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Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • My Love For Convertibles

    Falling In Love With Convertibles

    The wind blowing through my hair, sun caressing my face; I was enthralled by the glamour of it all. Looking back, I started loving convertibles the very first time I sat in my cousin’s and we cruised down the famous route 66. At only 15, I knew this was going to be a life-long passion. 13 years down the line, I was right! Of course, the fact that my first romantic kiss occurred two years later in a rented BMW Cabrio the night of my senior prom, strongly contributed to my attachment. And though it did not work out with my date of the time, the flame between convertibles and I still hasn’t dwindled.

    Top Down And Hands Up, My Future Looks Bright!

    While other girls had posters of male pop-stars, actors or even models in their rooms, mine was adorned with my many dream cars. From the ostentatious Lamborghini's to the sleek Audi's, my dream collection consisted of every roadster my pile of car magazine had comprised. Eventually my parents caught on to my near-obsession and voila! My first very own convertible – a gift from my parents when I graduated college. It was an Infinity G7, used but only slightly, with a sleek grey finish and a suede interior. Driving the car made me feel like a star, gathering enough composure to smile at on-lookers and making every drive to work feel like a holiday. It felt as though I was driving through on the coast across the south of France, Los Angeles or the Caribbean. I was the 'friend with the cool car’ and I lived for the beautiful days when the envious stares would come as my girlfriends and I bobbed along to music we knew everyone could hear, caught in our own pure enjoyment.

    Of course there were rainy days and the retractable hardtop had to come up. This was a bit of a shame. It would usually last much longer than I would have desired. The next day however the sun would usually be back and it was worth it all over again. But as with all used cars, problems started arising and it felt to me as if my baby was sick. My poor baby!

    Reality Check

    Now a sturdy 24, I was a bonafide adult and could no longer run to mommy and daddy to 'fix’ things or finance what was starting to be a costly mode of transportation– the gas was draining my modest revenue. Convertible 4-seaters, particularly heavy cars like the Infinity I had or even Mercedes’ larger models consume like crazy. They tend to have a greater engine power than usual sedans – as they are sports cars after all – but this comes at a cost. For me, this only deepened my desire to remain in the somewhat exclusive convertible club, and I sought additional income to financially sustain my passion.

    About 3 years ago I sold the car (a very disheartening experience), moved cities and started my own business, an events’ company that enabled me to do all things shiny, glossy and glamorous which I so loved. Some of my high-profile clients had cars that made me salivate, Audi A5s, Ferrari Spiders, even Lamborghini Gallardos. A couple once gave me a ride, flattered as they were by my admiration for the beautiful machines. My most striking experience of the kind was driving a Ferrari Spider 458, with a leather interior and a softly purring V8 engine with an impressive 80% torque. As an automatic only car, it did not require me to fight with the gear stick in the grotesque manner most BMW sports cars I had window-shopped did, and the sensitivity of the accelerator was incredibly exhilarating. This specific dream-car-owner was Cuban and spent most of his time on coastal cities and early last year, after two years as my client, he left me the Ferrari for a full week as he was away on business! A full week of parading the heavenly car, during which business boomed as people asked what I did, where I did it, how successful I must be. The attention was almost as amazing as the exciting, smooth purr-to-roar of the convertible as I pressed the accelerator, or the speed and efficiency with which the top retracted, or the impressive balance of the relatively heavy car even in the tightest of turns and sharpest braking.


    I used the air of wealth it provided me to visit other dealerships, often implying I was on the verge buying a new cabriolet to add to my 'extensive collection’. While the lie was shameful, all is fair in love and war, right? And as my love had reached new summits, I did not feel too guilty. Mercedes, expectedly, was my first stop. I felt their convertibles had the class of Mercedes sedans, the prestige of sports cars and the glitz and glam of most cabriolets. The Mercedes S-class roaster was a vision. A brand new model at the time, this 4-seater even smelt like the lifestyle I aspired to! As a supposed wealthy Ferrari owner, I swallowed my gasp of admiration as I test drove this glorious creation with a whopping 449 horsepower. With its incredibly sleek leather interior, this convertible is a collector item, only available to Mercedes’ most exclusive clients….which I didn’t qualify as. I walked out of the car dealership with my heart heavy with longing, face comically sad and hands slightly shaking. This wasn’t the car for a young business woman with my budget. I was back to boring car reality.

