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  • Our Models

    At WindRestrictor® we take great pride in all the models we offer. What better way to celebrate all our beautiful models, then with beautiful models? It seems as though many of our customers enjoy hot rods and lovely women. Shocking isn't it?

    A lot of car shows seem to feature things like bikini contests. So why not blogs? Take a small tour around some of the cars we service and some beautiful women who've graciously decided to be presenters of these fine vehicles. Remember, if you have any concerns, suggestions, or comments you can always email me at the address provided at the end of the blog. Let's get to it!




    Well, let's start with an American classic the Corvette! We've been making Corvette WindRestrictor® brand wind blockers for a number of years, and its been quite a ride. Having the fortune to meet many Vette owners across the nation, its hard to run across a more devoted group of owners.

    We're happy to make models for the C5, C6, and C7. Our Corvette customers love the fact that we can reproduce GM Licensed logos, as well as our sleek curves and style. Let's keep the GM ball rolling with the Cadillac XLR!

    Cadillac XLR



    If you're talking American luxury the first word that comes to mind is Cadillac. So, if you're talking about American luxury convertibles what would you say? You'd say Cadillac XLR! Caddies with 'Vette engines? That's right! These beauties met their demise way too early. Tons of drivers are still out there riding in their XLRs and making those of us who didn't get a chance to buy one jealous as all get out!

    Cadillac XLRs were luxury, performance, and style all rolled into one. Very seldom in the car world do you get any combination of two, let alone three of those attributes. Now if you want to stay in the GM frame, but want something a little sportier, you've gotta go with Kappas.


    Kappas (Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky)



    We started off with the Pontiac Solstice and quickly moved to the Saturn Sky (also the Opel GT and Daewoo G2X). Since these discontinued roadsters are where we got our start, they have a very special place in our heart. Their appeal is undeniable and their drivers are loud and proud about their allegiance.

    From here we moved on and were happy to work with other vehicle platforms. This sexy two-seater was a great place to start though. Since, we're still talking about GM vehicles let's keep it moving with the Camaro!



    Rounding out our roster of GM licensed products is the legendary Camaro. Although not as pricey as Vettes or as rare as Sky and Solstices, it has all the flash of these and any other convertibles on the road. Supersport owners love nothing more than dropping the top and lighting up their WindRestrictor® while they cruise around on a warm summer evening.

    Since we're talking about American made vehicles, how can we skip out on another famous American company Ford! If your guess for which model we were going to cover was "Mustang", you're absolutely right.

    Ford Mustang



    There's no way we'd add all these GM official licensed models, without mentioning we're officially Ford licensed as well! That's right everyone's favorite pony, The Ford Mustang, is part of our stable! Whether you want a Cobra, a horse, or the Ford oval on your WindRestrictor® we've got you covered!

    We have 10 years worth of Mustangs available and make models for the coupe and convertible. If you're proud of your Shelby or just a part-time weekend cruiser, we've got you covered. Now let's take a minute and look at the last of our great American car models...

    Chrysler Crossfireiris


    Rounding out the big three of American auto companies is this too hot to handle Chrysler Crossfire. The SRT6 burst onto the scene with much hype that it backed up with sophisticated style and top notch engineering. Crossfire fans expected the best and we were pleased to partner with Chrysler to give them just that.

    While the XF and all of our American vehicles give us a strong sense of American pride, we love a lot of imports just as much. Next take a trip with us to the land of the rising sun to check out a classic tuner car!


    Honda S2000



    If you're a fan of tuner cars, you know all about the Honda S2000. This convertible is well known among the tuner crowd, and fans of Asian automotive enthusiasts across the globe. With the success of the "Fast and Furious" movies, sales have picked up among imports and the Honda S2000 has definitely benefited from the spike in sales. Long thought of as just a motorcycle company, Honda sets the record straight with the S2K. It can make a fun convertible with the best.

    The tuner crowd is known for "pimping their ride", and the S2K crowd can add a great looking WindRestrictor® to turn heads and manufacture awe. We do have another member esteemed member of the Asian market in our ranks and now with a newer model

    Mazda Miata




    Well, here it is! Our newest Mazda Miata WindRestrictor®! Mx5 owners can now say goodbye to too much backdraft and hello to one of the hottest automotive modifications on the market. Just like its predecessor, our Miata model comes with all the bells and whistles. If you're looking for form AND function, look no further. if you (or someone you know) owns an MX5 and is looking for a quick way to make it look even more fab, look no further.

