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  • TRENDING: Mods & Money

    Yes, they're out there... but honestly I can count on one hand my friends whose hearts desire is to keep their vehicle stock. I can also count on one hand my friends whose husband or wife doesn't give a classic "You MUST be joking" look as a response to their most recent research on new additions! Fortunately, WE HAVE THE ANSWER! -Love custom automotive accessories? -Enjoy extra income? Sign up to…

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  • Celebs and Corvettes

    WindRestrictor® is proudly GM licensed. When you have official legal permission to manufacture products for their amazing line of vehicles, why wouldn't you crank out products for the legendary Corvette!?! In this edition we look at some famous stars and their Vettes! Its a marriage made in Hollywood and General Motors manufacturing centers across the world. You'll notice Corvettes from across the…

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  • Pimp My Miata!

    The Mazda Miata MX-5 is well known in the tuner community as being a go to vehicle. We at WindRestrictor® recognized this and decided it would only be fitting to update our current Miata model for 2017. In this blog post I'd like to point out some of the more eccentric and cool styles that have been altered, modified, and/or "pimped" by proud Mazda owners. I promise this will be entertaining. There's…

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  • WindRestrictor® Brand Vs. The Rest - other convertible wind deflectors

      At WindRestrictor® we often speak of our superior design, safety, and performance of our quality wind blockers/wind deflectors. Without proper comparison however, maybe our customers don't realize what's out there? There's several that are available in this market, and we'd like to explore other options to our brand. I'll take time to point out subtle differences that we feel makes a huge difference…

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