    Hard Work And Dedication Pays Off

    I shouldn’t have been fantasizing so much about McLaren’s and Audi's when rent was due, marketing had to be financed and expansion paid for. My Cuban client and friend was to return soon, and unless I wanted to become a fugitive, I had to return the car. When I did so however, things took a surprising turn. He thanked me for taking care of his baby and promised he’d put in a good word for my services to his many (powerful) friends. And as I dreamt of XLR's, Audi A3s, Range Rover Convertibles and Jaguar F-types the work started pouring in. Last year I scored my first televised event, and have been doing quite well since. This Valentine’s day came and went and I decided it was time to get myself a present. After long consideration I've determined to shop for it at Mercedes-Benz. Dreams do come true!


    Guest post by Stephanie Barnett


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  • WindRestrictor® News: The Mercedes-Benz SLK's 20th Anniversary

    The Mercedes-Benz SLK made an impressive introduction in April 2016, and what a ride it's been! The sleek style and the precise engineering has made quite a splash in auto markets globally. Soon to make twenty-one, Mercedes-Benz has added to it's already stellar reputation with this spectacular model.

    Click here to check out the whole article at

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  • WindRestrictor® News: 2018 Jaguar F-Type Makes N. American Debut

    The Jaguar F-Type recently made it's North American in Toronto Canada. The British beauty now comes with their InTouch Pro system as standard, Rerun app integration (a state-of-the-art app that integrates the buyers GoPro camera with the vehicle's performance data), and the availability of full LED headlights.

    Click here to read the full article at .

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  • WindRestrictor® News: A Corvette Wagon?

    The famous Callaway Corvette tuning company is now offering the AeroWagen kit for 'Vette owners. Wife wants to do practical and you want sporty? This could be the perfect combination! The kit is available for $14,900 dollars, to get it painted any OE color you're looking at another $2980. That's quite a mod package for sure! You can get the kit added in California, Connecticut (it's official facilities) or at one of it's partner sites.

    To view the original story on Car and Driver click here.

    Interested in our products? Click here.



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  • Celebs & Polaris Slingshots!

    WindRestrictor® is more than happy with our latest Polaris Slingshot wind blocker/wind deflector product. Sling drivers really enjoy tricking their vehicles out and love to have fun. Heck, who could ask for two better attributes in potential customers? Well, it's no surprise a lot of celebrities are hopping on Slingshots and ripping up the road!

    In this post I'd like to take some time to point out the people and their awesome trikes kicking up dust and having some fun. We have hall of fame basketball players, famous rappers, and even a badboy poker millionaire! Sit back and relax as we take you on a star trip through Slingland!

    Dan Bilzerian


    Well, no big shocker here! It's almost like the Polaris Slingshot was built for Dan. Dan's well known in poker circles for being fierce on tables. A fierceness that's made him a very wealthy man. The term "playboy" definitely comes to mind when thinking about how he lives his life.

    As famous as he is at casinos and cigar smoke filled rooms taking money from the well-to-do, he might be more famous for his Instagram posts. Dan is always in the company of beautiful women and always living life on the very edge. The Slingshot is just the latest in his collection of high priced, high octane toys.



    Rapper Tyga needed to have one! No, we didn't mean a member of the Kardashian family (technically a Jenner), a brand new Polaris Slingshot. As his girlfriend and celeb herself Kylie tries to hide her face, Tyga looks like he's kicking up some dust on L.A. highways.

    Tyga's been in the game for years now (most recently signing with Kanye West's GOOD Music), so why not treat yourself to the coolest trike around? Be careful Tyga! Fast motorcycles AND a Kardashian? This guy is walking a tightrope

    Yoenis Cespedes


    Yoenis Cespedes is a Mets left-fielder who is well known for being an All-Star and a lover of custom Slingshots. He owns two, but can afford a whole lot more! His latest contract was four years and $110 million dollars! Dad, why didn't you teach me how to play baseball!