    These Mazda owners are a fun group, but they aren't the only fun group around. Let's take a look at the European market. We're thrilled to make WindRestrictors® for several car types, so let's gander at another part of the world known for its high quality automobiles.

    Mercedes-Benz SLK



    Well, if we're talking cars we have to include German innovation. Mercedes-Benz is legendary in the field of fine automobiles, so when we knew about the SLK we knew this vehicle needed a legendary wind blocker. We're happy to make models for the r170, r171, AND the r172. Teaming with the thousands of people worldwide who want Mercedes quality and an accessory that meets with these standards. The SLK is an international hit, we're happy to be a star in this movie!

    The SLK is one the most exquisite German convertibles on the road. However, its not the ONLY exquisite German convertible on the road. Next, we'll take a look at a vehicle that was made popular in part by a 007 movie.

    BMW Z4



    You don't need to be a British secret agent to enjoy the super sexy BMW Z4, but James Bond has one! Bavarian Motor Works is a status symbol for the well-to-do, with the Z4 they added a bit of pepper to their recipe for ingenuity. The provocative style coupled with a WindRestrictor® is almost too hot to handle!

    This BMW is extravagant enough to guest star in one the most well known franchises in movie history, but alas once again we could stop there. We take a look at another Euro vehicle that rips up the street like a jungle cat!

    Jaguar F-Type



    Okay, we've mentioned two of the big three European car companies. Did you think we'd leave out the third? Heck nah! This little beauty is the Jaguar F-Type. Just when you think the Jaguar couldn't top the stellar heights they themselves set, they crank out the F-Type. A convertible that says high fashion the way Dolce and Gabana say it for clothing. This Jag needed only the best when stopping immoderate airflow from entering its cabin. Therefore, WindRestrictor® heeded the call and made a model just for proud Jagsters.

    The Jaguar F-type is one of the finest convertibles on four wheels. Makes you wish we'd come up with something for other vehicles. How about motorcycles? Which motorcycle would be deserving of such a wind deflector?

    Polaris Slingshot



    We of course know the answer to be Polaris Slingshot! If you have a thing for Slings, you love tricking out your trike. Knowing it was a marriage made in heaven, we took the time out to create a wind blocker for the finest thing on three wheels. Slingshots by themselves attract stares like flies to sugar. Just imagine what a WindRestrictor® on the back of one of these metal masterpieces will do?

    The Polaris Slingshot was our first foray into motorcycles, but maybe not our last. We love the spirit of the owners and just the fun of the trike. If you were looking for a fun weekend vehicle give the Sling a try. You won't be disappointed!

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  • 50+:The Ford Mustang Story

    First Generation


    Very few cars on the road have the classic history the Ford Mustang enjoys. Even fewer have the longevity. Since the very first model rolled off the assembly line, a certain excitement was attached to this American classic. The Mustang is the very definition of American Muscle Car. We at WindRestrictor® would like to take some time and pay homage to this unforgettable automobile and its legion of fans and faithful owners. Please, take a moment with us to explore the history of the spectacular Ford Mustang!

    Named after the WWII P-51 Mustang fighter plane, the original Mustangs rolled out in 1964 but were marked as 1965 models. John Najjar co-designed the original prototype with another Ford designer, Philip T. Clark. Now there is some dispute over how The Ford Mustang got its name. Another story is Robert J. Eggert was a Ford market research manager and a quarterhorse breeder. Some claim the name came from his second career. Funny how every legendary tale has many different versions.

    Even earlier, Donald N. Frey was appointed over the T-5 project. The T-5 was a two seat roadster had a German Ford Taunus V4 engine underneath the hood. However, the two seat idea was abandoned due to low sales by similar models. Two more seats were added and trunk space was traded in for cabin room. The style was made more sporty based on vehicles like the Corvette and Jaguar E-Type. Voilà, the Mustang we now know and love was born. Now that the stage was set, how would this car do with the fickle American consumer?

