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  • As seen in the National Corvette Museum

    “As seen in the National Corvette Museum ” 

    We just finished up with the National Corvette Museum's 2012 C5+C6 Bash. The event was an incredible amount of fun and excitement. We helped many of the attendees get orders placed for our world class products and got a chance to meet many of our customers. We've received such wonderful feedback on our GM licensed Windrestrictors and lighted door sills. The museum has a massive collection of beautiful Corvettes and we highly recommend that you check it out at least once in your lifetime. 

    Check out this video of the assembly plant, just a couple of miles away. This is where Corvettes are built to perfection. Many of the Corvettes are picked up at the Museum by their new owners! 

    Hope to see you here next year! 

    ~Windrestrictor Crew

    Video of Bowling Green Kentucky Corvette Assembly Plant

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  • New Mustang Windrestrictor® Lighted windscreen - wind deflector - windstop - windblocker


    From the industry leader in convertible automobile wind blocking devices, King Penn Industries, comes the long awaited WindRestrictor for Ford Mustangs!  WindRestrictors are available for European and American sports and luxury sports cars and are made with the best of materials and craftsmanship that will enhance the pleasure of putting the top down on your Mustang. King Penn Industries’ products have been featured on many fine roadsters and show cars around the world, including some that were featured in the 2009 box office hit “Fast & Furious”.  A WindRestrictor® on a sports roadster was featured in NBC’s remake of  “Knight Rider” and another on the Speed TV show “Bull Run”.   In addition to these recent productions, King Penn’s products have also been seen on cars at the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 S.E.M.A. shows in Las Vegas Nevada.   KPI has distributors globally and is honored to have their products displayed at such reputable venues as the National Corvette Museum, an attraction visited by Corvette owner’s world wide. If you would like to become an authorized distributor please submit your information using this form.

    Manufactured from incredibly transparent materials the WindRestrictor® is much easier to see through than other versions on the market. The new Mustang WindRestrictor® is be made of 3/8ths of an inch (9.53mm) Acrylite glass combined with a proprietary edge treatment for producing a dramatic, almost “fiber-optic” but classy illumination effect to the products edge and laser engraved graphics.  King Penn Industries uses only top shelf, green technology in the casting process for our wind blocking systems. They are so confident in their product's durability that they offer a full LIFETIME warranty unlike any other wind deflector company.

    Owners of other brands of wind blockers have complained that rearward vision is difficult or nearly impossible. The King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® is totally transparent so seeing out of the back of your vehicle is about as easy as looking through your front window. All of this AND it does what it says it does; restricts the wind’s effect.  Backdraft be gone!  You will also be able to truly have conversations in your vehicle after you drop the top without having to shout at the top of your lungs with the added benefit of being able to enjoy better clarity from your sound system.  Installation can be done by professionals or fully DIY with the help of our included instructions and kit.

    While technical aspects are something that KPI is proud of, let's not forget about the head-turning look of the WindRestrictor®. The etched and lighted WindRestrictor® is laser engraved to perfection so that the graphics will never fade, turn colors or peel off over time as stickers may.  KPI offers standard or personalized options for their wind deflectors. The limits are your own imagination! The personalization is perhaps the best feature of the custom WindRestrictor®. With the brand new Mustang WindRestrictor® you will be able to choose from Ford Licensed Mustang graphics or you can work with one of KPI’s top graphic designers to develop your own custom artwork!  Either way your Mustang will be set apart from the rest and get major attention.

    Mustang windscreen wind deflector windstop wind baffle windblocker

    Also setting the WindRestrictor® apart is its mounting system. There are many wind blockers for the Mustang Convertible that utilizes subpar bracket systems.  Most are either bulky plastic frames that block off the rear passenger seating area or cheap Velcro straps that are less than appealing to the eye as well as allowing for excessive vibrations at highway speeds.  Not so with King Penn Industries’ patent pending design.  We know that the Mustang, the Mustang GT, the SVT, the Cobra and the Shelby GT500 Mustangs are anything but slow. Keeping in mind the top speeds of some of these convertibles King Penn Industries spent a lot of time developing a very rigid but very sleek bracket system. The new system will allow for maximum wind turbulence reduction while at the same time allowing rear passengers to be included in the top down driving experience.  The model specific containment bracket is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is powder coated to perfection. Every last detail was considered while developing the windscreen so that it would be the absolute best quality available and hold up to the high standard that Ford sets with the Mustang.

    King Penn is aware of the storied history of Ford’s Mustang, and the enjoyment driving a convertible on a cloudless day can give. Let King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® be a part of your Mustang top down driving experience.

