuner loving fire fighter's dream. While I'm not sure if its just a Photoshop or an actual service vehicle, I admire the design of such a hot ride!

    Stretched Tuner


    Okay, someone took their Mx-5 and made it as long as two roadsters! If you want to show off your engine, this would definitely be the way to go. If you want to protect it from the elements, not so much.

    It does look like a piece is missing doesn't it? Maybe, this is a before picture? While I'm unsure of the intention behind it, again I have to admit the imagination taken to pull off a feat like this is extraordinary.

    How About The Inside?


    Okay, we've gone through a few variations of what can be done on the outside of the Miata. How about we check out an inside? There's a lot of goodies here. Where should I start?

    The skulls wood paneling? The chromed out floor mat? The lights around the radio and the gauges? If this vehicle is half as appealing on the outside as the inside, you've got yourself a certified head turner. It just goes to show the Mx-5 cares about interior as much as exterior.

    The Retro Look


    Doesn't this look like you were wrong about Miatas being around in the 1950s? You weren't. A creative Mx-5 owner popped the front off and got super retro with this design.

    The expanded grill, orange headlights, added pipes, and yellow lights make it look like a throwback from your dad's era. Although, not a pure classic; if this one pulled up on to an antique car show I'm not sure anyone would complain!

    Uh, The Wheels Are...


    Are those Mazda wheels on right? Hard to say on this gray Mx-5 beauty. Unsure whether or not the tire guy is malicious, they certainly change the look of this vehicle.

    What really grabs your attention though is the chrome rims. Those beauties are shown off perfectly on those particular wheels. Some do body, some do interior, and still some are rim aficionados. It takes all kind I guess!



    Having a great paint job is important to anyone modifying their Miata. They take great efforts to wash their vehicle to show off the inventive colored paint jobs you often see on these tuned rides.

    This owner took it a few steps further. How about a car mirror job? This car looks like a disco-ball from a 70s hot spot frequented by John Travolta. While not sure if this is street legal, you're certain to get people's attention. Especially, on a sunny day or a city full of lights!



    Okay, some people have paint jobs that make you say, "Wow"! Other paint jobs just have you standing there staring in awe. The latest entry in this blog leaves you stunned.

    As what can only be described as a painter who lives someplace where substances that were once illegal aren't anymore, this Miata looks like a Grateful Dead fan finally found the design of their dreams. The hood, the trunk and the sides all scream far out!

    Another Wrap


    We really hope you enjoyed my latest blog post about the world famous Mazda Miata. Would you like to purchase one of our WindRestrictor® brand wind blockers for your Mazda Miata? Well, you can do so and save 5% in the process. Just click here and enter code Paul5 .If you think you've seen the coolest of "pimped" rides, you haven't seen anything until you've seen one of our wind blockers! Check our Youtube video at the bottom for a better look. If you have any concerns or comments please email me .

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  • WindRestrictor® Brand Vs. The Rest - other convertible wind deflectors


    At WindRestrictor® we often speak of our superior design, safety, and performance of our quality wind blockers/wind deflectors. Without proper comparison however, maybe our customers don't realize what's out there?

    There's several that are available in this market, and we'd like to explore other options to our brand. I'll take time to point out subtle differences that we feel makes a huge difference overall, when purchasing a wind stopping accessory for your convertible car. Remember, everything mentioned in this article is my own opinion and not necessarily the opinion of WindRestrictor®. So, let's get on with it!

    Safely Harnessed?


    You've got your brand spanking new $50 wind smasher attached to your high quality Polaris Slingshot and are ready to show off to all your trike buddies at the latest meetup. That is if its still affixed to your bike by Saturday...


    Many companies don't take adequate time to properly engineer a harnessing system to fit your fine vehicle. WindRestrictor® has gone through many installation methods until we finally settled on our state-of-the-art system that has shown to keep your 'Restrictor firmly attached to your vehicle.

    Not only is it an issue of damage to your newly bought car toy, its also an issue of safety. Can you imagine your wind blocker flying off the back of your car on a freeway? Exactly, a disaster waiting to happen.