    After the '64 1/2 (named such because it was marked as a 65 and came out in the later portion of 1964), an actual '65er was born. In 1964, the car sold a respectable 121,538, out of the gate. In 1965, a whopping 559,451. During 1966 it was even higher, 607,568. Can you say sales boom? This was the highest sales for the Mustang, a record still unbroken to this day. They were firmly placed at the top as the "in" automobile. An honor they at least continually competed for throughout the First Generation. The continually evolving car added innovation after innovation. Back up lights, alternators, a V-8 engine, and larger versions. However, the larger vehicles didn't translate into better vehicles according to the American consumer. Ford gambled to attempt to compete with the luxury vehicles of the day. The bet didn't pay off. A steady decline ensued shortly thereafter.

    Second Generation


    Considering the oil crisis of the 1970s, now President of Ford Motor Company Lee Iacocca ordered major shrinkage of the Mustang. These new models were somewhat based on the Pinto (my dad drove a pinto, those things were like tanks) and much more compact. This in turn helped it compete favorably with the smaller imports of the day. The new version was dubbed Mustang II. Hatchbacks, T-top roofs, and new trim packages were all part of the then modernized look. The King Cobra and Ghia models were added to further jazz up the line.You'll notice already the tremendous adaptability that Ford engineers had to offer. Sales remained in the 100,000s throughout the era due largely to their incredible ingenuity.

    Third Generation


    Now starts the longest of all the Ford Generations. The Third Generation of Mustangs lasted an improbable fourteen years. Starting in 1979 and not ending until 1993. Third Gen Mustangs are aka "Fox Mustangs". Fox was a platform created by Ford for many of their midsize and compact models. You can throw Lincoln and Mercury in that mix as well. The most popular model during this generation was the legendary 5.0. Which was forever immortalized in the song, "Ice, Ice Baby." The end of its run ('93) marked the beginning of CD players being factory optional. Vanilla Ice AND CDs? Just when you thought the Mustang couldn't get more legendary! Too cold!

    Fourth Generation


     From 1994-2004 the Fourth Generation Mustangs were the premier Ford sport cars of the time. During this period the GT was reintroduced improved handling and higher stats in the performance category. Even more vaunted was the Ford Cobra (not to be confused with the King Cobra) , developed by Ford's Special Vehicle Team. The Cobra is still legendary in Mustang circles and around the world for lovers of high-powered pony and American Muscle Cars.

    Fifth Generation


    The Fifth Generation lasted ten years from 2004 until 2014. Variants include the Shelby Mustang, Boss 302 Mustang, and the Mustang GT/California Special. The Fifth Generation looked like the classics and with a fresh twist known as retro-futurism. Also, known for its rear-wheel-drive platform, these models were evolutionary yet let you look back at a time when American Muscle ruled the roost. This generation sold like hotcakes and reinvigorated a sleepy market that had forgotten how great Mustangs truly are. If you look at the Bullitt Mustang and can't see its appeal, maybe you should think about taxicabs and subways.

    Sixth Generation


    Lastly, the newest age of Ford Mustangs is the Sixth Generation. The Sixth Generations were first produced in 2014 and are still going strong in 2017. This is the lucky generation that helped welcome the arrival of The Mustang's 50th anniversary. An even that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Ford cranked out another solid addition to its legendary line. With such goodies as fully independent rear suspension and  direct injected four cylinder engine, Sixth Generation stands up nicely to past models.

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    Remember, these posts are written by Paul Mailhes and doesn't necessarily reflect the views of WindRestrictor®! Thanks for reading!


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  • WindRestrictor® News: This Mustang Police Car Lead The Cologne Carnival Parade

    Cologne Carnival attendees got a glimpse of what has to be the scariest thing for European criminals since Sherlock Holmes, a Ford Mustang police car. Quite a coup by Ford, considering Germany has some of the best auto manufacturers around.

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  • WindRestrictor® News: Electric Corvette Sets New Record

    The Genovation Corvette has topped it's past record by topping out at a speed of 205 miles per hour. That's the fastest a street legal electric car has gone in history. Now you can grab one for $750,000. But, hey you'll save on gas!


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