    Yoenis has a pretty fascinating story. He's of Cuban descent and went from living in a communist nation, to being one of the highest paid athletes around. I don't know about you, but I love a good rags to riches story. I don't know if I would've went with gray and red on my Sling, but Yoenis looks like he's having fun!

    The Game


    Have you ever seen Game this happy? He's usually snarling in a microphone degrading which ever fellow rapper has decided to run afoul of this Compton lyricist. While not known for having an even temper and being overly forgiving, like most people he likes to have some fun and there's not many ways better than a Slingshot to do it in.

    Game's been at it nearly 15 years now. That's quite a stretch in the hip-hop world of two year trends and throwaway hits. He's more than earned the right to have some fun on one of the most hottest trikes ever created. Making hits and punching opposition is no easy feat.

    Snoop Dogg


    Speaking of longevity, S-N-O-O-P is in a S-L-I-N-G. Snoop keeps it cool in the hottest motorcycle to hit the scene in sometime. I hope he doesn't partake of herbs while cruising the streets of Hollywood. No, telling with this eccentric artist.

    Snoop always has his swag on ten. Besides rapping he's been in movies, done some television, and even has a YouTube show. Relevant? Snoop is still killing the game! He might be a lot of things, but you have to credit his drive!

    Cain Velasquez


    The champ is here! Everybody has a favorite sport, mine's MMA. Seeing a great fighter on one of my favorite vehicles ever was more than an honor. Cain is cruising around in his custom Polaris Slingshot probably thinking about who the next unlucky guy he's going to have to beat half to death to get his title back.

    Looks like even behind the wheel of one of the world's most exciting rides, Mr. Velasquez doesn't get overly emotional. That's more than likely the same attitude that keeps him near the top of the UFC's heavyweight division.

    Shaquille O'neal


    Ever notice I can always find a way to fit Shaq into a blog? Well, there's two reasons for that: 1. Shaq loves motorized vehicles. 2. Everybody loves Shaq. Once again Shaq shows up on the list next to another motored marvel. This is one of the few times the driver looks almost as big as the Slingshot!

    Shaq is currently doing commentary for NBA games and it's the perfect fit for this seven feet of charisma and basketball knowledge. I'm sure he finds time to put these three wheels on the road when not talking about jump shots or driving his Mac Truck around.

    Jena Malone


    This beautiful woman is the star over 20+ Hollywood features. She arrives in style with a sexy see through and a just as sexy Slingshot. If Jena didn't get enough heads turning just by being herself, she brings along the hottest trike on the market. Is that cheating?

    When not appearing in Batman vs Superman and The Hunger Games series of films, Jena Malone spends time at her home in Sparks, Nevada. A far cry from the glitz and glam of Hollywood. Beautiful, down-to-earth, and a Slingshot driver. Her boyfriend is one VERY lucky man!

    Blake Griffin


    This power forward powers his way through a parking lot in his Slingshot on a sunny afternoon in L.A. Blake looks like he's having fun, far from the fierce dunker and defender role he plays with the Clippers.

    Mr. Griffin has a net worth well over thirty million dollars. Quite a hefty payday for this former NBA slam dunk champion and current member of a playoff bound b ball squad. Suffice it to say, he could probably afford a few accessories. Hint, hint Blake!

    Maren Morris


    So, Maren went on tour with Keith Urban. Guess what? He gave a Sling for supporting him. The exposure of working with Keith AND a Sling. While I'm learning baseball, I'm going to teach my daughter's to sing.

    Maren's had a Country Music #1 album and single already at the young age of 26! While she's pictured here with her boyfriend (Ryan Hurd, a great artist and songwriter in his own right) in the passenger seat, when it comes to her career she's certainly in the driver's seat!

    Another Wrap!


    Thanks for checking out our WindRestrictor® blog post! If you have any questions or concerns please hit me up at one of the following:





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  • Polaris Slingshot Mission: Saving Lives with Emission Testing


    The life of John and Wendy Bettis dramatically changed in 2015 when their teenage daughter Savannah passed away due to carbon monoxide poisoning while riding in a vehicle.  There were no warning signs and there was no opportunity to avoid the tragedy.

