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 100_2325b  100_3470b  1  100_2259
 100_2271   100_2323b  100_2325b  100_3470b
  100_3478b  2  3  6
 CF1  CF2  CF3  CJN
 Copy of WR and family 9.10.08 100  Crossfire Rear web  Crossfire_04  Crossfire_Karmann_L
 DSCN2555  eagle_white_special_op_800x533  FLAMES 1 red  FREEDOM
 INSIDE lights on  Jerry Jones XF 1
Here is a video that shows some of the "Options" available on your WindRestrictor:

 new 10  new 11  new 12  new 13
 new 14  new 15  new 7  new
 Rear quarter  red_crossfire_roadster_special_op_597x600  redwings NEW  SRT blue led
 SRT6 logo crossfire  steven_hummel  view_rear_op_800x588  white-standard-option
 WR and family 9.10.08 084  WR and family 9.10.08 085  WR and family 9.10.08 087  WR and family 9.10.08 098
 WR and family 9.10.08 109  WR and family 9.10.08 110  WR and family 9.10.08 120  WR and family 9.10.08 131
 XF yellow NEW  XF1  xfire 023
  red_crossfire_roadster_special_op_597x600  new 13

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