    Our last point in this is style and design. I've seen deflectors that STRAP IN (you read that correctly) to your luxury vehicle instead of discreetly anchoring.  Can you imagine having a high-end ride like a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or Jaguar with unsightly straps webbing your car's interior? Neither can we.

    Here's an example of our work on a dealer showroom floor.



    Shake, Rattle and Roll!

    So, you're glad you finally got an accessory to stop all the noisy airflow invading your convertible's cabin. The only issue now is one sound has been replaced by another. You hear that rattling? That's coming from your new wind blocking mod you got from the guy that makes them in his garage with a jig-saw and places a piece door trim around the edges to cover up all the jagged edges. At WindRestrictor® you'll find the noise, shaking and rattling a thing of the past. Our mounting systems are designed by Professional Engineers with decades of experience in mechanical engineering. I can't count the number of times we've had customers drive up to our facility with one of the cheaply made deflectors barely hanging on their car asking us to remove it and install our patented WindRestrictor®. It's no wonder when we type in "Rattling Wind Deflector" over 60,000 results come up on google. Here's a sample!  Most of these issues can be traced back to the individual that's selling them out of the Northwest so please use caution when dealing with anyone that's not a reputable manufacturing company.

    rattling deflector


    True Art


    You don't have to get a laser-etched, custom, lit WindRestrictor® brand wind blocker when you business with us. We have a wide array of selections in the way of car models and styles. But, isn't it nice to have this option?

    If you're a car show guy or gal, we're your company. If you're someone who likes to show your stuff on an early evening in the summer, we're your company. If you bought your vehicle to show off a little on your way from point a to point b, we're your company.

    Sure, we have tons of reasons to purchase from us. From our customer service, to our high-engineering, to our timely shipping. But, we know the main reason we're well known; its your option to create a masterpiece.

    Have an idea from your car club, sports team, business, place of worship, etc. ? No, problem! Our art department will get with you and create an image to your specifications to laser-etch into you new wind blocker/wind deflector. Really, its that easy. Any picture (even a photograph) can be recreated and precisely etched in. No, graphic is too tough for us to tackle.

    After you've okayed your latest work of art, many choose to light it up. Our uniquely designed blockers will capture the light perfectly to clearly display your new blockers. Pick one of eight colors, or get one of our Electric Light Kits and show them all off! Its all about options for those tricking out their vehicle, and at WindRestrictor® we have loads to choose from!

    Others decorate with stickers and decals. This not only completely blocks your view, eventually they fall off. This is not the case with laser-etching. As long as you own one of our products, it is still clearly visible on the product.

    Warrantied For A Lifetime


    We offer a lifetime warranty and we will stand behind it. No funny business. We're the only convertible wind deflector manufacturing company in North America that has a facility and showroom you can visit any time you like. Plus, we have a team of professionals on standby to help with after-sales support.  Few can offer a truly solid deal when using such inferior materials for their product. Think about it...if they're selling a cheaper version why would they want to give you that option?

    Be wary of fly by night individuals/companies that offer a great deal on blockers that will turn yellow, scratch easy and even come loose while driving. You deserve the best, and we want to give it to you.

    On the rare occasion that you have an issue, contact us and we'll be more than willing to correct the program, replace our WindRestrictor® brand wind blocker, or return your money. Our word is our bond and your guarantee is always in place.

    Community Connections


    Some people have websites and social media touting their products, as do we. The thing that sets up apart from many is we have a physical location where you can come on by and visit us. We've met many great people coming through our offices to get their vehicles work on or to just say hi. You always hear or read me say it, family. We try to treat our customers as we want to be treated. Hard to beat that Texas hospitality!


    About Us

    Dream Team

    Can't make it to Dallas to say howdy? No problem! We're on the road a lot visiting at various carshows and events around the nation. Places like Corvettes at Carlisle, all the way in Pennsylvania. No customer is too far away to get a visit from us! Most of us are "people people". You do us a favor when you come up and say hello!

    Another Wrap


    Thank you all for checking out yet another blog by yours truly. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or corrections please email me! is my address and I check it regularly!

    Interested in our products? Click here! You can use code Paul5 and save 5% on your purchases with us.

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