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  • Windrestrictor® and Me - From the desk of Paul

    Well, this might be the most fun someone can have writing a blog post. Why? Because I get to write about two of my favorite things, WindRestrictor® and me! Who doesn't like writing about their history? I must admit it's a yummy morsel.   Every wonder how I came to be a member of the esteemed King Penn crew? Probably not, but I'm about to tell you anyway. All kidding aside, it's been a chapter…

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  • Christmas Car Collection!

    Okay, if there's one thing we at WindRestrictor® like to do it's light up your vehicle! Our door sills, wind blockers, illuminated wheel rings and puddle lights more than prove our point. We are also big fans of Christmas! It's spiritual, family-oriented and you light up your house. You know what would be great? Combining the two! What about...Christmas cars!?! That's right, cars that were decorated…

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  • Intercontinental Car Shows!

    WindRestrictor® is hoping your family is having a great Christmas. While your son/daughter/nephew/niece is either exuberant, or faking the feeling for fear of Santa Claus going down the wrong chimney next year, most of us are looking under the tree for something to make our vehicle go faster, or perform better or look cleaner. Cars are a status symbol and means of expression, just as much as a convenient…

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