    The Bettis Family knew something had to change.  Through their grief, they committed to making a difference in honor of Savannah.


    They have been on a mission to save lives across the world by starting in their home state of Indiana, where Savannah passed away.  They are working to pass a law (Savannah's Law) which would require that vehicles under 10 years of age be tested every other year and older vehicles be tested annually.

    Please help the Bettis Family bring awareness, sign the petition here:

    The Bettis' chose a Polaris Slingshot to lead the way in bringing attention to their cause, and what an awesome job it has done!  They designed it in purple and orange to tribute her school color as well as Savannah's dedication to supporting leukemia awareness.  Her younger cousin fought leukemia and Savannah was very proud to support him and bring awareness to others.

    If you would like to support the cause financially, they are selling wristbands, T-shirts, car decals, and buttons.  All proceeds will go to the Savannah Bettis Memorial Fund in Indianapolis which is being used to help the Ben Davis Show Choir and college scholarships at Ben Davis which was Savannah's high school.  You may email Savannah's Dad at to make a donation.


    We were blessed to get to know them and their cause, #SavannahStrong, when they ordered a custom WindRestrictor® featuring a  beautiful portrait of the three of them.  They are currently finishing up a new design which will have the #SavannahStrong logo prominently displayed.  These are the projects that touch our hearts and remind us of how blessed we are to have the opportunity to do what we do!



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  • Universal Sills, Universal Glowplates & Other Goodies

    We've long been the manufacturer of the leading wind blocking device, The WindRestrictor®. But, did you know we also make a brand of customizable door sills to match your new toy? How about a sexy Universal Glowplate to fit in your coupe?

    Many models are already covered by our company, (Corvette, Camaro, Mercedes-Benz SLK, Chrysler Crossfire  etc.), and now your car's door sills can light up too! We have a new product we're adding to the family, our Universal Sills. Finally, your sills can light up in one of  eight amazing colors to match your awesome WindRestrictor®.

    Oh, and we haven't forgotten our coupe drivers. Yes, we make some coupe models ( Mustang Coupe, Corvette Coupe, Camaro Coupe, Chrysler Crossfire Coupe, and the Mini Cooper Coupe ), but why not include all we can with a laser-etched masterpiece on wheels!?!  You can now!

    About Our Sills


    When opening your new Universal Sills you'll automatically notice the quality is on par with all of our other products. Expect the cutting edge LED technology behind the sills to shine bright in the night. It can further accentuate any personalization your vehicle has undergone, or become a starting point for a look overhaul.

    When we say "customizable" we mean FULLY customizable. Some other places give you a limited array of what can and can't be done. With one of eight brilliant colored lights and any motto or logo you desire, the possibilities are literally endless. You can keep your car in a style you want and deserve. Don't settle for cheap kick plates that clashes with your interior.

    Don't worry about draining your battery, we consume little power and shine bright. Also, installation won't be a hassle. Our comprehensive instructions will walk you through the process easily. If you have any further issues we gotcha covered, simply contact us during business hours and one of our techs will help you with any problems you might encounter. We're serious when we say you're family. Clean the area, affix and heat the adhesive, and then finish up with simple wiring. It's literally that easy.

    Will These Universal Sills Fit?


    Our product fits any flat surface 22” long and 2” wide. Which as you can imagine opens up a plethora of possibilities. Below is a short list of the type of vehicles we're talking about. Understand this does NOT mean it won't fit your vehicle. This just means these are the ones we've personally tested.

