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WindRestrictor for your C6 Corvette

King Penn Industries is proud to present what many call the finest wind blocking device on the market. We would like to introduce the brand new Wind Restrictor for the C6 Corvette.  Not all windscreens are created equal! Our Corvette wind blocker is constructed only from top quality material and is the thickest on the market.  It is guaranteed not to turn yellow or fade over time like some others that are being sold.  Our products have the added benefit of a laser engraved surface (optional) and even an added option for a very rare illuminated effect.  The Wind Restrictor for the Corvette is an Official Licensed Product of General Motors.  Because of this you can have registered trademarks from Chevrolet Corvette engraved into your WindRestrictor. Many say that our Wind Restrictor is the best Corvette accessory on the market today.  It's a brand new product so you may be the first one in your city to have one!

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Standard cost

NEW "SMOKED", for your C6 Corvette.


"SMOKED Tinted" can not be lighted, but "Crystal Clear" works with lighting options.
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Smoked Tinted or Crystal Clear WindRestrictor for your Corvette



Photos of design features of the C6 Corvette WindRestrictor
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Was able to do 163mph on AutoBahn (I'm in Germany) with top down.  The Windrestrictor held-up great.

Thanks--great product!
Robert E. Hinson

Installation Overview

Cool product.  Hope to enjoy for years!
Chip Caray
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Our WindRestrictor for the Chevrolet Corvette Roadster is in a class of its own. After two years of intense development work we feel we've released the perfect product and accessory. This product, being solid and translucent will block as much wind if not more wind than the factory wind blocker. It's crystal clear so you will not have any loss of visibility at night like some report with the black nets. Our 3D patent pending glass design allows for full top movement and this is the first in the world to have that among many other features. Our product requires no drilling at all or permanent modification to your beautiful Corvette.

The bracket system is one of the most attractive features. We vowed to ourselves that we would never use any cheap velcro straps to mount our products. That just does not belong on a car like the Corvette. Our innovative technology and ability to do what others can not is what places us as the leaders in the industry. Thousands of satisfied customers will abundantly confirm this. We have developed a high quality stainless steel bracket system that makes this product perhaps the most solid and rigid on the market. We've chose to go with high quality black powder coating as the facial treatment on our bracket system. The product is securely mounted into our own specially designed steel anchors that are inserted into slots on the frame of your car. The center "light bar-stability bracket" is constructed from high quality black acrylic and has the CORVETTE text logo laser engraved into it.

Since this product is an official licensed product of GM you can choose from any of our Corvette Graphics to have laser engraved into your WindRestrictor to personalize it for you. If you would like to go even further you can personalize your wind deflector with custom laser graphics for an additional charge. We even have a graphics artist that can help you with this after your order is placed. Looking for something else to help set your Corvette apart from the rest on the streets? We believe that our high quality illumination systems do just that. Choose from any of our single colors of illumination or get the upgraded color changing system with remote control for an additional cost. The lighted windscreen helps make your vehicle much safer on the streets! The Windrestrictor is the very first product in the world to have all of these amazing features:

-can remain in place/ looks great with top up or down

-does not interfere with top movement/ no need to remove at all

-very strong and rigid mounting system

-powder coated stainless steel brackets

-no drilling required or permanent modification at all

-3D glass design to enable full seat travel

-real laser engraved Corvette graphics available

-elegant illumination system available with multiple color options

-remote control lighting and dimming options available

-brake lamp hook up, running light hook up or battery power


-significantly reduce rear wind turbulence inside your roadster

-maintain cabin temperature while driving with the top down

-enjoy conversation without raising your voices

-better sound clarity from stereo with reduced wind turbulence

-personalize and set your Corvette apart from the rest

-additional rear lighting for added safety on the road

-passengers can talk more clearly on cell phones


 Wind Restrictor ®  - U.S. Patent Pending

11885 Forestgate Drive,
Dallas, TX 75243

Sales Inquiries:


(972) 487-5987
fax (972) 276-6029

Car windscreens are not all created equal! We present Wind Restrictor, the auto wind deflector for your Roadster that you won't find at your local automobile parts store. This " wind shield" is more than a car windscreen; this convertible windscreen not only deflects wind currents as you drive, but does it while displaying your message through illumination and laser etching and helping to maintain passenger compartment temperature while your top is down. We offer a Pontiac Solstice laser etched windscreen and a Chrysler Crossfire windscreen, as well as wind deflectors for the Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, the Mercedes-Benz SLK R170 (1998-2004) and R171 (2005+), Cadillac XLR, with auto windscreens for more Roadsters coming soon. Do you own a Corvette? Once you own a Corvette wind deflector from Wind Restrictor, you'll wonder how you ever got along without this convertible windscreen as one of your Vette's accessories. The Wind Restrictor takes windscreens to the next level!



Wind Restrictor ®  Is a registered trademark of King Penn Industries

copyright © 2005- , Wind Restrictor®, all rights reserved

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