    Located in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, King Penn Industries sells its products at their location in Garland, through their Web site at and their more than 25 major online authorized retailers distributing their products world wide.

    windscreen windblocker mustang wind deflector windstop restrictor windrestrictor

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  • C7 WindRestrictor brand wind blockers are here!

    Now available on our website here >>>


    check out the video below



    Our WindRestrictor® brand windblocker, wind deflector, windscreen is ready to roll for your Corvette C7 Stingray convertible! Treat your car to a premium Vette accessory now! Our product blocks approximately 50% of the wind that enters the cabin. Have conversations on your phone easier, listen to your now clearer soundsystem, and stop that hair from tangling!

    Not to mention our aesthetics! This mod for your Chevrolet Corvette will make your vehicle an electronic light show. We have 8 illuminated colors, over 10 standard options for laser-etched graphics, and the ability to customize your own, showing off your own unique motto, logo, or photo (in the next six weeks this option is on the house!).

    Speaking of the next six weeks, let's throw in a rechargeable twelve volt battery pack for our illuminated model for free! It goes up to a month on one recharge! This is only a small part of one of our easiest installed models ever. You can literally have our WindRestrictor® brand wind blocker ready to go in a matter of minutes. No drilling or powertools required.

    When you want a premium windscreen for your top-of-the-line convertible, WindRestrictor® believes our products are without equal. We have a lifetime guarantee, so we don't make these claims baselessly and make sure our customers are treated with diligent customer service.

    Thank you for choosing WindRestrictor® brand products and services!



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  • Thank you Veterans!






    Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever 

    made a difference in the world, but Veterans don't have that problem!









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  • New Release: 2005-2009 Mustang!

    New Release: 2005-2009 Mustang!

    The Windrestrictor® brand wind deflector has been supremely popular for the 2011-2014 Mustang, and we are ecstatic to announce our new specially designed windscreen for the 2005-2009 Mustang has been released! Contact for any further questions, or order your new Mustang wind defelctor now using the promotional discount code "kristipromo" for 15% off!

    Product Features and Benefits

    Could you imagine driving down the highway at top speeds, without your hair whipping you in the face, or being able to actually carry on a conversation with your passenger? It may sound too good to be true, but this is more than possible to accomplish with our new product! This new, tailor-fitted Mustang accessory has a wind turbulence reduction of over 75%- That’s almost no wind! This is more reduction than any of our other windscreens, thus far! With a special steel bracket mounting system, absolutely no drilling or modifications to your car will be necessary- this is a quick, thirty minute, do-it-yourself installation. Also, our product still allows for rear passenger seating, unlike other Mustang parts similar to ours.

    It’s not just effective- it’s original!

    The mechanics and functionality of the new Mustang windscreen are not the only benefits, though. These are not only available for the Mustang convertible, but for the Mustang coupe as well! We offer several laser engraved graphics, such as the galloping horse emblem and the tiffany cobra, along with a variety of LED illumination options. Our product works very well as a personalization piece, and looks really awesome too! We offer a lifetime warranty- you never have to worry about your graphics fading or peeling, because they are laser etched, unlike similar products sold by other people. You can take pride in your Windrestrictor® brand windscreen, also known as a windstop, wind suppressor, or windschott, because we take pride in our customers- always ensuring they are satisfied with their experience with Windrestrictor®. You could be one of the first to have one of these stunning pieces headed your way, and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have for us!

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  • Amazing color changing demo on a Crossfire!


    Click above to see this awesome video a customer sent to us of his first drive with the WINDRESTRICTOR® Brand Deflector in place.

    In this video the product was set to fade between colors gradually. There's also a speed setting, static color setting, dimmer and on/off switch built in to the ELK "Extreme Lighting Kit" a.k.a. Color Changing Kit.


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  • Brand New Release!! WindRestrictor® brand windscreen for the Mini Cooper Roadster is here!!

    We are THRILLED to announce that our design for the Mini Cooper Roadster has officially hit the internet!

    This design, like our others, has been professionally engineered to have the most perfect fit and sleek design for the Mini on the market.  We have a unique bracket system which holds the product in place with no buffering, even at highway speeds and beyond!

    The Mini Cooper Community will love not only the functionality of this product, but also our ability to offer custom graphics and a wide array of illumination options.

    This is the PERFECT way to make the already awesome Mini just a tad bit more unique!

    Check it out on youtube:

    Here is the order page with pricing:


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  • Come see us at the National Corvette Museum!

    National Corvette Museum!

    Come see us this weekend and help support the Museum!



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