    *Cheverolet Bolt

    *Cheverolet SS

    *Cheverolet Colorado

    *Cheverolet Silverado

    *Cheverolet Silverado High Country

    *Cheverolet Suburban

    *Cheverolet Tahoe

    *Cheverolet 271 Tuscany

    *Cheverolet Sonic

    *Cheverolet Trax

    *Dodge Charger

    *Dodge Challenger

    *Toyota Tundra

    *Toyota Tacoma

    *Nissan Pathfinder

    *Nissan Leaf

    *Honda CRV

    *Honda Accord

    *Mazda 3

    *Mazda 6

    *Hyundai Tucson

    *Hyundai Veloster

    *Subaru Outback

    *Subaru BRZ

    *Subaru Cross Trek

    *Subaru Forester

    *VW Beetle

    *Cadillac ATSV Coupe

    *Audi TTS Coupe

    *Buick Regal

    *Buick Verano

    *GMC Sierra Denali

    *GMC Yukon

    *GMC Canyon

    *KIA Soul

    Again, this is far from being totally comprehensive. If your vehicle is on this list , we're not completely out of the game yet. Not on the list? A quick measuring job will see if our sills are the right fit for your fine vehicle.

    Like all of our products our sills come with a lifetime warranty. If you have any issues whatsoever return them and get a new pair. Chances are you won't have a problem with our sills. But, isn't it nice to know if you do you can return them hassle free?

    About Our Universal Glowplates


    Tired of seeing "that" car in your neighborhood driving around sporting a bright shiny WindRestrictor®? Well, no need for jealousy because we have the product for you! Instantly, remove any envy with our new Universal Glowplate! You can have the same rolling car show in your fine coupe today.

    Our Glowplates come with the eight bright lights, the laser-etched art, heck all the bells and whistles you'll find in other Glowplates and our WindRestrictor® wind blockers. Get in on having a masterpiece shining though your back window, that was once only imaginable for certain convertibles and coupes.

    Expect the very same quality we put into all of our products. From the materials used down to the most minute details we strive for perfection. Our laser-etching can recreate anything your heart desires. Let us know, and we'll craft it then make it glow! Just like all of our products, expect a lifetime warranty for this fabulous addition to our line of automotive accessories.

    Other Goodies:Illuminated Wheel Rings & Puddle Lights


    Did you think we were going to end it all there? We've got more in store for our buyers, and it's all brought to you by our friends at Oracle®. I'm talking about illuminated wheel rings and puddle lights!

    You're already dazzling the night away by your back window and door sills...But, why stop there? How about a set of matching illuminated wheel rings to make those turning heads do a 360? Well, now we have them in stock, and now you can make your vehicle shine like never before! One set includes four wheel rings and a one year warranty. We've got you covered for a solid 365 days if something goes wrong.

    Now our puddle lights are a little more exclusive, but just as fun. If you drive a Cadillac, Corvette, Camaro, or Chrysler Crossfire you're in luck! You don't have one of those vehicles? No,  problem. If you can wait a tad longer we can get some shipped to you with a custom design! ANOTHER way to personalize! The powerful 3W LED CREE bulb will project your logo onto any floor surface. Meant for the undercarriage of your vehicle doesn't mean that's the only place you can go with them, it's all up to you!

    And Finally Illuminated Emblem Badges


    To recap your back window, door sills, wheels and undercarriage are all brightly illuminated. Now, we have one more surprise for Corvette C6 and C7 owners. Now your emblem badges can light up too!

    Our badges are easily installed and come in the same colors. Your options are plentiful. This is a fine finishing touch if you're a 'Vette owner and will captivate onlookers. Each emblem comes with wiring connectors and 3M adhesive backing. Simply pop off the factory logo and get this beauty wired and ready!

    Another Wrap!


    Thanks so much for checking out our blog! As always if you have any additions, corrections, or just want to say hi hit me up! My addy is . Also, check me out on social media!




    Did one of our products catch your eye? Well, you can now order and receive 5% off! Simply, click here! Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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  • Tweety B, The Corvette Racing Tribute Car by Kenneth Berg

    2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible, Corvette Racing Yellow

    TWEETY B, Owner Kenneth Berg
    TWEETY B Yellow Corvette Convertible at National Corvette Museum 22nd Anniversart TWEETY B at National Corvette Museum 22nd Anniversart

    "Most of my Corvettes have been convertibles... Although I loved the lines of my 2015 coupe, this is a car that truly looks like it's going a hundred miles per hour standing still! With my coupe, I missed the ease and convenience of a convertible! With the ability to lower the top up to 30 mph and very quickly, I can now do it whenever the feeling hits me!

    Sometime during  the first couple of months of ownership, I decided to turn TWEETY B into a tribute to Corvette Racing, specifically, the #3 Car driven by Jan Magnussen and Antonio Garcia. You see, when I took my 2015 Coupe to COTA (the Circuit of the Americas) for the IMSA TUDOR Race, my car was selected by Jan Magnussen as his favorite! So naturally when I bought my convertible, it should be a tribute to him and the #3!"

    [See more about COUPES at the end of the article!]


    • Engine dress packages painted and hydrocarbon
    • aFe high performance air intake system
    • CORSA Extreme exhaust with polygon tip
    • C7 Carbon front splitter and side skirts
    • Anderson Composites carbon fiber rear diffuser
    • Custom Savini wheels 19"/20"
    • Custom steering wheel by Mike's Custom Steering
    • LED light package all around by WhaatEver Kustomz - in engine bay and interior
    • WindRestrictor custom screen tied into my interior lighting package
    • Carbon fiber rear race wing
    • RPM Roll Bar in Racing yellow (As of this date, wing and roll bar not yet installed)
    • Complete dress package of Corvette Racing #3.


    Do You Attend Any Shows?

    "I attend a lot of shows - open shows and Corvette Only shows!!  I love hanging out with fellow Corvette folks because they always exhibit new ideas for future mods and improvements! 

    I am a member of the  largest Corvette club in Texas for sure - Lone Star Corvette Club - with over 1,000 members. A great way to meet folks, find folks with similar Vette interests whether it be drag racing, cruising, autocrossing, long trips, etc.  We have the BEST car show every year in May at the Texas Motor Speedway with proceeds going to our designated charities. One other thing I would like to mention to Corvette owners (probably for any car make or model), Facebook groups are a great way to get information about your car, diagnosing problems, solving issues.  The folks following those pages have seen it all! Some of the biggest and best include Bad Boy Vettes, Outlaw Vettes, Xcelerate Vettes, Mojo Vettes, Simply Corvettes - just to name a few! When there are thousands of followers, SOMEONE has certainly experienced (and probably solved) your issue! Check out the Facebook groups."


    Has Tweety B won any awards or trophies? 

    "I have won a number of trophies. A couple that were special include the one I mentioned from Jan Magnussen and then last year, Wil Cooksey, former Plant Manager at Bowling Green, selected my car as his favorite at the 22nd Anniversary of the Museum "Truly Race Inspired" was his comment."

    Are you a customer of ours? If so how was your experience and what did you purchase?

    "I sure am!   I would parrot most of your Customer Support, I suspect.  Great folks to work with. I am fortunate enough to live relatively close to WindResrictor so I visited, saw all you had to offer and met the nicest folks."

    Ready to order? Use the code TWEETYB to save 10%!

    Click here: 

    IMG_9181 TWEETY-B Wind Restrictor


    WindRestrictor® also offers custom Wind Deflectors for Corvette Coupes!

    Work with one of our artists to design your own today!

    Custom Etched & Illuminated Wind Deflector for the C7 Coupe Custom Etched & Illuminated Wind Deflector for the C7 Coupe

    C7GP-Opt3-Red (3)

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  • Customer Spotlight: Michelle & Her 2011 Mazda Miata MX5 Special Edition

    Customer Spotlight:

    Michelle & Her 2011 Mazda Miata MX5 Special Edition

    My name is Michelle Johnson and I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I purchased a 2011 Mazda Miata MX5 Special Edition on March 30, 2011.  I absolutely love this car!  What makes my car unique is that in 2011, there were only 750 of the Special Edition Miata MX5 models produced.  It was offered in two colors:  Sparkling Mica Black and Dolphin Gray Mica.  I have the Sparkling Mica Black color.  The metallic hues in the paint look dazzling in the sun light.  The 2011 Special Edition is based on the Grand Touring model with other unique items such as bright hyper silver 17” rims, light grey leather seats, grey stitching on the leather wrapped steering wheel and seats, aluminum racing pedals, and chrome accents surrounding the dash vents.

    Over the last 6 years, I have attended numerous car shows and Miata related events.  Below are a few pictures at different events:

    miata 1

    Miatas at Myrtle Beach, SC 2013

    Miata 2

    Zooming the Mountains of Tennessee 2013

    Miata 3

    Zooming the Mountains of Tennessee 2013

    Miata 4

    7th Annual Hope Mills Cruisers Annual Car Show 2013

    Miata 5

    Fall Fest 2014

    Greensboro, NC

    Additional accessories I have added are:

    • Chrome fuel door
    • Cobalt shock brace
    • Stubby antenna
    • Special Edition MX5 floor mats
    • Door sills with MX5 logo
    • Shift knob with MX5 logo
    • Various chrome and satin finish exterior and interior accessories from IL Motorsports
    • Wind Restrictor wind deflector (with LED lights)

    The Wind Restrictor wind deflector looks outstanding in person.   The pictures do not show the item’s true beauty.  My husband wired mine so that when the park lights or the headlights are one, the unit turns on. I am so looking forward to the spring/summer months so I can ride topless at night showing off the new wind deflector!  My next modification is to add drill/slotted rotors along with some new red brake calipers. 

    Miata 6 Miata 7

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  • Happy Customer to SuperStar Affiliate Member!

    This week we're spotlighting Kimberly Dearman and Cami ~ One of our happy customers turned WindRestrictor ® Affiliate Sales Member!   Thank you Kimberly for sharing your story!       Cami2           
    I named Cami before I even found her, I just knew that's what I would call her.  I never knew when I bought her almost 3 years ago that she would literally change my life.  At the time I needed something personal to pick up my spirits - I had always loved old muscle cars, but they are not practical for daily driving.  I found her and just fell in love.  She is a 2013 2LT/RS Camaro.  Within the next 6 months I started learning how to do my own modifications.  Once I came up with her "Cat Theme", the sky was the limit.  And 90% of the mods, I did with my own hands.  She is now my hobby...Cami brought me back to life.

    Cami3               Cami5

    How was my purchasing experience with WindRestrictor? Everyone was SO helpful and supportive - not only me as a customer and an Affiliate - but as a friend.  Since Windrestrictor used Cami for fitting of their new Glow Plate for 5th Gen - we all worked well together to get it just right for future buyers of this product.

    Cami WR 1             Cami WR 4

    On choosing my graphics for my GlowPlate, I chose to go totally custom.   I knew that within the next year or so that I wanted to start racing her more...which means her "Cat Theme" would need to change.   Have to start somewhere.   I only knew of different things I liked about racing - and came up with Race Angel.  Steve was AMAZING!!   He took my picture ideas that I sent him and seemed to read my mind - He custom designed my Race Angel and got it right first time!!   I just love my Glow Plate!!  Cami is a coupe - so unless it's night, nobody knows I have it - BUT during our night meets or even just driving around, people ask me all about it.  I show them the color changing options and functions - - I'm ready for Spring so that I can really show it off!!

    Cami WR 2

    Cami is totally custom painted under her hood.  From her Glowing Eyes, to all the cat theme painted parts.  Along with engine dress up kits which help win Car Shows.   She is a V6 - but with the modifications to exhaust and throttle and Air Intake - she doesn't drive or sound like one :)


    Cami1            Cami4

    These past 2 years have been awesome showing off my Cami  - Cat Theme.  People really love her - she's one of a kind in her theme are custom artwork.  She has taken home one Best of Show, a Budweisers Pick in Houston, and so many more first places that it makes me proud to know my hard work is appreciated.  My FAVORITE award is one I got last summer at a Cancer Benefit for a 9 year old girl.  Cami didn't win any awards by the judges - - But Kenadie picked Cami as HER Favorite.   That trophy has a special place on my shelf because it was given by a very special little girl.  Cami was even the featured vehicle on the awards given out at one show...that was an honor.

    Cami6                      Cami7


    I'm so excited about the Affiliate Program - having already made a few sales and looking forward to showing the world that Glow Plates for Coupes are IN and everyone needs one!  Bring on the car shows, I'm ready!!!

    Don't forget to use my link for purchase!!




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